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Preparedness lists are helpful in that you will often find a new idea within — something that you may not have thought of before. Here is a list, in no particular order, of items that you might consider in your overall survival preparedness inventory. Important legal papers: copies of deeds, mortgages, insurance policies, wills, trusts, etc. Lists are a great tool to help you organize your preps and thoughts, but at times can seem overwhelming. Once you can get a few things stocked up, then you will realize next time you need them, you are not paying regular price. Thing is, just because you have ten dollars extra, and some one insists they need it, do not hand it out.
I started with a box of toiletries under the bed and a set of extra clothes from the thrift store. We all thought that at first (that we would have to be rich to prep), but you would be surprised how many things you already have!
This was a very long list of many essential items, however the cost of all of this could be very over-whelming to the average person. SUGGESTION: Add these items little by little, month by month until the supply builds up to what you need.
As I see it, your big problem right now is finding a way to store things, so they are not out in the open, and in view of any visitors who want them….
In a survival situation if all I had to eat was plant based I’d eat plants and be happy to have them. I’ve probably killed more critters eating vegetables from my uncles farms than I have trapped and shot meat eaters preying on chickens, goats, sheep and cattle. The brain comment, almost every day I discover new to me knowledge; how to do something a new and better way, or not buy commercial but fix it or make it yourself. It was astonishingly irresponsible and possibly illegal for the Obama administration to send 400 MILLION in cash to Iran in the midst of a hostage exchange and despite warnings from their own Justice Department. This has the effect of putting a price on every American’s head who happens to be overseas in certain countries. I would like to know how much of Obama’s policy of appeasement towards Iran is a result of pressure from Ms. 39 years ago, I thankfully moved to a location where it is actually possible to live off the sea. Isn’t amazing how everything good in America is made out to be bad, and everything bad is made to be good? Isaiah Chapter 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Survival equipment is one of those items where The saying The Sky’s the Limit fits in really well. Description The best of preparedness, homesteading, bushcraft and survival articles, videos and podcasts. Common Sense Homesteading - Common Sense Homesteading: Using sound judgement to be more self-reliant. Backdoor Survival - Survival blog and prepper tools for creating a sustainable lifestyle using self-reliance, thoughtful prepping and optimism. Keeping an Emergency Survival Kit at your office is an essential part of maintaining a safe work environment. Following a catastrophic disaster during business hours, employees may be stranded at work for days to weeks until roads are cleared for safe driving. Not only do you want to keep your employees safe, but also it is your responsibility to take measures to protect your employees from forgeable dangers such as natural disasters.
I actually have my lists broken down further such as a food list, medical list, tool list, security list, etc. It may take 6 months or a year to get all of this, and perhaps all of these items won’t even be needed. They are wonderful, put out a lot of light and heat which makes them great for winter power outages. Because the combustion is so complete at such a high temperature there’s very little CO produced by a properly regulated lamp.

Then when I had a little money, I made a project a month (solar oven out of box, rocket stove out of #10 can ect.) Then just bought stuff on sale to build up supply, klenex goes on sale just before school starts, canned cranberries on sale at thanksgiving ect.
Posted by my desk so each month as I pay the bills I know what will be due the following month.
I have been working on a list similar to the above (excluding those things in my 2nd paragraph) ever since I read One Second After. If I was slowly starving from lack of calories on that diet and that old tomcat wandered by I would add more protein to the diet.
Plus coyotes in the hot weather will come down from the mountains and trot around the neighborhood like they own the place.
My black thumb assures we don’t have any reason for critters to come after my garden. Obama’s senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran to American parents there, and members of her family has been linked to both the Communist party and the Muslim Brotherhood (source-Judicial Watch). Depending on a persons ability and resources the sky really is the limit I have seen on the internet a few pictures of bug out vehicles that people have spent close to $300,000 to refurbish and to equip with just about anything you could imagine. You will find direct links to preparedness, survival, homesteading and alternative news articles.
We will explore and discuss how to prepare, react, and recover from all types of disasters, including personal disasters or large scale WROL, SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situations. The containers store safely anywhere inside or outside your office and can be used for emergency sanitation purposes. And, if the office building suffers structural damage, employees may be forced to shelter outdoors and endure the elements. Failure to maintain standards of protection opens managers and officers to liability if losses or injuries occur because of their failure to act. As an example, the water list will include things needed to gather water such as rain barrel, buckets, hoses, tarps (for collecting rainfall), water storage containers, filtering items, etc.
And many things can be purchased at thrift shops, Goodwill, or second-hand at garage sales. You get all that you think are necessary and all that you can afford, then you pray for GOD’s mercy and protection on your life.
What about people with oxygen tanks, high blood pressure, people on cholesterol lowering medication? I was the piggy bank for the family, but it’s amazing what happened when they no longer had the piggy bank to draw on. If worse comes to worse and you can’t sell things inside the house then you can always donate them (the LORD loves a cheerful giver). I leave extra $$ in the account every month so that it will cover the bills which are outside the normal billing cycle. Most of the items on the list can not be purchased here so I am glad I shipped all my stuff here. Birds, fish, turtles, skunks, raccoons, possums, rabbits, squirrels, muskrats, rats, feral cats, feral dogs, coyotes, etc.
One day a gigantic hawk dove from the sky and had that chicken pulled through the cage wires, in pieces, before I could even react. I think I have some of most of the things that are needed for our situation but always more can be used.
Bad cast iron pans will have a grainy bottom which allows food to stick and are difficult to clean. Bring them inside (leave spike in the ground) & place in a CLEAR flower vase, as they shine downward. They’re all mature adults now, handling their own finances, and just use me as a savings account when necessary. It is still winter here but spring is on the way so a lot of the items listed are very indispensable when you are starting over prepping. Instead, he got spooked and scaled the wall, then jumped atop my now horizontal, raised garage door. I was thinking that either mouse or rat traps might make a decent perimeter alarm in an on-the-road situation. Well back to the  Survival equipment that most of up can afford because if any of you are like me I can’t afford a $300,000 bug out vehicle.

Depending on the situation, a lot of schools will immediately go into lockdown mode –especially if violence erupts within the vicinity of the campus.Violent behavior. You don’t start at the top with all the knowledge and instinct (and money) to be a brain surgeon. I keep them busy in the winter months even with the power on because I like the light far better than the new bulbs and dumping heat into a room is no big problem when it’s cold outside. There is a need out there for those services and few that have the patience for the task at hand. I tried banging the raised door with a stick to scare him away, but then he jumped a foot, dislodging a suspended ceiling tile and getting up inside the ceiling. The picture above from Thereadynationstore shows a few basic supplies that can be carried on your back which most people are going to have to do accept for maybe people in rural areas that are set up on there own land and even then I would prepare just in case you had to leave. One of the biggest threats your child will face is the threat of violence from other students. Parts and supplies are still available even for the oldest models (one of mine is coming up on the century mark).
There will be many crazies out there who don’t have their vices and will be having withdrawal symptoms.
Cat tastes like stringy pork, had it on a sandwich in Vietnam and didn’t know what I was eating until afterwards. I find it very emotionally helpful when in a stressful situation to find that I am already part way to my goal. Unfortunately, in today’s sick society they may also be exposed to violence from unbalanced teachers as well.
Use fossil fuels for winter when there isn’t enough sunlight to charge the solar lights. Oh and what about all those kids, teenagers, young people who all the sudden (in an emergency) may not have their cell phones, and NO technology, talk about crazy!!!I am not sure which will be worse in the long run, the actual emergency or the people without their vices and technology that they are addicted to (like heroin).
Short wave radios listed about are almost unheard of here and there are no license requirements.
That’s why it’s important to teach them the basics of self-defense, and let them know they always have the right to defend themselves from violence – no matter who is threatening them.School shootings. I use them extensively and certainly would not recommend something I don’t use myself.
Terrorists have increasingly expressed interest in targeting public schools, so this is a threat that cannot be overlooked.Medical accidents (for example, medical issues that arise while at school, or injuries that occur on campus)Natural disasters. Your child needs to have the tools in place to deal with these types of emergencies.As parents, we try to prepare or kids for the many dangers they will face throughout their lives. It’s not always easy talking to your child about these types of situations, but doing so is the only way to ensure their ability to handle the threat. Where will the children be taken in the case of a disaster that makes it dangerous to remain inside the school?What is the schools lockdown policy? During certain types of disasters, most public schools now have mandatory lockdown policies.
This is something you need to know and plan for, since many schools will not let your child out of the building, or let your inside during a lockdown.What hospital does the school use for medical emergencies? Talk about what obstacles they might face, and help them decide what the quickest route to safety is from each class.Ask for a map of the school.
Only you can decide what your child should do during this situation, but my advice would be to immediately get as far away from the danger as possible.
That being said, you need to have a plan in place for dealing with the aftermath of a disaster that hits while your kids at school. Again, only you can decide what the right approach will be, but you must decide before hand and be ready to act.

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