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Similar to when Glock introduced the Glock 42 in .380, lots of folks immediately said “Why? Glock 43 is reported to have a more noticeable recoil impulse… which makes sense since it is smaller and lighter.
Jeff is the Editor in Chief of Gear Report and a National Shooting Sports Foundation Media member. Jeff founded and manages Cress Sales & Marketing LLC, offering online sales and marketing consulting and services to online merchants and service providers.
Kenneth Scott Walden I like my Glocks also, but I personally don’t trust any brand new model of anything until it is proven. This is eight double rounds [.45 ACP] with the Arsenal Firearms 2011 Second Century Double Barrel Pistol…in other words, it is 4000 grains of payload sent downrange in about 5 seconds.
Spyderco is a brand well-known for innovation, unique designs and quality, which is why we’re so excited for this year’s batch of brand new Spyderco knives. Over the last dozen years we’ve witnessed events in America and around the world that have proven one thing: sometimes, really bad things happen. As part of our beginner hiking series for the prepper; we will review gear which we feel is necessary for (or can help) your hikes. As someone who appreciates self-sufficiency, I have subscribed to several homesteading websites in an attempt to broaden my knowledge and skill set. My lack of familiarity with these terms prompted me to do some research (as any good noob should do), and I found that there was a veritable treasure-trove of info to be found on the topic. The homesteaders seem drawn to this self-sufficiency because they wish to live more holistically with the world around them; having first-hand experience with their food sources—be that through organic gardens, animal husbandry, or backyard chicken coops—and revisiting the home industry of their forebears. In comparison, preppers seem to be a more paranoid lot, and their drive towards self-sufficiency isn’t born of a desire to get back to the land, but is rather in preparation for whatever apocalypse is just around the corner. I found it difficult to believe the prepping mindset until I discovered a show on the National Geographic channel entitled “Doomsday Preppers”. Though both groups are very knowledgeable about self-reliance, the major difference between them seems to be that one side is putting down roots and nurturing the land and its denizens in preparation for a brighter future, while the other is battening down hatches and bracing for future onslaught. There may be a fine line between being paranoid and being prepared, but who are we to say where those boundaries are?
I just had to see how the new style of Swiss Army Knives measured up against the traditional Swiss Army Knife design. The length of the Trekker’s saw is longer and the angle of it makes sawing even easier than it is with my Hiker. I love having a Philips screwdriver, but I will never understand the positioning of it on the Swiss Army Knives. Due to the one-handed opening and the locking knife blade, I think the Trekker is the winner here, if you are OK with it being an inch longer. Maybe neither the Trekker or the Hiker appeals to you, but there’s probably a Swiss Army Knife that’s right for you!
Certainly in the UK and I think alot of other countires as well the trecker is illegal to carry.
Glock 43 has a generally good reputation of reliability and early field reports suggest that initial reliability is good.

However, it is just a matter of time before a wide range of accessories and upgrade options are available for the Glock 43.
Maybe in a year or so when the Glock 43 has had time to prove itself as a reliable fighting gun the result will be different. He reports on the outdoor industry, reviews gear for camping, hiking, shooting, hunting, paddling, backpacking and other active pursuits. Soft smooth shooting gun with a great trigger great sights and I wish I could get the grip texture on all my firearms.
To achieve the same result with a single barrel 9mm pistol we would need to shoot about 30 rounds, with two changes of magazines, in about 30 seconds. 26, 2008, when it received its first shipment of 100 million seeds, originating from more than 100 different nations. This is why I’ve chosen to rely on Glocks as my primary conceal carry as well as my SHTF side arm.
My family has been delving into traditional methods of home industry, and in addition to the gardening, herb-craft, canning, and preserving that we already do, we’re hoping to learn about cheese-making, beer-brewing, etc. At first glance, there seems to be a number of similarities between the two: both groups put a great deal of focus on self-sufficiency and off-grid living, but the differentiating factor seems to be the driving force behind said focus. Many of them spin their own yarn, sew their own clothes, and make cheese from the milk given by a few goats or sheep that they keep on a small plot of land. These folks are getting ready for when shit hits the fan, and you can be sure they’ll be well prepared when it does. I think of people who survived disasters like Hurricane Katrina because they’d stockpiled food and water ahead of time to get them through a “What if?” scenario — what if these folks aren’t driven so much by paranoia as by some intuition about what might be around the corner? Is this redesign just a cosmetic change or was there some magical difference between this style and the older, traditional, classic style? It has an almost identical configuration to my current EDC Swiss Army Knife, the Hiker and according to Victorinox, it is the official field knife for the German Army. The Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker isn’t just a cool name, it actually can be opened with one hand. I guess this is ok, because I can’t recall the last time I was dead set on trying to stab anything with my Hiker. If it’s not closing on my fingers and cutting them, then I find myself trying to push it closed the wrong way, cutting myself anyway. I’ve only used that sewing eye, on the hiker, a couple of times, but I like the idea of having it there. It gives you a t-grip which is stronger and it’s centered allowing you to apply pressure while starting a screw.
This book covers everything you need to know regarding filtering water, food storage & using different food products, creating a library, essential oils, acquiring gold and silver, energy and fuel storage, creating an in-home convenience store, and much, much more. As the VP of BD & Marketing, Jeff provides sales and marketing leadership to MGECOM, Inc.
I own para expert carry…fails after 300 rounds and not cleaned while glocks keep shooting. Not sure if it was me getting used to it or just it breaking in, but after around 200 the gun was shooting lasers.

In March 2010, its collection will top 500,000, and it will become the most diverse collection of food crop seeds anywhere on Earth. If you have been following this series, you already know that I am green when it comes to this subject.
After going through a number of posts on these sites, I’ve noticed that there seems to be two camps of people involved in the forum discussions: those who refer to themselves as homesteaders, and those who are self-proclaimed preppers.
They save their seeds, sew quilts from old clothes, and spend weekends canning and preserving food so they have a hearty bounty to draw from over the winter months.
Many have several years’ supply of canned goods, dried staples, and water in their cellars, along with an arsenal of weapons to fend off the inevitable zombie-like hoards that’ll come after their food and supplies when everything goes to hell. This type of preparedness is a far cry from the homesteaders whose blogs I’ve been reading—the ones who mulch their sustainable permaculture gardens with compost they’ve nurtured themselves; who sing to their goats as they milk them and treasure each bite of homemade cheese because they know how precious it is. Preppers evade: home is a bunker.” Both groups might be seen as extremist by the general populace, who’d decry homesteaders as dirt-munching hippie Luddites, and preppers as paranoid, unstable crazies, but are their lifestyles really so bizarre?
In any case, the two groups could probably benefit from one another’s skills: some preppers could take a cue from the homesteaders as far as industry is concerned, while some homesteaders might feel more secure if they put some of the preppers’ defensive precautions into effect. Before I could decide if I liked this new design, I needed to see the new styled Swiss Army Knife Trekker compared to the Hiker! If it is legal in your country and you don’t want whilst travelling go for it but be aware if you do not have a very good reason to carry it you will be prosecuted if caught. With more and more items being offered in Titanium, it is not surprise to see this new product. If they do grow any food around their property, it’s hidden in the woods and camouflaged so that invaders won’t realize it’s a food crop, and the razor wire around it will dissuade any trespassers from taking it. In a world where economic stability is a fairytale and store-bought foods are toxic, it’s understandable that many would wish to grow their own food, and have solid survival plans “just in case”.
In fact, we could all learn a lesson from both sides:  being a bit more self-sufficient and having both a solid first aid kit and a week’s worth of food and water just in case wouldn’t do anyone any harm. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge. Or are they?For some, the threat of global catastrophe has grown, not diminished, since the dark days of mutually assured destruction.
Economic meltdown, solar flares, super volcanoes, mega earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear suitcases and asteroid hits are the ICBM’s of today, and underground bunkers are seen as the ultimate protection.Why anyone would want to carry on living underneath a world that has been ravaged by whichever doomsday scenario comes first is a question for another time, but what are the options available for those who do? If that runs out, the facility even has its own farm and “aquaculture” capability for producing fresh food and fish.The fun doesn’t stop there. The thought of having to spend one week, let alone a full year in such a cramped and confined space is not a nice prospect.

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