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Devices with teeth of varying width and closeness that are used to detangle and style the hair. Comb with long, widely spaced teeth used for detangling and tidying tightly curled hair without undoing the curls. Comb with large, widely spaced teeth for detangling the hair on one side and small, closely spaced teeth used to arrange the hair on the other side. Comb whose head has teeth of three different lengths; it is used to brush up the hair to give it more body.
3D Hologram and the Future of Technology and EntertainmentYou are using an outdated browser.
The first video made by the duo featured the space investigation carried out by NASA Voyager 1.
The voyager featured in the video wasn’t real, it was a holographic image of the original voyager. The holographic baby is the same child.The artists were inspired by a piece called ‘Help me Obi’ from the legendary Star Wars.

The two artists worked on the project for almost seven years and the objects, projected by them can have the length of up to 12-inches. What I like most about this new and exotic technology hailing from 3D is it gathers together a number of futuristic and technologically superior trends into a compact form that could be mind-numbing at times.3D holography hasn’t yet grown up, in fact it is still far from growing up.
But my hunch is within ten or fifteen years from now, we are going to see some real improvements. The machine has been identified as the first of its kind and it can generate a powerful and highly realistic 3D video. For example, when the technology reconstructs 3D images, it captures the parallax.There’s another technology, which is called touchable hologram.
The machine debuted at the Edinburgh Art Festival and it showcases top quality 3D holographic effects. It runs a software that relies on ultrasonic waves, and the user who is touching the projected hologram, feels a pressure on his hand.Holographic TV is perhaps going to be the biggest of surprises.
Researchers at MIT are anticipating holographic TV could enter our drawing room in just ten years down the line.

The technology is in its nascent stage currently but it has plenty of rooms to prosper in the future. Using this technology, light could be viewed without it having to bounce off a surface.Entertainment and usabilityWhen identifying a technology that is really helpful, one needs to apprehend the fine-line difference between theatrics and usefulness. Some are only showpiece stuff while other 3D tools and solutions are renowned for their application.3D holographic DJ performances could entertain audiences. For example, a company executive could conduct a brainstorming session simply by staying at his home and everyone could see his holographic image at office.Since dynamic, 3D developments are taking place as you read this article. Those tools offer a unique solution, which can be applied to render high-quality digital art as well as practical solutions.
It could revolutionize certain industries like space research, medical research, real estate, architecture, non-photorealism and even entertainment.

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