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Restoring the Meaning of Education wants to: inform people about what's going on, generate a discussion, and improve the system.
Yesterday, I was inspired by a great post by Chris Wilson on How to Survive the Teacher Apocalypse.
So there was a slow growth in access, knowledge and tools, but still there was a general scarcity for most, and hence knowledge and access to knowledge were valuable.
The latin root of all of these cognates is DUX, and actually brings us even the english word Duke. More than ever before, real teachers who allow discovery in a classroom, or in an online dialogue are those that are now valuable than ever before.
To be able to analyse a system (even one that looks great) and see a potential improvement or change that produces a different result is INCREDIBLY valuable.

I see lots of activities that set out to develop critical thinking but less that focus on problem solving. Knowledge is infinite, and yet somehow it’s all being graphed out digitally these days. 2) Because anytime something like knowledge becomes commonplace then the motivation to move beyond it (or reach towards it) drops and the individuals that keep that movement going forward (because they see its value) are less common (hence more valuable). From my experience books without a teacher is fine, but for something like language it’s always useful to have a teacher to back up perceptions or assumptions about the second language. I must disagree with the imposed logic that due to easier access, knowledge, or education is in decline.
Restoring the Meaning of Education is a nonprofit organization that is relentlessly and continuously improving the school system, interviewing process, and workforce across the globe.

The original meaning was “to lead” “to draw out”, “to conduct”, and hence the educe in education. Receiving knowledge firsthand from someone who lives it makes it priceless, recorded pieces of knowledge are great, but as in the ancient times, a person usually needed an experienced teacher to get the full benefit of the text. Though there is a lot of information out there, it’s hard for many students themselves to progress on their own without a teacher, especially when running into problems which may be solved with the student earnestly studying and coming to a grammatical epiphany on their own. Critical thinking can be that skill of decrement over the value of certain types or sources of information but it also involves problem solving.

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