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Off-grid tiny house with screened in back porch and self-built by a solider of the United States Army.
I discovered Louis Johnson’s yurt on facebook and contacted him and he agreed to let me share some of his photos of his home. This winter has proved to be a cold one as well, but we had a better handle on our wood harvesting this year and are in good shape. This year we are going to try to tackle a passive solar hot water heater and maybe a solar oven. We continue to have the time of our lives living the way we do, and hope that others will realize the joy that comes with living a smaller, simpler way of life. The loft overhang above the kitchen serves the added purpose of defining our kitchen area below and storing canned goods in the underside. Two interior doors, our sink and faucet, and kitchen table support came from an architectural salvage shop. The wall supporting the loft creates a large storage room behind it with our bathroom tucked into one end. I am one person living in a yurt so if I dont do what needs to be done it doesnt get done~and I work away from home, with animals in the home so letting it get to 35 while I am away is not an option. The house measures less than 900 square feet, has two small bedrooms, a loft and almost all the amenities we expect to see in a bigger house. With unfinished oak floors and wood-beams, this space not only offers coziness, but also interesting architectural details.
I have always believed we could all live with less but it’s a challenge getting there.
Feel free to contact the builder for further information about the floor plan: Bret Franks Home Construction. These are all very pretty pictures but don’t expect me to actually agree that it is any way to live. So I had to share with you this amazing solar powered box truck conversion home That I saw on Tiny House Talk recently. Therea€™s a large water tank and solar panels on the roof to keep it completely off the grid. I partook on the great adventure to build my own tiny house during my last two years of college.
The experience was amazing and living in it the last semester of school was better than dreamed.
However now after graduating and getting a job, circumstances are changing and in order to adapt to them all, it seems I have to pass the house on.
I had a welder inspect and re-weld the structure to prepare it for it’s new task of hosting the home. The entire axle, wheel, and braking systems are brand new with two 6,000 lbs load axles and travel trailer wheels and tires.
There was no need for me to build a bathroom since my shower and composting toilet were outside or in the neighbors house. I knew in the future that I would sell it and didn’t want to take up the space with a bathroom when there are many other ways one could use the back few feet of the house.
If you enjoyed this micro house for sale you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with even more! It may very well seem that way vstanley and if I may in the most polite way correct you from my shoes, it’s not. I am very much into the lifestyle and, as I mentioned to Paul, believe in all the tiny house (living in it and building it) can bring to a person and community around them. I am selling it because not only do I want to put the extra time into focusing on my new job, but because I do plan on leaving the country and state as soon as I get the required experience.

Thanks so much Ben you didn’t have to explain yourself and sorry you had to deal with vstanley assuming things about you. Because what ensued was a conversation, and that conversation turned around the assumption. I also do not like the loft as a sleeping arrangement but can see it as useful for storage or a guest area to sleep or both! We estimate that we will use between 3 and 4 cord this year… only one more really cold month to go. Earlier last fall we finally got our mulch pit (for gray water) in place, that has been a very big help in getting water out of the yurt, and that enabled us to get an operable shower in the yurt.
We worked with our carpenters and decided to build a wall across the back third of the yurt.
In other words can I buy a plot of land, buy and or build a cabin and create my own life without being bothered? The reclaimed panelling brings a rustic feel, while the Anthropologie wallpaper adds some charm.
Well, this might convince you: the homeowner says she pays only $56 for her monthly electric bill! It was hand built by Joseph Tayyar who was tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life. A sleeping area, an office area, seating for guests, dining room, kitchen, shower, and toilet. His next goal is to purchase agricultural land to begin development of a village on wheels for others who want to live like this. The kitchen sink is gravity fed and drains into a bucket you can carry out and dump when needed.
He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
It sounds dumfounded hearing the one year of living in this house was better than dreaming of it? Most definitely I am not through living tiny, I believe in all that it is and can bring to the people that live in it and the community. I can be pretty sure that there were many people who have viewed the site who would have been thinking the same thing. I am thinking a cough running the length under it could be storage, seating and a step down spot all in one. We only use our microwave and toaster on very sunny days and supplement our lighting with a propane light and candles if necessary. We added a three foot overhang to the center just wide enough to accommodate a mattress above. We cover the inside opening with the piece cut from the wall insulation and the outside is covered with the velcro trimmed canvas provided. For homeowner Lyndsey Lewis, building an environmentally responsible small house was the best option for her.
Box trucks can blend in better to cities than RV’s or caravans as they call them in Europe. Now he gets to enjoy living near the beach, traveling to the desert or even enjoying the city. This will be a place where they can grow their own food and exchange value with each other while coming and going as they wish. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. I built it for these very reasons, to grow closer to the life I am meant to live and when that’s discovered make the necessary changes to reach that.

More than likely I will build another one when I have a few years where I know I can settle.
So this has been an educational conversation not only for the original poster but also those who were thinking along the same lines but not prepared to actually say anything. Just make a box frame for the mattress and attach it to a simple pulley winch setup and you could easily lower it down to sleep and then zip it up tight to the ceiling when not in use completely out of the way maximizing overhead space. This allowed us plenty of sleeping room and put our heads nearly under the dome, a real treat.
This has greatly reduced the mess, keeping snow, mud, moisture and most of the wood debris outside where it belongs.
With less than 900 square feet, this small house seems to have space for everything and its low maintenance is a big plus for those who prefer spending less time cleaning. His truck is totally self sufficient, powered by a ton of high powered solar panels and pure sine wave inverters. Say a bus conversion or *GASP!* A down payment on a mortgage for in a conventional house in this fake economic upturn?
I am still young and life is a changing and growing experience for me, all I can do is adapt to the best scenario that’s presented. His is a bit big but other smaller trucks allow long term campers to blend into the city landscape, already filled with work trucks. Because I simply do not get it, unless he is moving overseas or needs the cash more than the home. I’d hate to be doing that if I was physically sick (gosh, it happens you know), and see his raised bed as a good compromise.
Even if I go with a bed on the floor that slides out from under a step up floor area design I will still probably make a few flying attics using the same idea and some creative angles to give it a ceiling feature look with lights and all while still providing me with over 200 cubic feet of storage inside with me right over my head in unused space.
The owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided. I have and indoor hand pump from the same place they got theirs and my toilet looks suspiciously like a 5 gallon bucket. Many details aside, I believe that one could build a structure of similar dimensions that would be cheaper and more efficient.
Do not wire money in any way without first seeing the home (or other product), checking title, and doing your proper due diligence.
In a homestead or traditional yurt lifestyle, as in that in past eras, someone would always be home keeping the fire going, or be able to go home to do so.
I think a passive solar cabin, in which you might not even have to run the stove during the day, is the way to go.
I signed a 15 year warranty on my yurt, and the outer vinyl cover will have to be replaced at some point, due to breakdown from UV rays. Yurts in East Wakefield, NH for a reasonable price and I believe that they have gotten a little cheaper with more options since then.
This option was not available when I bought it, and costs extra compared to the velcro and zipper deal.
Yurts are cool, but for year round living, you can do better for the money you spend, especially if you can use the resources from your own land.

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