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Congratulations to the U12 Regina Dynamite team for winning the Silver medal on February 12th at the Ed Horvath tournament in Medicine Hat. Congratulations to the Regina Cyclones team for winning the gold medal at the Manitoba Voyageur Ringette U14A Tournament. The Regina Airport was a buzz last night as the Regina Stingers U16AA ringette team returned home from Richmond,BC where they participated in the Pacific Ring AA ringette tournament.
Congratulations to the Cyclones team for winning the U14A Gold Medal at the Medicine Hat Tournament. Congratulations to the Cyclones team for winning the U14A Gold Medal at the Jim Benning Tournament. Congratulations to the Cyclones team for winning the silver medal at the Lacombe U14A Tournament.
The team staff would like to congratulate the U14 Regina Kaos team for their Gold medal win on November 5th at the Midway tournament, in Davidson. The girls won 5 games in a row to make it to the gold medal game where they lost to a very strong team from Cochrane. In the gold medal game the Dakota Chaos team took an early lead but the Cyclones came back strong to win the game. The girls fought hard against two teams from BC, one from Edmonton and one from Central Alberta in the round robin.
We had several of our players and coaches sick with the flu including our goalie for one game where one of our centers volunteered to play goal. They were also League Champions, Provincial Champions, and silver medalist at the Western Ringette Championships. We also went to Provincials this season in Saskatoon as well as Regina Ringette and Buffalo Plains Ringette City finals. The coaches and parents are extremely proud of the girls accomplishment and their hard work. Both teams displayed sportsmanship on and off the ice and we were very pleased that both teams wanted to have a group picture taken. The secured first place in the round robin with 3 wins and 1 tie sending them off with a bye to Sundays gold medal game. We had some bus problems, injuries and sickness at this tournament and one of our players played in a cast from a broken thumb. The girls stayed focused and fought hard to earn the 4-3 final victory over the Edmonton Elite.
On Saturday night the girls tricked Sharon into coming into the pool area where the players promptly tossed her into the pool.
In the gold medal final game the Cyclones players followed the game plan in a very disciplined manner throughout the whole game.

In total Kaos came away with 5 gold medals, 1 bronze medal, a Provincial Gold and a City finals Gold.
We believe in teaching team scoring to our players and at this tournament thirteen of our fifteen skaters scored goals and all fifteen skaters had assists. Larry our head coach was given a water bottle soaking in the dressing room by the players after the final game.
It was one of the rare game situations where every player on the team stepped up and gave everything they had for their team. We would like to thank our team parents for their support, their friendship and for all the fun and enthusiasm they brought to this team over this awesome season. We want to thank the Cyclones team parents for their willingness to allow us to provide an extensive practice ice, dry-land and tournament schedule for our players. It was a very enjoyable weekend for all the parents, players and coaches of the Cyclones team.
We are very proud to be the coaches of this hardworking, caring and respectful group of young ladies. The players demonstrated a strong team spirit and great sportsmanship throughout the season.
We also want to thank our team parents for their support, their friendship and for all the fun and enthusiasm they bring to our team.
We want to thank Todd Rooney for doing the stats, Charlene McNeill for doing the name tags for the motel doors, Scott Fedec for timekeeping and to all the other parents that helped the team over the weekend in some way. We are looking forward to attending the Medicine Hat Tournament and spending another awesome weekend with the players and parents of the Cyclones team. We want to compliment our players on their strong work ethic, their willingness to follow instructions and for the respectful and caring way they treat each other and their coaches. We enjoyed the many conversations we had in the hospitality room with our team parents and we especially enjoyed spending another weekend with our fun loving and hardworking players. The Cyclones players are a pleasure to coach because of their positive attitudes and their willingness to follow a game plan in a consistent disciplined manner.
I would also like to congratulate the BP Black Phantoms in their stellar performances in both the Provincial and City finals. We want to thank our team parents for their support, their friendship and the great conversations we had in the hospitality room. Both teams Kaos and BP Black Phantoms have shown outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season, thank you to Both teams.

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