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Guys we are resetting very soon (within the next month) and becoming a PvP faction war server. Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL. Our server provides many things towards the player we have dedicated staff that will help you with almost everything. Plain old Survival has gotten very boring for us, and we all thought its time to try something new. You are not a Owner of the server or anything close to it so please stop trying to run it like you are.
90% probably wont regret it, Griefing is NOT allowed, PvP is NOT allowed, owner is David, Co-Owner is SonicSlayer. Please tell me your Minecraft username and your planet minecraft username so I can contact you.
We are planning on this new server (but not new IP) to be a lot better than the old one (which was our first server).

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. If PvP doesn't appeal to you, we will have a large survival section, where you can build and mine in peace. As for the new world, we are going to wait until 1.9 or later, so we can take advantage of all the new map features, such as NPC villages, ravines, strongholds with portals, and any new things that are yet to be announced.
We all feel that this new server will be better than the last, so please, don't leave, just give us some time. Most important rule; Have fun!Staff members are always wearing chain armour, so if you need any help you can always ask it to a staff-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video's:Video links will be added when we have some, at the moment there are none!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for viewing the page and will mabye see you ingame!
If you are in the build space, you will be able to use the Izone plugin to protect your builds. If you are in the build area and you stray into the PvP area, you are subject to PvP, and the admins will not give you any things lost. If we find any Izone protections in the PvP area that we did not place, it will be taken away.

If you are in PvP, and you stray into the build area, do NOT claim land in your factions name. If we find any land in the build area that is protected by factions, we will erase that faction, so don't do it. If you want to come on before the new changes, we will be testing out new plugins, and blowing up the old map. So if you want to be a part of this, please feel free to join, and if one of the admins is on, they will give you creative mode.

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