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The latest CoroCoro scans are in, and it reveals three new Mega Pokemon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
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At the beginning of the game, the player is with their mother, Melissa, and father, Chris, heading down the Maidstone pathway to see the new Champion, who's role was pasted down from their own mother. Lydia refuses to do so, and the player's father goes up to help the champion, also revealing a mega bracelet. Your mom asks you to answer the door, two teenagers are standing outside (if you chose a male trainer, Destiny.
After defeating your rival, everyone sets out to catch new Pokemon and train up to battle the Normal-type gym leader. After defeating the Normal-type gym, Simon gives you the royalty badge along with TM54 - Fake Out. After the battle, you and Sofia head to the nearby Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon from the battle. When Abby is done talking, the player walks back up to the counter and claims their Pokemon, and the group of four get together to talk about what they should do next.
Once you have defeated the second gym, the gym leader, Hotaru, gives you the Swarm Badge, along with TM47 - Quiver Dance. Afterwards, you are allowed to shop in the mall and buy whatever is available to your heart's content. Once you beat the Sakari Gym, Kiyomi will give you a Contest Pass so that you can enter the Poemon Contest Extravaganza. The flight animation has changed with a new feature similar to the Eon Ticket in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This is the first Pokemon game that has voice acting, but they are just small clips when something noticeable happens.
Pokemon Amie makes yet another return, with new animations, new mini-games, new pokepuffs, and even a feature where you can change the form of your pokemon!
There is also an option to put certain outfits on your pokemon, including hats, clothes, and much more.
Secret Bases return from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, now with more possibilities than the past games.
Trainer customization makes a return from Pokemon X and Y, as they did not reappear in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, much to everyone's surprise.
There are a few new trainer classes: Fishergirl, Nerd, Daycare Couple (male and female Pokemon Breeders), and Shiny hunter.
A total of 13 new Pokemon (Will be updated) were introduced in Dusk and Dawn, bringing the total from 721 to ???.
With it's ability to walk on water, Aquasai likes to frolic across ponds in their free time. Chibilo’s small body makes it easier to dodge moves, and also reached into unthinkable places.
The user performs a powerful ancient dance while focusing it's mind, drastically raising its Attack.
Changes Weather Ball to a Grass-type move and doubles it's power, and changes Castform to it's Symbiosis form. Meteor shower cause the moves Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail, Nature Contact, and Sandstorm to fail and cause the abilities Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream, Forest Call, and Snow Warning to fail to activate.
Shooting stars cause the moves Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail, Nature Contact, and Sandstorm to fail and cause the abilities Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream, Forest Call, and Snow Warning to fail to activate. On July 10, 2016, CoroCoro leaked the first stages of the three starters Levoni, Flamatos, and Aquasai, along with the two legendaries Kurayami and Hikarious.
On August 5, 2016, CoroCoro leaked many more things about the game, and even some stuff that wasn't supposed to be announced yet. On September 10, 2016, CoroCoro revealed Mega Delcatty, Raichu, and Lilligant, the return of Pokemon Contest (which is remade as the Pokemon Contest Extravaganza!), the return of Pokemon Amie along with it's new features, and the removal of the old flying animation. When facing the Elite Four member Madeline, there is a ghost girl that appears for about 3 or 4 frames, standing behind you when the camera angle changes. This is the second game where the player has both a father and mother, the first being Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Versions.
This is the first game to introduce 3 new eeveelutions, those being Akareon, Chromeon, and Spookeon. Be sure to let me know down below, and stay tuned with Junkie Monkeys for more Pokemon news!
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They were both released worldwide on April 7, 2017 (Excluding Europe, which was a week later), and available for both retail and download sale.
You and your friends go on an adventure like no other, meeting new pokemon and learning about the mysteries of mega evolution and primal evolution.
Dozens of people and Pokemon are gathered around, looking out for the champion until a little boy points out a float in the distance. A girl about the same size as the player named Maria tries to convince the player to go help defeat the bad guys, and you have the option to say yes or no.

An absol pup walks into their room, tugging on the bed sheets and trying to get the player out of bed. Sofia volunteers to show the player how to catch a Pokemon, demonstrating with a wild Chibilo. Duncan suggest that they should go meet the professor at her lab, and everyone agrees that they should talk to her. She entrusts the four Pokemon trainers to help save the region from the evil of the team and stop them from the "mysterious power source" that they want to claim to take over.
There, the player is challenged by various Hex Maniacs and Bug Catchers throughout the route. Sofia congratulates the player on earning their second gym badge, then challenges them to a battle. This city has a huge mall in the center, with tons of people walking around with their Pokemon, shopping and having a good time. They wonder if they'll ever be able to mega evolve their Pokemom, but tell the player that they must continue on their journey if they want to find out.
She refers to you as a rival, but tries to take it back and hopes to see you in the contest. There are over 100 Secret Base locations in the Sutek Region, and requires you to use Secret Power to discover them. When a Pokemon is blinded, there is a higher chance of their attacks missing, but instead says, "The Pokemon is blinded! To make up for it, tons of new hairstyles, clothes, and even Pokemon cosplays have been introduced. A legend ball, which makes catching legendaries easier, a weather ball, which makes a Pokemon easier to catch if you are in any kind of weather condition, a starter ball, which makes catching starter pokemon in the wild easier, and finally a shiny ball, which makes catching shiny pokemon easier. Fishergirls are mostly like fishermen, Nerds usually have Pokemon that compete best in the Smart category of the Super Contest Spectacular, the Daycare Couple usually have pairs of the same Pokemon that have egg moves, and shiny hunters always have shiny Pokemon.
Mega Evolution is a unique way to evolve certain Pokemon in battle, changing their stats by 100. The champion lived in this village as a little girl, and her home is now owned by someone else. With its metal shingle rooftops, murky wooden walls and whistling wind, Moriyo has a calm and natural atmosphere.
Forest Frenzy will last 5 turns if created with using the move Nature Contact, or if a Pokemon with the ability Forest Call enters battle. When a Pokemon with Celestial Skies enters battle, the ability creates a meteor shower, a unique weather condition.
They also raise the power of all Dragon, Steel, and Psyshic-type moves used by the Pokemon with Celestial Skies by 50%. When a Pokemon with Stellar Heavens enters battle, the ability creates a rain of shooting stars, a unique weather condition.
They also raise the defense and special defense stats of the Pokemon with Stellar Heavens by 50%.
Starting off, it showed the map of the entire new region named Sutek, which had detailed grasslands, mountains, skies, and oceans.
The ghost girl's character model appears as a Fairy Tale Girl, but with black hair, black clothing, and empty eyes. When talking to her, she mentions that her pichu fainted and never woke up, so her parents took it here. This great tasting tropical pineapple flavoured Spirulina gives a natural boost of energy that keeps you feeling great all day! Both copies of the game are playable in these languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Korean, and Thai. The crowd starts to cheer as the Champion Lydia arrives, along side a lilligant, which had a mega stone necklace.
Abby tells the player to sit next to her, and she talks about the things she wants to do on her adventure, like catch a shiny Pokemon and mega evolve it.
The player is surprised to see the champion outside of the Pokemon League, and Lydia simply says that she needs a break from all of the attention. To the right of the mall and down the street is a beach where lots of swimmers and fishers are hanging out, and on the other side of the street are a punch of complex apartments. The player steps in and protects the girl, and in return she helps them in a 2v2 multi battle. With that, the player can now explore more of Shinju City by going down the street to the right of the mall, where you can challenge several swimmers and fishers, and even encounter Pokemon if you run through the sand. There is also a preschool nearby, so many preschoolers are standing around and challenge you to battles. After leaving the gym, the player continues onto the next route, which is Route 6, and has a desert-like climate. Light types are strong against fairy, dark, and ghost types, resisted by grass, steel, and rock types. The arena is shaped like a diamond, and that's wear each player is, unlike being side-by-side in past battle formats.
The elite 4 members are Elliot (Electric), Yale (Flying), Sakura (Grass), and Madeline (Ghost). The first Pokemon to be revealed were Levoni, Flamatos, Aquasai, Hikarious, Kurayami, and Akareon on July 10, 2016. The effect wears off once the battle is over, and you can only mega evolve a Pokemon once per battle. Last but not least, Celestial Skies allows all Psychic-type moves to hit Dark-type Pokemon. Last but not least, all moves that are super-effective against Light-type Pokemon only deal normal damage to Light-types. It also revealed the season and year the games would be released, which was Spring of 2017. We even built our own home gym out in the garage for doing our CrossFit together.Does that mean we do not eat sweets?
At the same time, both Lydia's lilligant and the player's dad's slowking both react to their mega stones. Chris stands up and walks towards the door, telling everybody he's off to work at the Psychic Gym.

You guys leave the community and go to Maidstone Town, meeting up with two other friends, who introduce themselves as Duncan and Abby. Again, you battle a few trainers, and at the end of the route is a gate which leads you to Koyako City (which is always snowing). They player has the choice to ask Abby to explain mega evolution, and then Nurse Joy's assistant, Hope, brings over pokepuffs for the player to use in Pokemon Amie in the future. But when she gets there, Professor Lilac herself was about to walk in, and the two of them crashed into each other and fall onto the ground. On the right are a bunch of concession stands, but don't seem to be doing a lot of business.
In the multi battle, the girl surprisingly has a wigglytuff with it's mega stone, mega evolving it in battle and shocking the grunts.
After getting past everything, you are about to enter the next city until a Houndoom runs up to you, baring it's teeth. All Pokemon you encounter here are either ground or rock-types, and there is also quick sand which will make you walk slower. They are also weak to dark and psychic, and resist bug, fairy, ice, and immune to fighting. Finally, pictures of the default male and female characters Cole and Destiny were revealed.
They give you a Pokedex, a potion, a few pokeballs, and a choice of one out of the three starters.
Everyone sitting at the tables stands up, and the professor helps up Sofia then introduces herself. Inside, you see many different type of evolutionary stones hanging on the walls and sitting on counter tops, and everyone walks to the front of the store.
The player tells Lydia that they were the one that took them down, along with their two friends.
You walk inside the mall, and come across a lady in beautiful blue and gold clothing, a Kirlia by her side.
Before it can lunge onto you, a Wigglytuff quickly jumps in front of you and counters the hit.
The girl has long, black hair, and a worn out cape that was said to be given to her by a very tall man.
And by baking, I really mean eating sweets.I actually think my sweet tooth has gotten bigger over the years. Sofia goes shopping at the Chesai Boutique, while Abby and Duncan go to the Pokemon Center. The choices are Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, along with their respected mega stones (Chesnaughtite for Chespin, Delphoxite for Fennekin, and Greninjite for Froakie). She orders you to move out of her way, and you respect her and move, where Abby runs up to you breathing heavily. There is a berry garden, where one of each type of berry is already planted and available for the player to have.
So far, only light type attacks get the chance of this status effect happening, and there is no status move that inflicts blindness. This is not a good thing when summer months are rapidly approaching, and I want to be able to wear shorts in public very soon. Then, at the last minute, the player's dad send out a ferroseed and commands it to use explode. As you walk a few feet forward, the player bumps into a man that looks like a king, who is no other than the Normal-type gym leader, Simon. Just as Sofia was about to question further, a group of people in suits burst into the store, demanding every single stone in the shop. She closes her eyes for a few seconds as if she thinking about something, gives the player her best regards, and walks away.
She questions if you knew who that was, but tells you anyway that she was Kiyomi, the daughter of the owner of the Pokemon Grand Hall, and main chick in the Pokemon Contest Spectacular.
You may also replant berries there, and get the Clawitzayer from the Berry Master to water the berries. The effects of blind is sort of like paralysis, except for this status effect can wear off.
Unable the help her friend, the player attempts runs off as ferroseed explodes, and the screen goes white. She asks the player about where they're heading next, and you have the choice to say either the Sakari Gym, the Pokemon Center, or you don't know yet.
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