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Compression to the lower extremities is used to increase healing of venous stasis ulcers by improving the blood supply and reducing edema and distension.
Controversy exists regarding the most effective sub-bandage pressure (ranging from 20 mm Hg to 45 mm Hg) for timely healing.
Compression wraps are bandages that help control swelling when used with correct assessment, application, and fit by the patient or caregiver, along with compliance and mobility of the patient.
The CompreFit is an all new, non-elastic lower extremity garment that provides 30-40 mmHg gradient compression.
The CompreFit is designed for daytime use for individuals with the following indications: lymphedema, post-surgical swelling, chronic venous insufficiency, and is effective in the treatment of venous stasis ulcers. The CompreFit costs less than other national brands offering similar compression and last longer than bandages. The Juxta-Fit CircAid wrap is unlike any of the other available compression wraps in that they provide clinically proven, inelastic, adjustable and thereby sustainable compression in the treatment of venous stasis ulcers. Firmness and comfort with the necessary level of compression can be easily achieved with the variable adjustment of the CircAid wrap.
The Juxta-Fit CircAid Wrap is available in configurations that rise from the foot to just above-the-knee, or from the groin to just below the knee. Minimized slipping due to the material’s limited stretch dynamic that adjusts to the limb. The CircAid Wrap Juxta-Lock™ (alternating) Band System allows for a quick and easy application and minimal adjustments that help maintain compression levels and comfortable fit. Adjusting the bands of the garment to a firm and comfortable compression achieves therapeutic levels of gradient compression and can be worn 24 hours a day with the bands being slightly loosened for nighttime wear. Easy alternative for those who lack strength or dexterity to use traditional compression stockings or bandages.
The standard legging is available in two standard lengths, 28cm and 33cm and in sizes ranging from Small to XXL with full calf options.
Farrow Wrap™ compression wraps for legs provide unique compression for all patients, especially those who are not able to wear compression stockings.
Farrow Wrap™ uses bands, so there is no dragging of material up and down a leg, which decreases the likelihood of tearing skin. The Farrow Wraps resists rolling or sliding down the leg and so they will work on patients with hourglass-shaped legs providing reliable compression. Farrow Wrap Liners come in The Silver, Regular and Farrow Hybrid liners are all made with X-Static Silver and create an anti-microbial barrier, reducing the risk of infection and odor. Replace unhealthy foods with those that are filled with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs, such as nuts, vegetables and more.

For those who struggle with eating vegetables regularly, juicing is a fun and delicious option to try. In fact, there are certain purifiers that add minerals to your water to enhance its healthy effects. For a touch of flavor you may experiment with different garnishes, such as lemon, mint or cucumber. You should exercise your entire body, but also focus in on the area where your lyphedema issues lie. Epson salt baths are great for removing toxins from the body, soothing swollen ligaments and reducing inflammation.
This makes them a great option for soothing your swollen ligaments and reducing the inflammation. Natural remedies such as certain essential oils or a cup of essiac tea can be used to promote circulation in the body.
I don’t know anyone with lymphedema, but these are great tips for anyone who wants to be healthier. Dear Deborah, Thankfully I don’t have this health condition, but will pass it along to someone I know who does. Thank you so much for featuring 5 Natural Ways to Combat Lymphedema on the Weekend WindDown!
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Compression wraps are available in elastic or non-elastic and in single to multilayer systems requiring varying types of application and exerting different levels of compression. Because of differences in compression leg wraps, selection of the most effective and efficient compression wraps for legs can be difficult. Easier to put on than elastic stockings with similar compression, the CompreFit promotes a high rate of compliance.
The CompreFit also saves hundreds of hours per year when compared to wrapping and rerolling bandages. You can wear these superior compression wraps for legs all day and all night with minimal adjustment for increased comfort in the evening.
The ability to change the circumference diameter by as much as 20 percent allows the custom-made compression wraps to be tailored to each individual leg with superior yet comfortable fit.
Linear stretch technology hugs the leg's contours, reduces slipping, and makes foam inserts virtually unnecessary.
Because the Farrow Wrap™ uses bands, it can also accommodate additional swelling without elevating the limb or visiting the doctor.

Nothing in this blog is intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. This therapy helps to control swelling and pain while increasing flexibility and strength in the affected arm or leg.
Elimination of edema is so basic and important to venous ulcer healing that the most effective level of compression should be used. The purpose of this integrated review was to determine healing rates of venous ulcers with various compression wraps. Made from polyester and Velcro™ the CompreFit is lightweight, durable, and very comfortable. The consistent, gradient compression, combined with natural pumping action of the leg muscles during normal movement, provide a highly effective mode for edema reduction. With these compression wraps for legs, patented technology provides a form-fitting experience that makes the use of inserts a thing of the past.
The Juxta-Fit has supremely variable band widths that can accommodate the shape of any limb and necessary compression level.
If the patient cannot, but has a family member or a friend that can reach their feet, they can easily get Farrow Wraps on and off. The Farrow Wrap™ should last at least 6 months with the proper care, and may last longer. That said, I only recommend products I genuinely love, and that I believe would be of value to my readers. The interlocking and overlapping strap design makes it easy to achieve consistent, gradient compression. The Upper, Knee and even the Whole Legging sections are custom-made so that they can be fitted and combined for the creation of six different CircAid wrap garment options. These types of compression wraps mimic calf muscle pump action and help to improve venous return. The lymphatic system removes impurities from the circulatory system and produces cells necessary in fighting various bacteria and viruses that can cause infections such as cellulitis. It is more common during the second and third decades of life and is called lymphedema praecox. These devices utilize a short-duration, high-pressure cycle which provides a sequential massage pattern to the arms and legs.  Maintenance of the arm or leg may also require the use of a graduated compression garment or bandaging system in conjunction with the compression therapy device.

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