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I'm so proud of my hot looking prepper wife I thought I would share a pic of her with our recently purchased AR-15, all decked out in her snow camo in Ketchikan Alaska. It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water. After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. In the most mind-boggling conflict of interest you may have seen in quite a while, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) has put out a “fact” sheet on the “benefits” of processed foods for the members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. First, here’s a little background on the cast of characters in this little propaganda drama. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is “the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals” and is made up of registered dieticians and dietetic technicians. The IFIC is “your nutrition and food safety resource”, allegedly committed to helping out both consumers and professionals. The IFIC sounds absolutely awesome until you learn who their sponsors are: ”IFIC receives funding from the usual suspects — including, but not limited to, Cargill, Coca-Cola, Dr. Finally, we have our heroes, a group of rebel dietetic professionals. Dietitians for Professional Integrity stand for everything that is right about the field of nutrition and dietetics.
We are a group of concerned dietetics professionals advocating for greater financial transparency, as well as ethical, socially responsible, and relevant corporate sponsorships within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This website was created to let you know more about who we are and why we do not think Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, and other Big Food giants should sponsor the country’s largest nutrition organization. The professional watchdog group, Dietitians for Professional Integrity, points out the blatant dishonesty of the flyer.
IFIC also relies on a familiar food industry tactic — absurdly tying modern-day processing techniques to traditional ones.
The flyer is also quick to laud the many wonders of corn (one of the major sources of toxic GMOs in the North American food supply) and to patronizingly try to convince us that we completely misunderstand the noble purposes of the food industry. Back in January, the AND received harsh criticism from another industry watchdog, Eat Drink Politics, because of corporate conflicts of interest. Public health attorney and author Michele Simon asks: Are America’s nutrition professionals in the pocket of Big Food?
The largest trade group of nutrition professionals—the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics—has a serious credibility problem.
The report details, for example, how registered dietitians can earn continuing education units from Coca-Cola, in which they learn that sugar is not a problem for children and how Nestle, the world’s largest food company can pay $50,000 to host a two-hour “nutrition symposium” at the Academy’s annual meeting. This is a clearcut case of the foxes telling the chickens how to best build their henhouses. If you wonder why the public is so confused about what constitutes good nutrition you need look no further than the propaganda being spouted by these so-called “experts” and beacons of  ”continuing education.”  There is a real problem when the people sponsoring the nutrition lessons are the very purveyors of GMO crops, potato chips, soda pop, and fast food. Many people are out there trying valiantly to make the best possible choices for their families on limited budgets, but they must combat the constant disinformation on product labels that herald phrases “all-natural”, “heart-healthy”, and “low-fat”. Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives in a small village in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States. Hardtack has actually been around since the time of Egyptian sailors, but you probably know it better from the Civil War period. What’s up Dear, are you truly visiting this web site on a regular basis, if so then you will absolutely get good knowledge. I foudn this recipe to be more like the Pilot bread hard tack they sell in Alaska and it tastes much better and is easier on your teeth.

Try the above procedure but with 4 cups lentil flour, 1 cup wheat flour, 2 cups water and 3 tsp table salt. I have problems with the fact that I live in a humid place, I’m still working on ways to counter it. Late to the party, but curious if it would be ok to put this in a dehydrator rather than have to let it sit out for days – if you’re in a hurry? Its great survival food, but the only nutrient I can find in this, is carbs, and carbs make you fat. After looking into it further, many people do safely water can corn as long as a little vinegar is added to the jars. If you will be milling wheat to make flour for bread, you will want to be sure that the mill will grind the wheat berries into fine enough flour. If you will be using the mill frequently, then it will be important to choose quality construction that will hold up to the test of usage and time. Victorio Hand Grain Mill, originally named the ‘Back to Basics 555? (now called the Victorio Hand Mill), has fairly good reviews for it’s price range (~ $50). Country Living Hand Grain Mill, which will last generations and is built with the highest quality.
For those who are also interested in an electric grain mill, we have been using this one for years and have been very happy with it. A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource.
Pepper Snapple Group, General Mills, Mars, McDonald’s, Monsanto, PepsiCo, Red Bull, and Yum! We believe the American public deserves nutrition information that is not tainted by food industry interests.
You Might Be Surprised!”, this ‘fact sheet’ mentions that breakfast cereals, like frozen vegetables and roasted nuts, are processed. While the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ 74,000-member trade group partners with the likes of Coke and Hershey’s, the nation’s health continues to suffer from poor diet. In a damning report released today, industry watchdog Eat Drink Politics examines the various forms of corporate sponsorship by Big Food that are undermining the integrity of those professionals most responsible for educating Americans about healthy eating. It’s a great survival food, because it is very nutritious and tasty, and also keeps extremely well when stored in the proper conditions. Well, first off, you need to be able to store it for long periods of time without spoiling. Once it’s dried thoroughly, it will keep for years, provided it stays dry and away from pests.
During the war, 3×3 inch squares of hardtack were shipped to both the Union and Confederate armies, making a staple part of a soldier’s rations. If the batter seems sticky, add extra wheat flour until the batter is a consistency that can be rolled.
Cari spends her free time gardening, canning, testing products for review, helping others prepare. All the recipes i have ever used have been water bathed and we have never gotten sick off of it, but i will look into it. Many of the cheap mills have reviews that indicate that the unit falls apart or fails in one way or another after a relatively short time. Unfortunately it often requires a higher than expected amount of money to purchase a product that is at least ‘good’, and even more money for a product considered to be ‘excellent’.

This might be a ‘good enough’ mill for the occasional user who isn’t too concerned that the flour may not grind as fine as more expensive mills or may not hold up as well under heavy usage.
This hand mill comes with stone heads and stainless steel burr heads to accommodate different conditions, and will apparently grind fine flour (and everything else) without issue. Those of us who co-founded Dietitians for Professional Integrity are nutrition experts first and foremost; we went to school to help people achieve better health through food, not to help multinational food companies sell more unhealthy products. They conveniently fail to mention that, unlike most breakfast cereals, the freezing of vegetables and roasting of nuts does not obliterate nutrients.
Of course, heating food has nothing in common with partially hydrogenating oils, making aspartame, or turning corn into high fructose corn syrup.
AND likely started out as a positive organization dedicated to good health, but they were sidetracked along the way by all of the money that Big Food threw in their path. We’ll show you how to make hardtack using a simple recipe, and show how to cook it to make a delicious survival food. Edit: The Minnesota Historical Society has a piece of Civil War hardtack in its collection.
Typically made 6 months beforehand, it was as hard as a rock when it actually got to the troops. Just read the reviews of the product in consideration and you will usually get to the truth. Keeping a hand grain mill is for the serious prepper who is preparing for the possibility of living without electricity for a time.
Nor do frozen vegetables and roasted nuts contribute artificial dyes, artificial flavors, chemical additives, or partially hydrogenated oils to people’s diets.
The food industry is aware that people are increasingly concerned with hyper-processed products, and trying to link the term “processed food” to chopping a carrot or cooking a piece of fish is one way of perpetuating deception. Place on an un-greased cookie or baking sheet, and cook for 30 minutes per side at 375? (or 350? if you have a convection oven). To prepare for eating, soak it in water or milk for about 15 minutes, and then fry in a buttered skillet. I came to a conclusion that if you need plates for a flak jacket or bullet-proof vest, hardtack is your go-to source. Tasting good is not really a necessity, but it sure is nice if you end up living off the stuff for a long time. Not only would this soften it enough for eating, but any insect larvae in the bread would float to the top, allowing the soldiers to skim them out.
We’d probably eat everything tasty first over the first year or two but at some point, the hard tack would come in to play and you want it edible. You’d also want to be able to hunt down some protein because carbs and salt are not going to sustain you for very long on their own.
Because it is completely dehydrated, it is relatively light and easy to transport, but because it is so dense, it packs a lot of nutrition in a small package. You’d better have good sturdy teeth unless you soak it in coffee or some other liquid.

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