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Together, these ingredients make for a dense, filling alternative – perfect for making toast at home or in your next tartine at Le Pain Quotidien. We hope you enjoy our bakery’s newest addition and look forward to hearing what you think! 331dago11 monthsago suzanneI love your gluten free bread and bought a sliced loaf to take home.
146dago5 monthsago Helga SandsI am searching for a list of ingredients of your gluten free bread, can you help? 309dago10 monthsago ShellWhat do you mean by one thick slice when you provided the nutrition information? 288dago10 monthsago ursulaYour bread is by far the best gluten free bread I've ever tasted. 274dago9 monthsago Le Pain QuotidienThank you, Marcela - we're so happy you love the GF bread! 175dago6 monthsago Le Pain QuotidienThanks for your feedback - we're SO happy to hear that!
158dago5 monthsago PhilThank you very much for offering this at the Old Town Alexandria location.
128dago4 monthsago PHOENIX RIVERAYour superseed bread is absolutely delicious as well as nutritious. 128dago4 monthsago carolynMy dream came true when Le PQ offered gluten free bread and it was excellent!
119dago4 monthsago Le Pain QuotidienHi Meghan - yes, we source certified gluten-free oats for our gluten-free bread! 114dago4 monthsago liskulaI see the list of ingredients, and you must be missing some, all but the maple syrup are dry ingredients?
103dago3 monthsago LiskulaWell I spent a fair bit of money trying to make your bread with no success.
57dago2 monthsago Le Pain QuotidienWe add water to bind all of the ingredients together and the maple syrup is just a small amount, which is why it's not a sweet-tasting bread. 75dago3 monthsago GabrielleOne of the best gluten free breads I've ever had - a thousand thanks! 60dago2 monthsago Mollie McQuarrieMy husband and daughter are gluten free and this bread doesn't not compare to any other gluten free bread available. 17dago2 weeksago LauraHi LPQ, checking about someone else's question re: whether or not this bread is vegan.

As long as I’ve been going to New York, I’ve made myself a friend of the delis that are pretty much on every block in Manhattan. While the draw of the delis, for me, is the pre-prepared food items, they tend to have a great selection of beverages, snacks and ready-to-eat non-perishables as well.
Beyond the delis that make life easier for people with dietary restrictions, there are plenty of other great finds in New York.
Beyond the large assortment of raw juices with names like Doctor Earth, Nurse Ginger Greene and Fountain of Youth there are faux dairy based drinks like Mint Chip Protein, Cookies and Cream and Raw Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal. Some extra benefits of eating at Whole Foods is that there is always good wifi and seating areas.
A Matter of Health is a great co-op looking grocery store on First Avenue, near 75th Street.
Along with the ubiquitous delis in New York City, there are the coffee stands and corner stores with plenty of coffee selections dotting every street. There’s a second Candle on Third Avenue at 75th Street, and a Candle Cafe on 89th at Broadway. Available by the loaf or as a substitute in tartines, we are now offering our Organic Super Seed Gluten-Free Bread nationwide. Here is the full list of ingredients (all organic): rolled oats, buckwheat flour, corn flour, maple syrup, sea salt, yeast, chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds. Here is a full list of the ingredients (all organic with the exception of the salt and yeast of course): rolled oats, buckwheat flour, corn flour, maple syrup, sea salt, yeast, chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds. Due to its popularity so far in New York, we hope to bring this nationwide in the near future.
I've always looked longingly at your bread line-up and now having something to order with my salads besides those boxed dry crackers is wonderful. You can now find it in all of our US locations, including our new Long Island location at Roosevelt Field, which might be a little closer to you.
If you want to nosh or chew, pick up a super food snack, soup, salad, acai bowl or dessert. I’m a huge fan of Whole Foods, and tend to know where they’re located in most cities that I frequent.
They have an outstanding selection of pre-prepared foods in the refrigerator case, great fresh soups and other items in their deli, and pretty much any food item you can think of throughout in the aisles. There are 13 appetizers and six hearty salads on the menu.  Open for both lunch and dinner, Candle serves brunch on weekends.

Our team has been in touch with you via email, but please reach out if you have any further questions or concerns! I really appreciate you guys putting for the effort to accommodate unique diets as much as possible! Unfortunately, it's a proprietary recipe which we are not able to share, but you can find all the ingredients in this comment thread if you want to try to recreate it at home! While we are not able to share this proprietary recipe, you can find all of the ingredients listed in this comment thread if you want to try to recreate it at home! Unfortunately this is a proprietary recipe which we are not able to share at this time, but you can find the full list of ingredients in this comment thread. You can find the full list of ingredients, as well as nutritional information in this comment thread. There are three locations on the Upper East Side, open daily, from early in the morning until post dinner time. Whole Foods, I believe, is hands down, the best place for coffees, fresh juices and smoothies, salads, soups, and hot prepared meals. Vegan gluten-free selections include home made granola with vanilla cashew almond milk, a polenta cake with sauteed greens and almond cheese, and tempeh-vegetable mole enchiladas.  Dinner entrees include hand cut pasta (with gluten-free options), spaghetti and wheat balls and a Moroccan-spiced chickpea cake. I put banana on the yikes list six years ago, and went gluten-free two years later, saying goodbye to bread.
Plus, the food is all on display, which I prefer.  I want to see what my broccoli looks like before I commit to eating it. Juice Press uses organic ingredients and attempts to make the highest quality cold pressed juices. When you’re back home, if you have a craving, shop online and they will ship anywhere in the continental U.S. It’s a small, but well stocked, place to drop-in and pick-up coffees, teas, juices, shots or smoothies and a snack. Like a two ounce Cherry Bomb made with lemon, ginger and cayenne, or the Ancient Healer that’s a celery apple blend with moringa, tulsi and apple cider vinegar.
I like self-serve as it allows me to make my own portions.  Depending on how the food looks, and my mood, I may dish out a mega serving of brussels sprouts with a slice or two of sweet potato to balance the colors and flavors.

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