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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. According to Kurt DelBene, president of the Microsoft Office Division, as of July 2012 1 billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office (which, of course, includes PowerPoint). In our first scenario, Jayne Smith is the charismatic CEO of WooTech, makers of a wildly popular high-tech gadget.
The technology mission of Mesa View Elementary School is to provide equitable access for all students and staff to technological resources.
Our purpose is to provide the students in our schools with the tools and diversified technical knowledge to enhance success.   It is our objective to continue implementing the State of Arizona’s Academic Standards for Educational Technology in order to provide necessary skills to our student population. Technology is a vital source of information and communication linking school, home, community, and the world. I do not prepare food if I have aninfectious illness (eg diarrhoea, vomiting) or have a skin, eye, ear or nose infection. You can customize this personal hygiene checklist and write what you want your child to do. Posts related to Personal Hygiene Checklists Personal Hygiene Chart For KidsMaybe it is very difficult that getting children to wash their hands and brush their teeth  sometimes.
So if we want to map what the organisation does, how do you get your head around the whole? Mapmaking has been an integral part of the human history from cave paintings to ancient maps of Babylon, Greece, and Asia, through the Age of Exploration, and on into the 21st century. So how best to get one’s mind and the organisation’s head around what exactly needs to be done, by who, in what way? The below are 3 examples of PowerPoint process maps that conform to the set of standards that thousands if not millions of business professionals write every day. With such market penetration, it is no wonder that PowerPoint has become the lingua franca of business communication.

She is giving the keynote at the annual WooTech Conference, which people have been eagerly anticipating.
I once attended a lecture by the Andy Warhol that, except for two nonsensical words uttered by the artist, proceeded exactly as in the first example.
And why have a presenter at all if the PowerPoint deck includes everything the presenter will talk about? These resources promote the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills that are required for students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a technologically complex, multicultural, and global environment.  This mission includes the use of technology to enhance, preserve and highlight Dine’ language, culture and traditional teaching philosophies. We also will use our technological skills to stimulate curiosity and develop critical thinking skills in all areas of the teaching and learning cycle.
An organisation has a purpose and a set of goals which need to be achieved through the businesses strategy. People create and use maps as essential tools to help them define, explain, and navigate their way through the world.
We like to structure all the activities into processes and those processors into larger value streams and those into areas of work. PowerPoint slides are enormously painful to produce, there is no data related to any of the pieces of information on the PowerPoint slides, and it is hard to collaborate in the information generation and modification phases. More significant is the ability to attach data and structure to those processing activities. This approach to process mapping leads to activity based costing, proper role definitions and job specs, the construction of proper roles… and visualising all of it through one collaborative interface.
OrgVue is an integrated software platform for organisation design, HR analytics and strategic workforce planning. It sounds simple, and it is, but it’s surprising how many people lose sight of this concept. Ongoing technology professional development will be critical in enabling teachers to enhance their classroom environments.

The entire process happens off-line with multiple versions being sent around in static files. To give you an example of how these two elements must coexist for a successful presentation, let’s separate them and see what happens. Most people turn off the “Satellite” view on their smart phones when thinking about how to drive somewhere.
For all its failings, PowerPoint is great because you can draw pictures in the free-form style. The methodology for defining how much time each employee for each role needs to spend on each activity is a huge subject and will be covered in a later blog. He has an MSc in Economics, with a focus on Micro general equilibrium modelling and game theory.
Arranging the employees (and contractors or suppliers) in an organised way to achieve the outcomes required to meet the goals is what organisation design is really about.
Famously first introduced by Frank Gilbreth to ASME in 1921 as the presentation “Process Charts—First Steps in Finding the One Best Way”. From a process mapping perspective, a common language has emerged in terms of the chevron which creates buckets that happen in a particular order. It is easy to establish the cost of each role by knowing the cost of each role you know how much cost has been spent on each process and this can be aggregated up. Some of the most exciting work we are doing at the moment is defining the cost of activities and processes.
This is an entirely new take on, and a genuinely practical method for doing the famous “ABC (Activity Based Costing) analysis”.

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