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We started Seven Directions with the goal of helping people live more self-sufficient lifestyles. Seven Directions, a lifestyle brand focused on personal sustainability, announced today its partnership with Earthship Biotecture, a green design and construction company, to build Big Sky’s first fully off-the-grid, self-sustaining home. Referred to as an “Earthship,” the home will be completely self-sufficient and feature an array of high-tech and low-tech systems. Leading Earthship Biotecture on this project is Michael Reynolds, a visionary in sustainable architecture. 1,000 recycled automotive tires: These tires will be filled with compacted earth and stacked to form thick load bearing walls. 2,000 plastic bottles and aluminum cans: The recycled cans and bottles will be used in the interior nonstructural walls.
60 Viga timbers from Taos, New Mexico: These will form a beautiful interior ceiling and support the water collecting roofing materials.
12 massive windows: The windows will form the front of the home and be positioned to maximize sun exposure. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Did You Know?Projects in 12 countries are registered in the Living Building Challenge and six other projects have been certified to date. These are basically skylights that transport natural light through a reflective tube and to a light fixture or diffuser on a ceiling.

Two systems I recently saw at the Greenbuild Expo in San Francisco are applicable for homes and businesses. Sunoptics’ LightFlex system, used primarily in commercial environments, is for suspended ceiling applications and delivers light from above through a 21-inch tube that has a damper in it to control the amount of light.
Bendable elbows can get around obstructions between a roof and suspended ceiling, and a square system is available. Solatube is used in businesses and homes, and its Smart LED system includes four LED lamps inside the reflective tube and above a fixture and activated by a photo or occupancy sensor.
Solatube says its system can be installed for under $775.  An occupancy sensor is optional and can be added for $50. Here’s hoping we see more and more daylighting systems that capture natural light to be used indoors and work in conjunction with energy-saving lighting controls and LED systems to automate lighting and energy efficiencies.
Earthship homes generate their own power, capture and recycle water, and can grow food year round, all while maintaining the comforts of a traditional home. The home can generate its own electricity, capture and recycle water, maintain a comfortable climate year-round, contain and process sewage, and even grow food inside and out.
Over the last 40 years Michael has refined the science behind these homes, building them in all climates from Scotland to Nicaragua.
The walls will act as “thermal mass,” capturing and releasing heat throughout the day, and allowing the home to maintain a consistent temperature. This allows the home to maintain a comfortable temperature in any climate.Solar Power provides all of the build site's electricityJust like the home, the construction project is sustainable all the way.

Motorized shading systems that can automatically raise or lower shades are cool and save on heating and cooling costs as well as lighting—but to fill an interior space with natural light, you’ll need something else. The damper can be connected to a control system and photo sensor that reads the amount of daylight to automatically adjust the amount of light. When daylight hits a minimum threshold, such as late in the day or when stormy, the photo sensor triggers the LEDs to come on. The color temperature is 3000 Kelvin, which produces a warm light, and the CRI (color rendering index) is 80, which is decent.
Also joining Michael in Big Sky for the month of May will be a group of 30+ interns seeking hands on green building experience. Whether you’re looking for fully off-the-grid living solutions or small ways to do more for yourself, we can help you find your direction. And some can be augmented with LED lamps and other lights as well as sensors to automatically switch over from natural lighting to interior lighting. LightFlex is a big system that is best used in commercial buildings with suspended ceilings.

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