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Stone steps come in all styles.  Essentially their role is to get you from one level to another.
In good landscape design, how stone steps look is as important as how they function.  Frankly, that should be the case of every element in a well-designed landscape.
And if there are alternative ways, what role of importance will these particular steps provide?
In the project pictured above there is a pool and patio level on top and a cobble-like paver walkway below.  There are 3 alternative ways to get from this lower level to the pool.
These masonry steps meet every requirement for safety including a handrail.  They did require a construction permit and were inspected.
If you wanted to have an informal and natural set of steps, but with a bit more consistency, stone slab-steps are available.  As seen in the picture to the right, these steps are more angular and come from the quarry in slabs.
Although they’re not dimensionally the same, you can request certain size ranges and that helps with building stone steps to fit your plan and vision.

Stone step design is only limited by your imagination.  How have you utilized rocks into stairways?  Let us know in the comments below.
Pricing is a topic unto itself, and of course alot has to do with your operation (I’m assuming you run a business by your question).
Most companies have formulas that allow them to measure linear feet of step and multiply that by a unit cost. This is assuming, of course, you know your costs for doing business and therefore know how to price the aspects of your involvement accordingly (i.e.
Once you have a unit cost and are using it in your pricing, continue to keep track on these tasks and check the outcome. Some of the real slab steps that are dimensionally similar are pretty consistent with installation involvement, so pricing on those (once you’ve done your pricing homework) is fairly reliable. On the other hand, the rough boulder steps in the first picture of the article are so random in shape and how you arrange them, it’s hard to estimate the cost.

I have to tell you, most of the stones you see in this article were handled by machine (i.e. Chris, this is not easy to do for the inexperienced, and because you would be working with heavy weight and machinery, I’d think carefully about tackling this job yourself at this level. FINDING THINGSMy articles and content cover the topics important to know in the trade including the fundamentals.
I work with landscape contractors to help them build lasting and profitable relationships with clients.

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