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Since releasing their in-depth Mixing EDM tutorial, the folks at The Pro Audio Files have been putting out a ton of free articles and videos around the topic through their YouTube channel on the science and art of crafting awesome electronic dance music productions. Mixing EDM includes 4+ hours of tips, techniques and approaches for mixing EDM including drops, transitions, vocals, kicks, bass, synths and more — with three different songs as source material. There’s also multitracks for you to practice with and a 40 minute mastering interview with the legendary Chris Athens. Mixing EDM’s professional EDM tutorial videos have helped thousands of producers take their productions to the next level. Check out some of their customer testimonials and watch the video below to see what people have to say about Mixing EDM. DJs are among the highest earning musicians on the planet, demanding huge fees for appearances with few of the overheads of live bands. I’d always fancied myself as a bit of a Guetta, so I decided to pay the Producer Factory a visit. Our intention was simply to create a new source of income for excellent producers to assist their own ventures and for DJ's to have the chance to work with top professionals to realise their musical ideas and concepts. Producer Factory has gathered much more attention than initially expected, but this has been no problem for our team and we have successfully surpassed every milestone so far. Well all expectations apparently point to lazy useless DJ's, but I can assure you we have had such positive and enthusiastic people contacting us willing to push on their career. Why not ask this question to any large DJ signed to a big label who it would make no business sense to place in the studio when they could be out making money on stage. Is it fair to say that respected electronic artists don't put much effort into their songs?
Our opinion is that the EDM scene is not thriving as much as it should, especially in the lower tiers. The Deep House sound has made its way into countless types of music in recent years and this quick video shares how to make your own using NI Massive in a few minutes. As with any of the tutorials that we share which feature NI Massive, you can follow along using any subtractive synthesizer and accomplish the same type of sound.
The Deep House sound has become a serious trend lately and it just shows how flexible the instruments that are featured in many types of music really are! Not only can you learn a lot in the process of designing your own sounds from scratch, but you can quickly and easily begin to amass a library of sounds that are totally unique to you and your music!
Start by saving the preset that you make while following along with this Deep House bass synth lesson.
Waste hours of time playing around with Super Looper, a user-friendly EDM production application. Becoming a top-tier electronic dance music producer, like any profession, takes countless hours of dedication to perfect your craft. A nifty little EDM production application, Super Looper allows you to concoct your own beats on a simpler, user-friendly level. Click here to access the Super Looper website and begin playing with your own sound production today. If you’re looking for a huge, anthemic lead synth for your next Trance production, make it in NI Massive with a little help from this quick video tutorial!

NI Massive excels at delivering big sounds, but the real benefit of using a synth like Massive to design a sound like this Trance lead is the option to make it as flexible and deep as possible. You can easily set this sound in motion by using the stepper or performer modulation controller feature.
The Macro controls in NI Massive are there to give you total control over your synth instruments. We litterally have thousands of facebook covers for you to browse and hundreds of edm covers as well. According to Forbes, last year Calvin Harris earnt $46m, Swedish House Mafia made $25m and Tiesto pocketed $32m, all for making a few Fruity Loops beats and pressing automix on Serato. A quick tour of their website revealed a wide range of genres on offer, including dubstep, tech-house and electro step.
I asked Producer Factory if they could send a preview of one of their masterpieces through so that I could show you guys, but they weren’t keen.
Equipment and marketing are two expensive but necessary acquisitions to push on one's career as a producer. The fantastic support from our producers and customers has been and always will be gratefully received. The majority also became returning customers after their first experience with Producer Factory. Producer Factory has generated a lot of positive feedback through excellent experiences with our concept and service and negative through apparent disbelief.
It also helps gain interest in your profile whether you make music, create videos or you have your own website.
The skills the big boys have must be open for all involved without restriction and this service is what we offer. In fact, the lines that stand between many of today’s most popular modern music genres, and their often-intermingling sub-genres, are quite blurred. You probably notice that this particular Deep House bass synth has a signature delivery, and you can build the same type of details into your own sounds just as easily.
Now swap out one of the waveforms for a new overall sound, just be aware that you can quickly deviate from the traditional Deep House sound.
The powerful and intuitive modulation assignment system, coupled with the customizable Macro control system make this synth an unstoppable force in the electronic and dance music scenes. You can assign the same Macro to as many parameters as you like in Massive to provide tandem modulation over all of them at once. Make sure to view them all and check back often as we always are adding facebook covers for your facebook timeline. The mass of DJ's who are skilled entertainers also need a factor of individuality to stand out from the crowd. Producer Factory also never expected the top quality submissions that we now have in our shop and generated from our custom tracks. This, to be honest, really pleases us as we too are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do.
If the producer thinks this is fair then so be it, it's their work so they can do whatever they want with it.

These people have to run their own business, advertise and deliver product under strict guidelines, which is why many artists are beginning to leave the big labels and are slowly drifting to the newcomers such as ourselves. For them to do their job well they must focus on the task at hand and not the pressure the big labels place the producers under with deadlines and guidelines for tracks. It gives the consumer confidence that your product is worth while reviewing if 10, 000 people have previously engaged with it.
This is one more reason why designing your own sounds, like this bass synth, is preferable.
Or adjust the envelope curve that is modulating the filter cutoff parameters to alter the delivery.
The sound featured in this lesson is great on its own, but you can take it even further in just a matter of seconds!
Change the atmospheric character by swapping out the white noise for a different waveform in the noise oscillator panel.
If you are new to the idea of Macro controls, imagine having one knob you can turn to add reverb, phaser and white noise all at once!
Alas it is not easy getting your Alias nowadays to a point where it doesn't drown in the EDM industry.
Just now I received the step 1 demo for a custom track from Lukas Stars and I'm playing it over my speakers whilst answering these questions.
These mentioned are excellent composers and sound engineers who have freely chosen to just get paid for their work and not represent it. It’s basically just a modern super saw instrument with lots of room for customization.
Mimic the popular side chain compression (volume ducking) effect with some basic performer modulation programming.
And by help, I mean that they’ll allow you to skip all the unnecessary parts, like actually writing your own music, and bring you straight into the important stuff, that executive level gwop.
Producer Factory offers tracks suited to your style and also the option of creating your own in a comfortable and secure environment.
The amount of producers and customers who have mentioned that they have been ripped off working on a project outside of Producer Factory and before we ever existed is horrific. The DJ's are the people that put on the show with well deserved highly praised skill and fame that encompasses their whole immediate life. Essentially, they are selling ready made EDM tracks to aspiring millionaires, meaning that talentless producers will no longer have to spam everyone’s Facebook pages to gain tract, but that they will be able to purchase their own success from an online vending machine. This seems to be the norm, so now we will change that and offer a place where one can happily have your track produced affordably and by top artists. This is a sacrifice that is also unmatched and should be given credit as well as making your night-lives a time to remember.

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