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The question of which part of the body stronger excites the minds of men, the answer is unequivocal: the female breast. Item Not Found - 148802669 Note : The seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. It is difficult to find a representative of a strong half of mankind who would not agree with this statement!  Do you want to know more about such a piquant part of the female body?
Women involved in sports, based on the «shock technique», be sure to wear protective gear, the kit which included protector for the breast. If doll reproduced in full size, taking into account all its proportions, its growth would have amounted to 167 cm, weight is about 50 kg, while a bust – the whole 97,5 centimeters that corresponds to the 4-th size. Moreover, they concluded that men, daily behold female bust for a minute, prolong their lives to five years.

But in most cases, the difference is so insignificant, that such differences can be found only after holding a very accurate measurements. But in the world there are many countries and peoples, for whom the bare female bust is normal and does not prohibited. In every corner of the globe has its own frame and rules, which often depend on the place and context. For example, many Western culture encourage nudity female Breasts on the beach, and here in the centre of the city is already considered to be indecent.
There are cases when a woman prohibit Stripping directly nipples, allowing to bare the rest of the breast. Lolo Ferrari, French singer and model who died in 2000, before his death got into the Guinness book of records as the mistress of the heaviest in the world bust: the weight of each of her Breasts was 2,8 kg.

In the story, 22 heroine aged 11 to 84 years discussed the female breast, from a medical point of view, and humorous. But even the hypnotists and the authors of the program claimed that their technique works only in 28% of cases. So paltry statistics still do not interfere with craftsmen” to sell CDs with programs, hypnotizing bust.

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