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I’ll show you how I weaned myself off of commercial chicken feed and replaced it with free compost and kitchen scraps.
I knew commercial feed wasn’t going to work, so I tried completely free ranging (no fences) and had great success accept for all the chicken poop me and my family kept stepping in. Essentially, Geoff developed a mobile chicken operation in which the chickens are fed solely on kitchen scraps and compost! If your not already, start a “chicken bucket” in your house and throw ALL your food scraps in this as feed. For a larger source of scraps, check out your local health food stores and ask a produce manager if you can have their “throw away” fruits and veggies. Have your compost material assembled near the entrance of your run so it’s easily accessible.
If your using a temporary electric net for your fencing you can bring in the corner where you’ll be working to keep the chickens out of your way (see pictures below). Not only do you get free, higher quality feed, you’ll get a cubic yard of compost each week. I did notice that my production rates became less inconsistent, probably because of my inconsistencies in my learning curve. There’s an amazing online calculator in which you can put in your available ingredients and get your ratio’s.
Step #1 – Get your compost material (green and brown) material assembled in separate piles. Step #2 – Fill the bin with your compost material being sure to mix and water along the way.
Step #1 – Remove your pallets from week #3 pile and assemble them in your 4th and final corner. Step #2 – Start over by removing your pallets from corner #4 and assemble them in your 1st corner. I have begun working towards this type of system and I will use a few tips from this article to further refine my setup. I wonder if quality of the feed might actually depend on the mineral composition of the biota and the compost, in the same way that the quality of food depends on the mineral density of the food, which, in turn depends on the mineral balance of the soil, especially in relation to, but not confined to, micronutrients. Such a well written and informative article with visuals to help us to really get interested in going further in our efforts and not get discouraged. In your photos you look like you are using lots of pre-broken down brown material, is that right? Doing this once a week is timely, plus it give the new pile in the bin plenty of time to get hot. I’m thinking about a system with considerably less chooks, and how much work is involved (vs paying for feed). A MAN has been banned from Co-operative Food stores for life after being accused of hiding reduced-priced milk to get the price dropped. Peter Jenner, of Infirmary Walk, Worcester, was seen hiding half-priced organic milk during a visit to the city’s Angel Street store in February. He claims he had hidden the milk to buy it later as he had forgotten to get money out of the bank, but when he returned to the store he was barred from entering and told he would be banned. Weeks later, he received a letter informing him he was banned for life from all Co-operative shops, with store staff citing a “series of incidents” where he had hidden goods and later demanded further price reductions. Despite Mr Jenner’s claim he only put by items when he had forgotten his money, the store claims he was doing it to get a further reduction. A spokesperson for The Co-operative Food said: “Following a series of incidents, over several months, where the customer was regularly seen hiding reduced items within the store in the morning, only to return later in the day to demand further reductions when the ‘use by’ date had almost elapsed, we have advised this individual he is no longer welcome in our stores. Mr Jenner now says he wouldn’t want to shop in the Co-op again because of the way they treat poor people.
Clearly someone being dishonest but it does remind us that supermarkets would rather throw out tons of food every day rather than giving it to the increasing amount of hungry people in this City.
Actually Co-op are the most ethical of all the supermarket chains so good luck in finding an alternative.
Co-Op are the victim here not him and we are the mugs who ultimately pick up generic price increases.
He didn't forget his money - that was just his excuse - several times, if you read the article. Now this is strange - all the comments went missing a couple of minutes ago - now they're back. While a Vitamix is good to have, a food processor works just as good for My Organic Juice and Smoothie Recipes. Please note that fresh fruits and vegetables can make delicious smoothies without any milk or cream.  However, Kafir, or Almond milk do ad a certain creaminess that is delightful.
Enjoy delicious organic fruits and vegetables raw, as they were intended, with organic smoothie recipes. And I feel great that I give my kids a smoothie full of important minerals, vitamins, healthy omega three fats, fiber, protein, enzymes, that is hydrating and easy to digest!

If you can find fresh coconut water from a young coconut, that’s really delicious too. If you feel really adventurous, you might add some other super foods, such as a teaspoon of maca, raw cacao or tibetan goji berries. I also had kale with melon, pineapple, grapes, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. This green smoothie creation was a a bit of a mish mash of left over ingredients, but turned out a beautiful pale green, despite the significant amount of greens in it.
German Style Whole Wheat Bread is made with both organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, golden and brown flax and sesame seeds, which we soak before baking to add even more goodness.
It’s this special, unique combination of 6 grains and legumes that harvests benefits beyond what we normally expect from our breads, pastas, cereals, and other foods. Costco Warehouse is a members-only, warehouse-format international shopping chain that offers bulk shopping for large families and businesses. Former executive Vice President of Price Club Jim Sinegal left the company to form Costco Wholesale Corporation with Jeffery Brotman in 1983. In 1993, Costco Wholesale Corporation contracted a partial merger with Price Club, which resulted in PriceCostco Inc., whose primary objective was global expansion. According to Sinegal, “Costco is able to offer lower prices and better values by eliminating virtually all the frills and costs historically associated with conventional wholesalers and retailers, including salespeople, fancy buildings, delivery, billing and accounts receivable. Costco sells brand name products including groceries, appliances, toys, hardware, jewelry, health and beauty aids, furniture, office supplies, electronics, clothing and tires. I purchased a large package of munester cheese last week at the Costco in Clearwater, Florida.
Why is it I can never find Nancy’s Petite Miniature Quiche in your warehouse on Baltimore Ave in Beltsville? I would like to become a costco member because, you have large amount when buying items, and good healthy foods with low prices. Since your composting, you can include “organic”, non edible material like flowers, cardboard, paper etc… If the chickens don’t eat it, your compost will!
Most co-op’s and health food stores are probably already saving this stuff for folks to pick up. Better yet, put it just outside the fence just where your pile will be if you can throw it over. Between the biota and your kitchen scraps I’ll venture to guess this has got to be a higher quality feed than stale commercial grain.
However, I still sufficient amount of eggs and meat from my flock of 30 for our family of 6. Generally, you’ll need more carbon material (abbreviated to “C”, and also called Brown Material) than Nitrogen material (Abbreviated to “N”, and also called Green material). You’ll guard off rain and prevent the pile from evaporation too fast and you’ll provide some barrier to keep the heat in. What I mean by turn it, is to it pitch into a new pile right next to the old one.This will oxygenate your pile and get your outside material on the inside where most of the composting is going to happen. I also feed them all the kitchen scraps we generate, except those they will not eat such as citrus rinds. At one point I was dumping the scraps in the afternoon and evening, and I started to notice rats! Besides eating their food, the disturbance they create at night stresses the chickens enough to adversely affect laying. It made me feel like a shoplifter,” said the 52-year-old, who has been using the shop since 1991.
Is it that there is no budget for journo's any more because we all read the paper on this site rather than buying a copy?
I think its a bit mean that he hid items that another less well off person would appreciate just because he forgot his money. If they don't want us to respond maybe they shouldn't publish stories like this in the first place. The full nutritional benefits of juicing organic food and making smooties is as easy as it is fun.
And it’s a lot healthier than adding milk, soy, yoghurt, or (chemical) protein powders.
Then place the banana and pineapple closest to the blade with the rest of the ingredients on top. Then place the fresh fruit and greens closest to the blade with the rest of the ingredients on top. There are absolutely no preservatives, dough conditioners, bleach or other naughty things widely used in other breads. None of the stuff you find in grocery stores disturb the flavor.We use a sourdough starter derived from a mother dough we created last winter.
Sol and Robert Price, founders of Price Club, created the “warehouse retailing” business model that Costco follows: products are sold in bulk at warehouses typically located in the outskirts of a city.

The annual membership fee is $50 in the United States, and includes an additional card for spouse. Kirkland Signature items are also represented at Costco, including items such as juice, housewares, clothing and detergent. If it doesn’t get hot enough it won’t break down quick enough and it won’t kill the seeds that make it to the pile. If you get hotter than 160 you can actually kill the healthy biota in the pile and even cause a fire.
I switched to feeding the craps in the morning and the chickens pretty much have it all gone by evening. Now that rats are totally excluded from my system, the chooks are much more consistent and productive. My chickens probably turn the piles too much in a weeks time, so ideally I might do a 5 day rotation.
Just have a ration of about 50% fruits and 50% vegetables (or try some wild greens such as nettles) and your smoothie will always be delicious.
It’s a perfect alternative for people with milk, soy or dairy allergies, because this smoothie is dairy free. This fact makes it unique in the market, bread like ours has been baked this way for the last thousand years – before chemicals and ehhancers were used to add more profits. We are sure you will love our bread, especially if you don’t like pumpernickel, try it and see.
Costco purchases directly from the manufacturer, taking delivery at its warehouse stores, thereby eliminating the need to double-handle products. Price and Sinegal could not agree on major issues, particularly how to recover losses and the general growth of the company. A division of Costco, Costco Wholesale Industries runs manufacturing businesses that include optical laboratories, food packaging and distribution of jewelry.
In order to generate enough heat for your pile, you’ll need at least 1 cubic yard of material. One of our health food stores always has at least 3 – 10 trash buckets full of food scraps outback for a local composter.
You can try pet stores, small engine repair shops, hardware stores, motorcycle shops, furniture stores and lawn and garden shops.
The chickens will eventually start showing less and less interest in the older less active piles. If they slow down, I’m not out any money, but I’m still getting a cubic yard of compost every week.
Brown materials like wood chips, leaves, straw are higher in C:N ratio’s (in other words they are much higher in carbon than nitrogen than green materials. In this case you likely have too much green material and will need to balance it out with more brown material the next time you turn it.
Did you choose a week because it’s a handy timeframe, or because that’s how long it took for the birds to go off the piled compost? The Executive Membership fee is $100 a year and provides a multitude of merchant services for the business owner, in addition to a 2 percent annual rebate up to $500.
That was the fall of 2013 and it ended up being the last time I ever bought commercial feed for my flock.
To bring my leaves ratio down and my manure ratio up, I realize I’m going to have to have more leaves, pound for pound, than manure. The fats of hemp seeds are a vegan alternative to fish oils, they boost our immune systems, improve our memory, and make you feel warmer in cold climates. A light, slightly tart flavor and great purity as well as a chewy texture and crispy crust! I go to Weight Watchers meetings and hear members talk about Costco products that are on our food plan and then they are deleted.
If you added in my cost of equipment, housing, watering systems and labor I was better off buying my eggs, even at premium free range organic prices, at the farmers market.
If this is happening, your loosing nitrogen to the atmosphere as you don’t have enough carbon to capture it properly. I am currently covering it with poultry netting because hawks have killed some hens recently. If that’s your case, ad more carbonatious brown material next week when you turn your pile.

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