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With a baby on the way (any day now!), I figured I should get back on board with my Sunday food prep. I just started working four ten hour shifts a week, and my husband works four twelve to sixteen hour days, so I’ve started to do more food prep on Sunday.
I do a little prep on Sunday but mostly I just make sure I have healthy foods on hand because I find that I never have enough time on Sunday to get everything ready for the week. I used to do all of my food shopping and cooking on Sundays.Now I will just chop up some veggies or make a batch of brown rice or quinoa to have on hand for the week.
I don’t do a big sunday food prep but I usually will make some homemade stuff like bars or bread for the week.
I usually like to go grocery shopping on Sundays and chop my veggies up ahead of time and store them in either Ziploc bags or Tupperware.
I do something similar in that I cut up all of our leftover veggies + fruits, hard boil leftover eggs, and just generally clean out the fridge before I go to the grocery store every week.
Yesterday I ended up baking a bunch of potatoes and sweet potatoes to have as quick sides for our meals this week. You read books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting, subscribe to parenting magazines and sign up to online baby forums. You carefully cut the tags out of baby clothes so they don’t scratch your little darling, and wash everything twice in super-soft, extra-sensitive, environmentally friendly, baby-friendly organic detergents.
You drag What to Expect off the shelf and leave it in the loo for the two minutes you get to yourself each day. You rewash the old baby clothes in your normal detergents, throwing out the ones which look totally dodgy.
You forget all about birth plans and look forward to your time in hospital as a break from the chaos at home.
When you have your third child, you have a pre-schooler and a toddler both claiming they are the center of the universe.
People who have finished child-bearing return to work, lose weight and look glamorous and well-rested.
You have given your baby books away, and can’t afford magazine subscriptions any more.
You look at the crusty old baby clothes and figure that the baby can just be nude for its first few years of life. You take a list of all the drugs you want when you are in hospital and look forward to your time in there because you won’t have to cook for anyone. Gray is the new black: A timeless shade of gray provides the perfect gender-neutral color palate for baby and can be accented by a number of colors ranging from soft blues to bold pinks that really pop! Natural materials: From cloth diapers to organic baby food options, there are a plethora of natural products for baby, including in the nursery. Clean white furniture: White baby cribs and dressers create a fresh yet classic look for baby’s room and continue to be a popular trend for 2016. I used to do it all the time, but, in recent months, I let it fall by the wayside, which has led to a lot of lazy meals and not-so-healthy eating, so I want to get myself back on track.
I’ll sometimes eat leftovers from dinner too, but, most of the time, I whip up something quick, like an egg sandwich, veggie burger or smoothie.
We were trying to figure out how we can make sure we can cut back on the time it takes to make dinner. I’ve been trying to pack myself a few salads-in-a-jar for work lunches and whip up rice, hummus, etc. Peeling and cooking them takes forever, so if I can do it in advance I always thanks myself later. It just feels so much more organized and it’s really nice not to have to worry about thinking much about it for the rest of the week!
I might have to jump aboard the major meal prep though, it sounds like it would be really convenient later in the week.

I have a dry erase board calendar on my fridge where I’ll write my meals down for the week and the pre-chopped veggies always come in handy! I have tried and tried to do a Sunday food prep but I always end up forgetting and I don’t have room in my fridge! My faves are 1) chopped marinated veggies (cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, avocado, with s+p and lots of lemon juice), 2) mini frittatas (eggs + lots of kale) baked in muffin cups, 3) roast veggies (whatever in season) 4) cooked grains (brown rice, buckwheat or quinoa).
I don’t mind cooking or grocery shopping, but I hate coming up with the meals I will prepare.
It really sets you up for success for the week, and its so nice to already have something prepared when you get home from work. No one has ever had a baby before, this is the most important event in the history of the world. People feel compelled to tell you their horror stories about toddlers locking the baby in the cupboard.
You start reading your parenting magazines and online forums for advice about siblings and making the transition easy on your toddler.
You leave the scented candles at home, and instead pack your laptop because you plan to Facebook your entire hospital stay. You look at your older children with fresh eyes, and realize how painful it is to be away from them. Whether you prefer a classic look, pretty pastels, a mix of trendy and traditional or beyond, the 2016 nursery trends have something for everyone.
From nursery furniture, to baby bedding, to gliders, parents will have no problem finding everything they need for baby in this classic hue. Look for even more natural and organic bedding options this year, in addition to comfortable, breathable crib mattresses made with cotton, organic cotton or rayon from bamboo fabric covers to give your little one natural softness at night. A white crib creates a clean, blank canvas to design baby’s nursery around, regardless of the theme. Ranging from soft florals, to owls, to modern nature designs, there is something for every nursery. In recent years, anchors, whales and shades of blue have been popular in decorating baby’s room. Mix and match fun graphic-print skirts and crib sheets to create a nursery that’s unique and special for baby.
I plan out our dinners, but most are just grilling or roasting, and that is easy enough to do the night of. Even though we made it to the store after he was born, neither of us had any energy to cook beyond turning on the oven or microwave. I am always a step ahead of myself, so I find that when I am not in prep although I still track everything I eat, I tend to eat on the fly.
I do cook Monday-Friday and have some plan I my head when I shop and usually base it on sales. I need to remember that meal prep can just be cutting up fruit and veggies and cooking brown rice and some chicken to have during the week.
You spend hours researching SIDS and developmental milestones, you buy all the latest safety gear, harnesses, slings, and bouncers. They won’t watch TV until they are eight, and only then educational, G-rated programs. You don’t even realize you are pregnant until you figure out the reason you have gained 20 pounds in four weeks is not solely due to all the playgroup morning teas.
When you start considering Wednesday Apple, you realize you are seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel. You take all the harnesses, slings, and bouncers from your first baby, which are still in the box, and trade them for a wine fridge. You will look at your husband and be grateful for three precious gifts he has given you, and forgive him for (almost) everything else.

When she isn't doing the school-run or making vegemite sandwiches, you can probably find her writing at the kitchen table. For parents looking to freshen up their little one’s current decor or those eagerly awaiting a new arrival, here are some of our favorite trends for decorating baby’s nursery in 2016. Plus, convertible furniture in this classic shade can easily transition into the toddler years. The nautical theme continues into the new year and can easily incorporate trendy, popular colors such as aqua and gray. Plus, look for fun geometric triangle and circle wall decals to extend the theme to the room’s walls. We also just got a chest freezer, so we’re having fun filling that with soup, homemade pizza crust, etc.
All your posts make me miss Trader Joes so much though as i’m living in London and they don’t have the chain here!
You put special plugs in all the empty power sockets, and put all the poisons and medicines in a high locked cupboard accessible only with a six-digit combination and certain phases of the moon. They will never own a computer game, never use a mobile phone, never get any piercings, and you will not allow a single piece of commercially branded rubbish (like Dora or Disney) enter your house.
You throw out some broken toys, re-wash the crib sheets, buy some new wall stickers and a box of newborn diapers. You look like the living dead and have learned to nap with your eyes open when you are meant to be watching ballet lessons or swimming lessons.
You don’t even bother trying to abstain from alcohol but it tastes like crap and instead drink a half gallon of chocolate milk every day.
Old women get huffy with you at Target when you are pushing around a cart with a screaming toddler, a pre-schooler, three bunches of bananas, and four tubs of ice cream. You force your toddler out of the cot, take away their pacis and try and toilet train them in a weekend.When that backfires, you buy another crib, another change table and some locks for the doors. Will save me so much money and time, vs at 7pm rushing to the shops to get something for the next day and buying unnecessary things. You take a box of pregnancy vitamins the day you find out you are pregnant and forget about it for the rest of the pregnancy.
People feel compelled to tell you their horror stories about middle children who wind up being axe murderers. You have bought shares in Dora and Disney and are the only reason you can afford the third child. You will have even more of those special experiences, even more of those breathtaking moments. You love the nausea and vomiting because it means you get five minutes to yourself in the bathroom. You look at all the harnesses, slings, and bouncers from your first baby, most of which are still in the box, and consider using them this time. You eat your toddlers leftovers, try to abstain from alcohol, and remember to take your vitamins sometime in the middle trimester. Your toddler has taken all the special plugs out of the empty power sockets and is still alive, so you don’t replace them.
The medicines are next to the wine and spirits above the fridge, easily accessible for only those over five feet. You have baby showers and play games where someone smushes a Ferrero Rocher into a nappy and pretends it’s a baby poo.

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