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A major role of a music facilitator is to provide a safe, encouraging environment where students can discover and experience the mechanical fundamentals of music theory and performance so that they can understand a composer’s intentions and add their personal interpretation and emotion into turning written music into audio (sometimes visual) art while always striving for a higher level of excellence. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Ok, here is the tweak- education is about power, but it is also about transcendence from our day-to-day existence. I will comment more fully when I have read the full statement- I am distracted at the moment by my circumstances! I think of it more as David's summary helps me think about who I am (my DNA as a teacher) and Cristina's chart helps me think about what I do and how I do it. Students are so much more than instruments into which we are supposed to dump vast amounts of data.

So many times in education there has been very little I could do about a student's circumstance, but we could always learn something new together.
It deserves a highly visible place near each teacher's desk, everything to try to keep in mind while preparing to teach! I want to help students realize a love and appreciation for the art of music that they can utilize as a performer or audience member for the rest of their lives. I've done a wordle for my resume (thanks to another member who introduced it to us) and maybe that might also be a way to display a philosophy of ed???
I want to earn their admiration and respect so that they will trust that I am more than just a knowledge provider. I want them to see me as a mentor who cares as well as a proficient musician and life coach. Experience in both the fundraising sales and education worlds give me a unique combination of perspectives in both.

I want to provide a safe environment that maintains the level of control necessary in a music ensemble while also encouraging emotional and artistic expression and contribution. I love working with the youthful enthusiasm of today's teenage achievers and with those who work with them.
I want them to learn from what I show them, from each other, from competitive experiences as well as from their mistakes along the way. I want them to appreciate their community and to want to give back to those whose support they need in entertaining performances and projects.

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