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If you're suffering aches and pains from work, feeling the effects of sport or physical activity or just stressed with modern living - then the chances are massage can help. At physis, we realise that our business is about making you feel better - putting a smile back on your face. All the massage therapists at physis are fully trained, qualified and registered with the appropriate professional bodies. Remedial Massage uses advanced soft tissue techniques which are specifically aimed at helping localised tissue pathology e.g. Sports Massage  is aimed at the preparation or recovery of the soft tissues from sporting or intense physical activity by promoting blood flow, relaxation and tissue mobility.
Swedish Massage is a classical massage using a variety of gentle techniques designed to create a relaxation response aimed at reducing tension, stress or tissue discomfort.
In order to help our clients achieve their goals from massage therapy we need to find out a few things before we can start.
If you have never had a massage therapy session before or have never had one with us before, we will take time to ensure we apply the appropriate depth and techniques best suited to your requirements. After a session some clients feel the warm buzz of an ‘endorphin response’ to the therapy and so we encourage clients to drink plenty of water to re-hydrate their tissues. Clients may be asked to undress privately and then the massage therapist will drape the client to ensure suitable blend between privacy and access to the relevant tissues for your session.
Some clients come to see us with one off specific aims for therapy which can be achieved in a single session. Reflexology is a very precise form of massage used on certain a€? reflexa€? points of the feet and hands. When you become stressed these reflexes points become sensitive and sore to touch, as toxins build up. When a client comes for help with a specific condition, treating twice a week is perhaps the ideal. After the initial consultation time, treatment length varies from between 45 minutes to an hour, but depending on individual needs of the client. We treat patients ranging from elite athletes with sports injuries to office workers with postural issues at our clinic on Canning Street in Edinburgh. Our Sports Massage is an effective method of relieving muscular stress built-up from Sport or even just daily working life, making it non-specific to athletes. Our Edinburgh based Deep Tissue Massage is great for relieving tension and stress from daily working life or poor posture. Our Sports Injury and Kinesio taping is incorporated into the clinic at all times when necessary although it is free of charge when used in a Sports Therapy session. We provide electrotherapy when and where necessary as part of our injury rehabilitation service. At the clinic offer a picture progress service free of charge and also use a unique postural analysis making posture more understandable for patients.
A friendly discussion about what is bothering you and what you want to get out of your visit to our clinic. We will take you through a holistically intelligent assessment with a whole-body approach - 100% tailored to getting you more than better. With our pain-relieving methods, hands-on skills and rehabilitation - you will recieve out-and-out expert care every step of the way.

The best bit, see lasting results through treatment, rehabilitation and re-assessments, simple. Very Knowledgable, I was very impressed, Murray defiantly know what he's talking about and offers a great service with fantastic advice and help. Went to visit Murray with shoulder pain, Unable to have much movement in my left arm I was feeling a bit down. Please note that we are currently fully booked and are therefore unable to accept new clients at present. At physis, we have a team of massage practitioners offering a wide range of different treatments - all to help get your life back on track.
Regardless of your activity level - whether you are a slouch potato, a busy home or office worker, or an international athlete - we have a massage treatment suitable for you.
But what makes our service different is the delivery of a wide range of different types of massage aimed at addresing each clients individual problems. Although a sports massage is generally associated with those who participate in sport or those who have suffered inury as a result of participating in sport, this is not always the case. This massage is based on the scientific western medicine concepts of anatmoy and physiology as opposed to energy based philosophies used by alternative therapists. These include a brief medical history and if you have a specific problem some questions about any signs and symptoms you have experienced. This is a true ‘hands on skill’ as many patients react differently to subtle differences in the application of the techniques. Most clients will feel a great sense of relaxation and restoration of normal tissue movement, but occasionally some will feel soreness and tenderness within the first 24 hours.
The areas required to be massaged will be highlighted by your therapist before the session starts to gain your full approval and consent. However for those with more problematic issues the therapist will discuss a suitable ongoing therapy plan to achieve your goals. Reflexology is used to maintain good health and it is a very pleasant way of helping the body to relax.
However, this is not always possible so treating once a week at least is recommended as general rule. Our treatment approach is friendly, effective and adaptable to each and every person who visits our clinic. A typical session includes an in-depth assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation as well as any corrective exercises. Like all our treatments it includes an assessment but is a little less specific and more massage orientated to appeal to those who love massage.
This helps us support joints, improve posture and by reducing pain, lets us really accelerate our patients recovery. This form of therapy can help relieve pain, re-gain strength and function as well as reduce swelling. As a keen cyclist who was experiencing an injury preventing me from carrying out my hobby Murray helped me so much with my injury and recovery and would not hesitate recommending his clinic to others.
He did a thorough assessment which was very knowledgeable and informative, and he also showed me some exercises that I could practice at home, which I found very helpful and effective. It hasn't been easy but over a few months Murray has got me pain-free and my posture looks way better, I can't thank him highly enough.

After a good massage and some exercises and also very kindly strapped up my shoulder, it already feels ten times better than it was before I arrived. The massage team work closely with the physiotherapists and podiatrists to provide a package of care. These soft tissue techniques are often important in the management of clients with stress related muscular pain, muscle imbalances, postural aches, soft tissue pains. For example anyone who regularly participates in intense repetitive physical activity can be helped by sports massage, such as dancers, musicians or gym fanatics!
In the early 20th century physiotherapy developed from practitioners who based their therapy on massage and exercise.
We may take you through some gentle stretching techniques in the session or encourage you to perform these simple exercises at home.
If this occurs then it should settle slowly and the benefits you feel will come after that period.
Part of your initial assessment will be required to record relevant medical information and to discuss the goals of the massage therapy. It is possible to treat different areas of the body by working specific reflex points of the feet.
During a reflexology session most people tend to fall asleep and awake refreshed with a wonderful sense of well-being and inner harmony. The therapist will begin by assessing your feet for open wounds, rashes, sores, scars, swelling, infectious skin conditions. This combination makes every session geared towards getting you feeling and moving better than ever.
Murray is very committed to his profession while at the same time providing a friendly environment. If required the therapist may perform some basic movement analysis to help direct the therapy session. During a reflexology treatment all the reflexes in both feet will be massage therefore treating the whole body. Through regular reflexology treatments the blockages will be released which helps to bring your body back into balance and harmony, enabling us to maintain a sens of well-being and healthy body.
Many of reactions are positive signs like increase of energy, enhanced sleep, relief from pain or more mobile joints. This soothing and healing massage is expertly performed using thumbs and finger techniques. In essence healing involves creating more positive energy in the body and  the person as a whole. Use of these techniques is by applying pressure to different a€?reflexa€™ points of your feet and hands, and move carefully over every millimeter of skin in smoothly flowing forward movement.
The place of reflexology is to help create the conditions which generate such positive energy.

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