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While I love being a tourist and seeing all the popular, iconic and unmissable sights, when I travel I also like to go beyond the typical tourist experience and really seek out the local treasures and seek out recommendations on things to do and visit from those ‘in-the-know’. The series of posts on Italy I will feature are by no means a comprehensive guide and won’t cover any of the main activities or sightseeing but just a selection of some of my most handy tips and favourite places I found along my trip mostly by chance or through recommendations by locals I met along the way, places you may not necessarily find on Tripadvisor or from a hotel or travel guide. I never went to any really expensive restaurants, I always tried looking for the best value local finds serving the best quality food.
Also keep an eye out for the restaurant’s specialties as we found some restaurants which were fantastic at pizzas made very average pasta or vice versa. Johnny Gels – These are the slick haired men standing outside the restaurants calling out to passersby in an attempt to persuade them to dine at the restaurant they work for.
Extensive menus that come in four languages or more – Nothing yells out tourist trap more than a restaurant that chooses to translate their menu in every language to cater for all the tourists.
Photos of food from the menu – Similar to the above point, because when things are in Italian and tourists aren’t sure how to order or what they are ordering, what better way than to just slap photos of the food everywhere so tourists can simply point to the dish they like the look of. My recommendation for tourists who want to eat more authentic Italian and local food is to ask the waiters what the specialty of the region is or what the most popular dishes at that restaurant are.
Most big museums offer free admission on the last Sunday of the month which is a good option if you want to visit on the cheap however, if you are not bothered by the entry fee, avoid visiting on weekends or this day when you can expect the biggest crowds.
Stop for a glass of wine and a panino at this wonderful deli packed to the brim with breads, cured meats and antipasto treats.
Very cute store interior serving up wonderful gelato and granitas using premium organic ingredients. An extremely handy cafe serving up everything from coffee to gelato to wine and sandwiches and a big collection of packaged sweets to eat now or bring back home from your travels.
I didn’t actually get a chance to try this place as both times I went there they were full! I also heard there are a number of good restaurants and bars in the area of Trastevere if you are up for the walk across the River Tiber which is a less touristy area of Rome where more locals, students and workers reside. Please excuse the image of my butchered feet after 3 weeks of solid walking morning until night but I couldn’t resist showing off these amazing pair of shoes with elasticated wrap around ankle straps complete with a metal loop that slides under the heel to secure!
I’ve made three batches so far, and I think we’ve eaten over half of each batch straight from the dehydrator, before they were even ready!
It all starts innocently enough, with processing a bunch of shredded coconut long enough that it turns into your very own homemade coconut butter.
And then you blend your newly created coconut butter with some agave, some vanilla and a pinch of salt. I have this awesome 15ml tablespoon that’s perfectly round, and perfect for macaroons. I’m not so keen on the fact that it takes 1-2 days to dehydrate these raw coconut macaroons to chewy-soft perfection. You can always make extra coconut butter by processing extra shredded coconut, and then use it for other recipes. The original recipe used maple syrup, although I prefer agave nectar, and you can just use your favourite liquid sweetener. I discovered that finely shredded coconut makes better macaroons than coarsely shredded coconut, but if all you have is coarsely shredded coconut, just pulse it in your food processor briefly to turn it into finely shredded coconut. And apparently you can store these for 5 days on the bench, 2 weeks in the fridge or 2 months in the freezer, but that’s never going to happen, is it?
For a lower-fat macaroon, you can replace half the shredded coconut with rolled oats (coarsely ground).
This amazing recipe comes straight from Chef Amber Shea’s book, Practically Raw Desserts. I bought both of her cookbooks recently, because I love her approach to food, and I’m working my way through her recipes.

No such luck (yet), but I’ll keep trying with my variations on a theme and see if I hit the jackpot. But at this point, I’m really not fussed whether or not she likes them, because I sure as heck do. You can order Amber's cookbooks online today at Amazon, the Book Depository, or your favourite book supplier, and start playing with her recipes for yourself. I use my powerful food processor three or four times a week, for making nut butters, desserts, sauces, burgers and more. I use my 5-tray Excalibur dehydrator once or twice a week, for crackers, breads, biscuits, cakes or even just for thawing things. Casual canteen-style bench tables and chairs, with stools lining the bar counter facing out onto the street. The street front serving table- with open crates behind showcasing various fresh organic products. Inside the Grocery section of Green & Safe- with woven baskets displaying fresh organic seasonal and tropical fruits. The Grocery section also features an extensive selection of imported wines- including some organic labels. The Grocery selections include dairy products, cheeses, sauces, and fresh bakery and patisserie products.
The Small Plates restaurant serves a combination of Western and Asian cuisines- mostly in the tapas-style of small plates for sharing.
The main dining space of Small Plates features a series of blond timber high tables and grey upholstered stools, and similar tables settings.
The dining room has an industrial loft style with a vaulted timber ceiling and neutral palette of blond timbers, black and grey furnishings and white walls.
At the top of the staircase from the Grocery section, a discrete lounge area with soft sofa seating and low tables. While I usually keep my out of Melbourne travels outside of my blogging for Melbourne Darling, this was a very special trip for me and I was just so overcome by the beauty of Italy I just wanted to share all of my favourite places, travel tips and local treasures for those who may also be interested in some of the same places I went to and things I did.
Here is my personal favourite collection of the places (mostly food related) I would recommend to my friends and family based on my experience that I’d like to pass on from one Melbourian to the next! One quick way to gauge the freshness and quality of ingredients of a restaurant in Italy is a quick look at their menus. Likewise a little knowledge on what vegetables or seafood and types of meats are local and done well in particular areas which could save you the difference between picking a very average meal over a delicious specialty of the restaurant you are dining at. The good restaurants are usually so busy they don’t need to employ such people to try and entice passersby to walk in. It is rare that you will find locals and authentic Italian food at a place that caters for tourists so heavily. Then don’t be surprised when you see the dish that arrives in front of you does not look as perfect as it appeared in the photo. I also found that having a phone nearby to translate some of the ingredients or dishes is sometimes easier and quicker than asking a waiter to explain if your Italian is not so great. This is a worthy option to consider, especially if you are travelling in peak season to not waste valuable time in your tour simply lining up most of the time. Via Cola Di Rienzo is also a great street to stroll down on your way to the Vatican City or Castel Sant’Angelo. Good for a quick snack stop whether you need a coffee, a coffee crema (YES YOU DO) a pastry, sweets, wine, a sandwich or a gelato. Shoe lovers, fashionistas and design aficionados must visit at least one, if not both stores of this amazing local shoe designer.
This amount makes just enough for one batch of macaroons, which, if you’re interested is 1 cup or about 220g.

I tasted my shredded coconut I bought and it doesn’t seem it would turn into a buttery consistency?
My shredded coconut is also very dry, but if you process it for long enough (mine takes 5 or more minutes and can get quite warm along the way), it does turn buttery eventually, I promise.
Adding back some coconut oil is a great idea because it sounds like there wasn’t enough in your shredded coconut for it to turn into butter, which is a shame.
It's great for large batches and dishes that need texture and just makes "cooking" so much faster. Other organic produce such as meats, dairy, etc are sourced both from nearby organic farms, and imported suppliers. Concrete screed flooring, exposed steel girders and suspended aluminium lamps provide the space with an utilitarian aesthetic. Daily specials are featured on blackboards above the serving counters in front of the open kitchen. Many of the local home cooking style Italian restaurants had the least well designed menus. Hopefully many of the Melbournians reading this have embraced our cities coffee culture and won’t have a problem adding one or more espressos to their day, so worst case if you have a small bladder you may find yourself with a caffeine buzz.
With only 2 stores in Rome, the care, craft and thought that has gone into the design and production of these impressively flattering (and comfortable) stylishly handmade shoes that are just as exquisite and impactful as the eye-catching store display they are carefully encased in. Or, you could just smear a plain macaroon with some raw chocolate coconut butter and be done with it. I made them exactly according to the directions and they are chewy and sweet and coconutty.
It’s not like coconut oil, more like coconut puree, so you might just find that it does work with your shredded coconut.
You might be able to mix the ingredients by hand, and freeze the balls instead, but I don’t think it will taste much like the original recipe. If you don't want to support my site, please make sure that you don't click on any ads or affiliate links. The modern, industrial-loft style space combines an organic Grocery section, with both a casual deli-style cafe on the ground floor, and on the upper level, an evenings-only space for dining and socialising, the restaurant and lounge named Small Plates.
Main course size dishes are also served- including selections of grilled fish, roasted meats, pasta and noodles.
On the other hand, the extra pep in your step might just be beneficial for all the walking that’s needed in travelling around, particularly in Rome and Venice!
I baked them because I just did not want to deal with the dehydrator and they came out toasty brown and delicious! And you can always use dates instead of agave to help with the binding, like I did in my Raw Date Coconut Macaroons.
One of my favourite things to do with fresh coconut meat is to make instant coconut yoghurt. This is because many of the popular restaurants that take in a high rate of customers and go through a high turnover of fresh ingredients update their menu very frequently, sometimes even on a weekly or daily basis. This is because they plan their menu around seasonal produce and the best quality seasonal produce that they selected, which may vary day to day to feature the dishes according to the best produce they have available to use.

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