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Bryan Stevenson's book, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, premiered at number ten on the list of New York Times Best Sellers in Hardcover Nonfiction. We are thrilled that the book has reached the national bestseller list because a wider audience will now read Just Mercy and learn about EJI's work challenging poverty and racial injustice, advocating for equal treatment in the criminal justice system, and creating hope for marginalized communities.
Events since the book's release on October 21 have been standing-room-only, and books are selling out at signings in Washington, Boston, and New York. MICHELLE ALEXANDER, author of The New Jim Crow, said, "Bryan Stevenson is one of my personal heroes, perhaps the most inspiring and influential crusader for justice alive today, and Just Mercy is extraordinary. ISABEL WILKERSON, author of The Warmth of Other Suns, said, "From the frontlines of social justice comes one of the most urgent voices of our era.
Books are ranked by The New York Times on weekly or monthly sales data and Bing’s carousel will update as it lists change. There has been much focus the past 6-months on the meaning of a New York Times bestseller and how rampant cheating is in the industry since a compelling article in Forbes last April on how to buy your way onto the New York Times bestseller lists.
So my advice to anyone who’s contemplating the “buy your credentials” approach to stop and think of the damage you can do to yourself.
Just like in any sport, playing in the major leagues is attainable, but there’s a predictable path you need to move along, the same is true for writers. So a lot of what I teach in my on-line programs, is showing you how to be an exquisite player, so that it’s a no-brainier for the big mainstream publisher to pick you up. Lately I see New York Times Best Selling Author next to a whole lot of author’s names on book titles, marketing emails, blog tours, and websites.
When it comes to seeing New York Times Best Selling Author on a book cover: I have to admit it means nothing to me as a reader. My third thought: What exactly do publishers and authors think it means to me as a reader vs What exactly should this mean to me as a reader? I have never, NOT ONCE, picked up a book because of how many books an author has sold (which best I can tell is exactly what that list is about).
About Latest Posts Follow MeFelicia SBlogger at Geeky Bloggers Book BlogFelicia is just your average gal from Texas that loves Audiobooks and Libraries with a passion! I rarely base whether I’m going to read a book on whether it or the author is on the best seller list. Before digital publishing, before Amazon, the New York Times bestseller list was one of the best barometers for the popularity of a book. Now that we have reader reviews available on sites like Amazon and Goodreads, along with those provided by book bloggers, reliance on those lists, at least for me, has lessened considerably. It means nothing to me, I never go by any of that stuff when it comes to choosing a book to read.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. About MeI am just your average gal from Texas that loves Audiobooks and Libraries with a passion!
The New York Times has more categories and subcategories for its bestseller lists than we can count. Bryan Stevenson is a real-life, modern-day Atticus Finch who, through his work in redeeming innocent people condemned to death, has sought to redeem the country itself.
Searching for books in categories including fiction, non-fiction and manga, will now reveal the appropriate New York Times best-sellers.
It’s a question I often get asked by my students in my “How to Become a Bestselling Author” course. Teresa teaches how to grow your profit or personal success by getting authentic and intentional about how you connect with people. How I Got To "The Happiest Place On Earth" #BUZZorBUST : How to Get People Talking About Your Brand!
I always assume if a book has mostly 5 star reviews they were written by friends, family, and street team members. I think it opens doors for them to have their books in more places (Walmart, grocery stores, airports, etc.), but it does not effect my buying of books. As it is, it is on so many titles and next to so many author\’s names that it lacks the appeal of exclusivity that it is supposed to elicit. I think it means more for the author in terms of getting contracts than it does to most readers. Just like the best singer might not win American Idol, I don’t really focus on which books have won awards as this is such a subjective industry.
For me, reading is such a subjective thing that I really don’t look at what awards or titles a book or author has been given. When I see that an author has reached the bestseller list status, it tells me they’ve sold a lot of books.
We thought it would end up in the self help and miscellaneous section because that’s where the movie companions usually go, but it looks like the New York Times had other ideas. I get that until the age of 21 people are considered children, go figure, but please this just goes along with the stereotype that the saga is for tweens when it is definitely not. I could randomly go look up 100 books on Google and authors I have never heard of have the distinction of being New York Times Best Sellers*. If it is a new to me author, then I want to see a solid number of 3 and 4 star reviews** OR I want to hear a number of friends tell me it is a can’t miss author.

Her eclectic reading tastes include: Cozy Mysteries, Thrillers, Swoon-Worthy Romance of all kinds, Zombies, Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and the occasional YA read. A reader may not pick up a book just because it’s on a best seller list, but how often do they take a chance on an unknown?
I don’t really think as a reader, with different moods and tastes a book, the best sellers list would make me want to read it more or less.
Although I guess there are probably some (snobby?) readers who only read authors on NYT list. I also suspect that that sort of thing is fudged sometimes especially when they just say “Best Selling Author!” instead of specifying what list ya know? However, because there are so many ways to game the system, I know I need to do more research (checking out reviews). My eclectic reading tastes include: Cozy Mysteries, Thrillers, Swoon-Worthy Romance of all kinds, Zombies, Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and the occasional YA read. Cue three J.K Rowling novels locking up the one, two, and three portions for over two years and they then subdivided their list and recently subdivided more. The Twilight novels themselves usually appear in the Children’s Series section where books by the same author on the same topic go after they hit the third book in a story line. Almost every tour invite, review request, or marketing email I have gotten has something about being on some list. Of course, I don’t care if an author is a best seller or not I just love to read and read whatever catches my attention.
That being said, if I do love a book, I might see what awards it has won or if the author has won any other writing awards, but with physical books becoming New York Times Bestsellers and ebooks becoming New York Times Bestsellers, not to mention the fact that there are SO MANY titles and awards and whatnot these days, I think it all comes down to whether or not I enjoy the book. But even if only a handful of authors made the list, I still wouldn’t be more likely to read their books. It could also mean that you have other people writing for you (like James Patterson) OR you write to a specific formula to churn out the books.
There are just so many factors that it should just come down to a person reading what they want, regardless of outside factors.

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