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The reasons for delaying or stopping the periods can be many; a wedding, family get-together, a sports event, an important meeting or even a holiday. There are many over-the-counter medications that are available for delaying or stopping the periods. If you talk to your female friends and relatives you will find that they will all have their own personal favorite medicine for delaying the periods. Contraceptive pills are nothing but birth control pills that are taken by millions of women all over the world to prevent conception. In cases where you wish to stop the periods there is no need to take the placebo tablets that come along with contraceptive pills.
Synthetic form of progesterone, a hormone, is available in pill form with many local drug stores.
Uterus removal is recommended in extreme cases where a woman has heavy bleeding or has developed a condition where the bleeding will stop only if surgery is performed. Usually the painful sores occur on the mouth region and nose which may spread to other parts of the body when it is touched by fingers. Children of age group 3-10, children who live in crowded conditions and those who have increased skin contact with other infected children have more risk of getting impetigo.
Depending on the nature of bacteria that has caused impetigo, suitable antibiotics are prescribed. Menstrual cycle can be delayed for as long as one wishes though ideally doctors advice against delaying periods for more than three months at a stretch. However, you should seek the advice of your doctor before you fill your body with hormones. Some women may experience bloating, nausea with the pills while others will notice the side effects later in life. Women who frequently make use of hormonal pills for delaying periods often end up with osteoporosis and infertility later in life.

However, these There are many branded over-the-counter contraceptive pills available in the market. Unlike pills, depo-provera is injected in your body so that it enters the blood stream directly. However, this is only an extreme method of stopping the periods and your doctor is the best person to tell you more about it.
Red colored sores occur on the skin mostly around the nose and mouth which would eventually break open discharging yellowish pus.
Large sized blisters (bullous impetigo) can also occur on the diaper area of the infants in some cases. In case of doubt, your doctor would do a skin biopsy for testing the small portion of the affected skin in the laboratory. For mild case of infection topical creams are to be applied on the affected part of the skin. In case of large sized sores, the affected area is covered with bandage or gauze to prevent further spreading. Prolonged use of any medicine, especially hormonal ones, is bound to show repercussions later in life. Under no circumstances should you try these out without consulting your doctor. These medications and remedies (especially if they have no scientific fact supporting them) can actually be unsafe for your physical and mental health. To stop your periods it is recommended that you take one pill every day without fail and at the same time each day. These red sores will grow in number and size and for some children it grows as large as a coin. There is increased chance of its occurrence if the child already has skin problem or cut or injury in his body.

In case you suspect impetigo or other skin infection, do not share the clothes or towels of the affected child with others of your family. But these pills are not suitable for young women of child bearing age as they can disrupt the balance of hormones in the body. After three months you will have to get the shot again but it is recommended that you give yourself 5-10 days before getting another shot so that you can have your periods in the interim.
Once you stop taking the progesterone pills your periods will begin within a couple of days.
However, like mentioned earlier, do consult your doctor before embarking upon use of these remedies. One should be very careful about this skin infection since it spreads easily by sharing towels or any clothing with infected person. In rare cases it can cause deep ulcers (ecthyma) and serious infection called cellulitis affecting the tissues beneath the skin. Some women have complained of mild side effects like cramping, nausea and spotting when taking progesterone pills. Antibiotics are prescribed for controlling the bacteria and to prevent further spreading of infection.
The affected area (nose or mouth) should be washed with warm water gently for removing the scabs. Still the bacteria would remain latent in the bloodstream and hence finish the course of drugs as prescribed by your doctor.

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