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Natural Food Expo: Consumers Demand Healthy Convenience You are using an outdated browser. We want to help!Please contact us by phone or email as often as you want with all of your questions. Dirt Maker is dedicated to vermicomposting, and to designing and building the machines to make it happen.
Here’s a look at some of the new natural, organic, fair trade, sustainable, vegan, vegetarian, free from, and special diet food and drink being exhibited this year. Community Foods (stand M48) is presenting new Crazy Jack Organic canned beans and pulses, Sanchi Japanese Crackers, and Jumble Bee dried fruit and nuts snacking range.
Dilly & Wolf (stand R37, Hodmedod) is presenting its range of Chisps (made with a blend of spelt, chickpea and British fava beans). There are five organic food companies representing Montana this year (stand J60M, USA Pavilion): Montana Horizons Organic Snacks, Kamut International, Timeless Food, The Oil Barn , and Whistling Andy. The Anglesey Sea Salt Company (stand K2C, Slow Food UK Pavilion) is showcasing its all-natural alternative to harsh, chemical liquid smoke – Oak Smoked Water. Easy Bean (stand R10) is introducing its new Chickpea Crispbread snack (Seeds and Black Pepper variety), now available in handy 30g packs. The Carob Kitchen, Australia (stand M61) introduces Australia’s first premium Carob Milk Bar range (Milk, Mint and Almond). Booja-Booja (stand J50J, Organic Trade Board Pavilion) is presenting its new Chilled Truffle Collection at the show. Blanxart Chocolate Barcelona (stand J50K, Organic Trade Board Pavilion) is sampling its 3 Bar Tasting Box (77% Cacao from Peru, 82% Cacao from Congo and 71% Cacao from the Philippines). Of The Earth Superfoods (stand J50M, Organic Trade Board Pavilion) introduces the first new superfood sweetener Yacon Syrup to the UK. The Raw Chocolate Company (stand M33, Vegan Pavilion) is launching new Vanoffe Mulberries and Raw Chocolate Golden Berries. Creative Nature Superfoods (stand M37, Vegan Pavilion) is presenting its Blissful Berry Bar, the only cold pressed superfood bar to have won two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards. Bravura Foods (stand M41, Vegan Pavilion) is presenting brand new Panda Softies – delicious black liquorice bars bursting with a strawberry filled, juicy liquid centre. The Tofurky Company (stand L42, Vegan Pavilion) is introducing eight of its award winning products to the UK; including Deli Slices, sausages and Smoky Maple Tempeh Bacon.
Zingology (stand L43, Vegan Pavilion) is launching two new fruit powders this year – coconut and mango.
Koko Cuisine Virgin Coconut Oil & Koko Dairy Free Spread (stand P20) are the new launches from First Grade International. Natasha’s Living Food (stand Q14E, Raw Food Pavilion) is presenting new Kale Crunchies – air dried Irish Kale with sunflower seeds – a healthy snack packed with iron, calcium, and vitamins.
New products from Petras Bio (stand Q14F, Raw Food Pavilion) include Oat Groats Sprouts Flakes, Buckwheat Sprouts, Fruity Cocoa Cookies, Hemp Crackers, and Raw Pasta Original.
Cyclades Culture of Olive Oil (stand L20B, Hellenic food Pavilion) is presenting Cycladi Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Premium Choice from Entopia (stand L20D, Hellenic food Pavilion) is an organic, low acidity extra virgin olive oil that is in its purest form and completely free from additives. Rodi Hellas – Pom Star (stand L20E, Hellenic food Pavilion) is introducing its latest product – POM STAR pomegranate sauce; which is ideal for use in salads, marinades, desserts, and cocktails.
La BIO IDEA Tortellini (DO-IT Dutch Organic International Trade, stand J10) is new to the UK and available in three flavours – Cheese, Tomato and Mozzarella, and Ricotta and Spinach. Marthomi Allergy Free Foods GmbH (stand Q58) is exhibiting its new extended range of Rice Mice cookies – which are gluten-free, organic and vegan. Internationally acclaimed Pacari Chocolate (stand P60D, Demeter Pavilion) is launching two new products to the UK, Lemon Verbena Chocolate Bar and Passionfruit Chocolate Bar. FZ Organic Food (stand P70, Demeter Pavilion) is showcasing its new, low fat, deep ridge cut crisps – full of flavour with a crispy bite. Erbology’s is presenting organic Sea Buckthorn jams in sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn with apple, sea buckthorn with mirabelle, and sea buckthorn with pear. Papagrin (stand M3) is introducing its new 100% fruit snack Buri Beri, in cherry, strawberry, apple, raspberry and blackcurrant flavours. The latest addition to Alce Nero Spa’s range is its new Wheat Bran with Chocolate Chips Biscuits (stand Q50C, Italian Pavilion). Sukrin (stand N40) is launching under the brand name Nutri-Nick a range of gluten-free Bean Pastas.
Atlantic Kitchen (stand L4) has a new range of ready to heat meal soups in three varieties – Vibrant Beets Soup, Super-Greens Minestrone, and Sea Spicy Tomato Bisque. SugarSin (stand R64) is introducing Happy Jellies – all natural, vegan friendly jellies in three flavours – Sour Shots, Wild Hearts and Caramel Fizz. Gaia superfoods & ZenValley (stand H10G, Soil Association Pavilion) is showcasing its goji berries, which are grown in the Tibetan Plateau.
Leda Gluten Free Foods (stand L78) is an Australian business specialising in the manufacture of plain and chocolate coated biscuits, snack bars, bites, and balls for the special dietary needs market.

Primrose’s Kitchen (stand M12) is launching three organic, raw, and gluten free granolas to complement its muesli range. The popularity of nut butter continues to grow and this year Meridian Foods (stand L15) is launching its brand new Dry Roasted Peanut Butter, for discerning nut lover fans.
Inspiral Visionary Products (stand N14) is launching two new product lines: Coconut Pecks – raw coconut chips, and Kale-os – raw kale crisps.
Rude Health (stand Q10) has launched the UK’s first range of Organic Sprouted Flours and Sprouted Porridge Oats (gluten-free). The Coconut Company (stand Q37) supplies raw, natural and organic coconut products, including coconut oil, milk powder, sugar, nectar, flour, vinegar, frozen coconut meat, and raw coconut macaroons. Bioinvitro – Biotecnologia, Lda (stand Q34) is introducing its range of mushroom-based products, including mushroom jam, mushroom pate, cooked mushrooms, preserved mushrooms, dried mushrooms, and mushroom flour. This spring, Hodmedod (stand R37) launched the first ever, ready-to-eat, British-grown, red haricot beans. Amaizin (DO-IT Dutch Organic International Trade, stand J10) is showcasing its new Extra Fibre Tortilla Wrap. Renuka Agri Foods Plc – Sri Lanka (stand K34) is launching its exclusive range of organic coconut products including organic coconut water, organic coconut milk drink, organic tea blends, and a range of organic culinary coconut products. Goodness Gracious Foods’ purees are perfectly balanced meals for babies, which allow the digestive system to work gently (stand R17). Granny’s Secret UK (stand R12) is introducing its newly launched Fruit and Honey Spreads – fruit mixed with the best Acacia honey (varieties include orange, raspberry, and blackcurrant).
Crio Bru UK (stand K3) is made from 100% pure, premium, roasted and ground cocoa beans that are brewed just like coffee.
Loov – Power of Nature (stand K43) is showcasing its antioxidant rich Wild Blueberry Juice, made from wild crafted berries.
Gusto Organic (stand R75) is launching the world’s first, organic certified, low calorie, Fairtrade Cola. 100% natural mineral water Donat Mg UK (stand M52) contains 1000mg of magnesium in 1 litre. Jools (stand Q81) is a new brand of healthy soft drinks, which contain little pearls filled with superfruit juices. The a2 Milk Company (stand N38) is presenting a2 Milk – real, fresh cow’s milk which only contains the A2 protein, which is much easier to digest, rather than the more common A1 protein. Ovio Wellness (stand J50G, Organic Trade Board Pavilion) is showcasing two new olive leaf based organic supplements – Daily Organic Olive Leaf plus Beetroot, and Daily Organic Olive Leaf plus Green Coffee Bean.
Teatulia Organic Single Garden Teas’ (stand K25) include Lemongrass Herbal Infusion, Tulsi Infusion, Ginger Green, Bengal Breakfast, Oolong, Earl Grey, and Peppermint Herbal Infusion. Riso Scotti’s range of rice milks includes Original Rice Milk, Rice Milk with Oat, Rice Milk with Cocoa, Rice Milk with Added Calcium, and Rice Milk with Soya (stand P2).
SynerChi Kombucha (stand Q14E, Raw Food Pavilion) is a healthy alternative to soft drinks, full of natural fermented goodness, raw enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids. Organic Herb Trading Company (OHTC) (stand H31) is inviting visitors to blend unique and personal tea blends at the show. Launching in the UK for the first time this spring, Lemonaid & ChariTea (stand P13) are 100% organic Fairtrade lemonades and iced teas made from pure juices and freshly brewed teas. Bio-tiful Dairy (stand R36)is showcasing two new Kefir flavours: Blossom Honey and Mint, and Morello Cherry.
Natural Products Expo West was home for three days to the largest number of exhibits in its 31 year history at the Anaheim Convention Center in Calif., March 10-13, 2011. The 2011 Natural Products Expo West encompassed more than 1 million square feet of education, community events and exhibits. Patricia Bragg and Bragg Live Food Products set up their own booth at the Expo, displaying new products and preaching good health to all!
Patricia Bragg found time in her busy expo schedule to sit down with New Hope 360 to discuss Bragg Live Foods and share her vast health knowledge with the world. Recent Commentsadmin on New Study Supports Benefits of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegaradrian on New Study Supports Benefits of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegaradmin on Apple Cider Vinegar for Feet Combating Corns, Callouses and WartsJewel Peyton on Apple Cider Vinegar for Feet Combating Corns, Callouses and Wartsadmin on Dr. Congrats to last month's winner - Shanna A - who entered our contest by tweeting about us ! You can find and lean on a biological dentist to remove old mercury-containing silver amalgam fillings. Enter below for your chance to win $100 BodyPure gift card to use on your choice of any BodyPure products! The GTN Bestsellers charts this week reflect, as if we didn’t know it, that most people stayed indoors last weekend and tried their best to keep warm. Professional food and drink buyers visiting next month’s Natural Food trade Show will be treated to a record number of new natural, organic, biodynamic, Fairtrade, free-from and special diet products for 2013, says organiser Diversified Business Communications UK. With winter refusing to loosen its grip, the garden industry is now relying on pent-up demand to put sales back on track once the much delayed spring finally arrives.There is wide concensus across the industry that consumer demand for gardening, held back last year by rain and now by the cold snap, is likely to be strong when people are able to get onto their gardens again. Which garden centre and local nurseries are hoping for great things at Wembley next weekend?

Each oil has flavours reminiscent of Sicily including Peperoncino, Limone, Armonia, Rosmarino, and Arancia.
Its range of three flavours – Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Coconut Almond Butter, are made from just-roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt.
One 30g sachet of this new oat-based breakfast cereal contains the full daily amount of oat beta-glucan (3g), which is proven to reduce cholesterol. CocoNuts is made with coconut cream and coconut water, and sweetened only with coconut blossom nectar. A new innovative range in the free from category (stand P21), the two variants are Raspberry and Strawberry with Bifidus, and Chocolate. Its unique composition can have favourable effects on stress, fatigue, tiredness, muscle cramps, and electrolyte balance. This year, the event attracted 6% more exhibits from over 35 countries, showcasing the newest and most innovative natural, organic and healthy products and ingredients.
With guests lined up for three days for health knowledge and autographs, the Bragg Booth was the hit of the Expo!
In just 76 days he traveled from the Hermosa Pier in California all the way to the Kitty Hawk Pier in NC and then up to the Capitol in Washington DC. With an eventful and exciting expo, Bragg Live Foods and Patricia Bragg were quite a hit, and were glad to share the experience with the world of health. If you haven't been, this is the largest natural products convention in the country, full of interesting products, foods & suppliers. Our catering transactions were up 16% (surprise, surprise) and Gift and House Plants sales were up which shows that people want to spend. No matter how you look at the current set of figures in the GTN Bestsellers data, sales volumes make difficult reading.
Fat balls and suet treats have been selling especially well, which suggests consumers understand the need to give garden birds energy food in extreme weather.Gardman said this week that overall sales of their wildbird care products in the first quarter had soared by 17 per cent compared with the same period last year. And until the temperatures start to rise again it’s going to be a challenging period for garden centre retailers and suppliers. Of these four showcase categories for 2013, new organic food and drink products have the most entries of all. This rise in new innovations being launched onto the organic market reflects the continuing growth in the global sales of organic food and drink, which according to analysts Organic Monitor, has risen over 25% since 2008. ITV News this week reported from Capital Garden Centre in London, where manager Tim McLeod-Rice has cancelled all orders for spring bedding and started to lay off staff at a point in the season when he would normally be recruiting, following an 80 per cent fall in sales in recent weeks. Extra attention will be given to autumn planting this year, to help recruit new gardeners who may not be aware that it is nature’s best time to plant.
It hydrates the body with a combination of antioxidants and electrolytes (and has no added sugars, preservatives or GMO’s).
Despite the continuing economic downturn affecting all sales, this year’s Organic Market Report did announce some key areas of growth.
Other plant waters are also gaining popularity too, including birch water, maple water, and aloe vera water. If you’re a fan of natural plant water and love all things sweet, these are definitely for you.Raw Chocolate What makes chocolate ‘raw’, you ask? Have you come up with extra restaurant promotions for the holiday period to tempt people in despite the cold? These latest positive figures for the total market come after a sales decline in the year from September 2011 to January 2012.Richard Maden, GfK account manager said that this time last year the bird care category was reporting double digit value declines. Pre-season terms generally allow retailers to settle invoices in Spring when products have begun to sell. With raw chocolate, the roasting process is eliminated, which in turn preserves the Cacao beans’ nutrients. This means that raw chocolate is full of nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and vitamin C. The best part is that some people even consider it a superfood, which pretty much means that the chocolate is good for you, right?Healthy tea Matcha tea was all anyone could talk about at the Natural Food Show. Matcha tea is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium, and also helps to boost metabolism and burn calories.
Apparently, you would need to drink at least ten cups of brewed green tea to match just one cup of matcha! Kombucha tea was also very popular at the show, catering more to those after probiotic and digestive health benefits.Bars and balls ‘Foods of convenience’ were a big trend at the Natural Food Show with many companies responding to the rising consumer demand for on-the-go snacks that nourish the body, satisfy hunger and sustain energy levels. These consisted of healthy raw and organic ingredients and came in the form of bars and balls… protein balls that is.
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