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Thank you to everyone who came out last night, it was an amazing night and I love saying hi to you lot and playing the gigs. I seem to have lost my voice, I now sound like a 90 year old Sicilian gangster called paulie.
Shepherd's Bush Sold Out - I went to go and see nizlopi at shepherds bush empire when I was 14, and I said to my dad, I wish I could play here, and he said youl sell it out one day.
I keep attracting Ginger dudes who want to chat to me about thier problems with being Ginger. Ed Sheeran Sued For Alleged Plagiarism Of Marvin Gaye’s “Let's Get It On” - Hear The Comparison! Mark is a multi award winning filmmaker specialising in stories that stoke the soul and inspire a life of living.

Since entering into the world of travel, Mark has developed a style which has resonated with people on many levels, who either live their lives on the trail or take the time to live vicariously through the characters and places that he exhibits in his visual montages. The Salt Trail, is Mark debut feature film which he produced, directed, shot and edited on a shoe string and went on to win awards all around the world. Fresh-faced troubadour Ed Sheeran has the most unlikely pop story of the year, says Neil McCormick.
Mark’s pictures recall worlds of unencumbered simplicity and unhindered living, a sterling portrayal of all that is true and pure with personal voyages to foreign lands. His main objective has always been to prove that living in the moment is success in itself. This visual gem is a sensory and cinematic masterpiece that takes us on a voyage and delves into the true meaning of surf travel.

There is no exclusivity to Marks creative ability: his cardinal understanding of travel and filmmaking are bred from first-person practical knowledge, the development of his distinct style polished during his time abroad. The way forward will always simply be about exploring our precious given seconds and capturing events in their natural progressive state.
Journeying through Indonesia from the crowded points of Bali to the isolation of The Mentawai islands, this film captures the joys and the pains of exploration, and the rewards that will stay with you long after the journey is over. It is a film to stir the soul and stoke the wanderlust and, showcasing some deepest, sweetest tube rides, it’ll have you packing your bags for your own Indian Ocean voyage of discovery.

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