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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Relationships are no walk in the park, granted they can be fun, fulfilling and take us to the highest possible points of feeling, but they can also try the patience of the Biblical Job. What’s even more challenging is finding the right person to settle down with, as any single person can attest, this is where the true test lies. In today’s world, there are too many people who have settled with the wrong person for all the wrong reasons either from a lack of choice, or a fear of rocking the boat.
Also, we can get so caught up in chasing hearts and flowers that we forget the little things that truly count.
What was most intriguing to me about the summer programs highlighted in the article is their current state, with their focus on engagement, relevancy, applicability.
In this time of tight school district budgets, it’s good to see that some districts are committing money, time, and personnel to summer learning opportunities. But why is it that summer school needs to be “different” from the regular school year, as the RAND report stated?
This entry was posted in Classroom, Federal policy, School, School district, Teaching and tagged education week, pittsburgh public schools, project-based learning, rand, summer dreamers academy, summer school, summer slide, washington township schools. Informed by a little maturity and education, I surmise that the range of horned lizards in my old neighborhood was limited by differences in the color of the soil. Horned lizards, which belong to the same family as iguanas, are native only to western North America. Whether the horns of horned lizards are short or long, they offer another defense against predators, making horned lizards difficult for birds and snakes to swallow.
In the evening, horned lizards wiggle their way into the soil or sand and spend the night buried for protection and warmth. With Bott Park now covered by sod and the horned lizards’ roadside homes having been usurped by curbs and sidewalks, the Westside urban habitat of the horned lizard has been reduced over the years. FORRC Board InfoThe mission of the Colorado Springs Friends of Red Rock Canyon is to enhance the recreational, educational and interpretive programs of the park, and provide materials and services to the public which promote an understanding, and appreciation of, the natural history, cultural history and sciences of Red Rock Canyon.
Contractors are increasingly called upon to install rigid foam insulation under concrete slabs and on building foundations.
Up to one-quarter of a building’s energy loss is due to lack of insulation in below-grade areas, including the foundation and under slabs.
As a result, superintendents increasingly will encounter below-grade and under-slab insulation on all building types.
Two common rigid foam insulations specified for below-grade applications are expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS).
To make XPS, manufacturers combine and melt polystyrene with blowing agents and additives, then force the liquid mixture through an extrusion die in a continuous feed, where it is shaped, cooled and trimmed to size. EPS insulation absorbs significantly less moisture than does XPS insulation according to studies of real-world installations. There is much confusion in the marketplace regarding whether EPS or XPS insulation resists moisture better. For example, in 2008, Stork Twin City Testing – an accredited independent testing laboratory – examined sheets of EPS and XPS removed from a side-by-side installation after 15 years in service on a below-grade foundation in St.

For under-slab applications, the rigid foam insulation typically should be installed over a gravel base, with a poly vapor diffusion retarder between the gravel and insulation.
In either case, it is important to confirm all details with the insulation manufacturer and local building department, and to ensure appropriate construction techniques to drain water away from the building. In addition to its lower moisture absorption and better long-term thermal performance, EPS has the highest R-value per dollar among rigid insulations. Ram Mayilvahanan is the product marketing manager for Insulfoam, which offers below-grade insulation under the Insulfoam and R-Tech brand names. With the widest range of faced, laminated and standard high-performance EPS insulation products Insulfoam has the right products for your needs while still providing the highest R-Value per dollar over any other rigid insulation. And while it may not be true for all summer programs, those that are held up as high quality programs can engender deep learning in their participants.
Their range extends over the arid and semiarid regions from southernmost Mexico to southernmost Canada. One more defense which some horned lizards have is the unusual ability to squirt fine streams of blood from their eyes. Winter, to the horned lizard, is like a very long night during which the buried lizard hibernates.
Our short horned lizard mothers carry their fertilized eggs to term and give birth to baby lizards after a gestation period which can last up to three months. Horned lizards are also toad-like in the manner in which they pick up insects (mostly ants) with a flick of the tongue and in the way they inflate themselves when molested. The eastern edge of the Red Rock Canyon property, along the base of the hogbacks, is still a place where we will be likely to find horned lizards. 24 by turning south at Ridge Road which is between the 31st Street traffic light and the Manitou Springs exit.
Now that high-performance building envelopes are common above ground, the relative amount of total heat lost below grade will grow if these spaces are not addressed. To help increase understanding of how two common rigid-foam insulations perform in these settings, this article evaluates moisture absorption and thermal performance. This insulation is made of expanded polystyrene beads fused into sheet stock and blocks of various densities, compressive strengths and sizes. As of 2013, the International Code Council explicitly permits EPS throughout frost protected shallow foundations, under slabs and any other below-grade application. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory also reports high moisture absorption levels for XPS. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory found EPS buried in wetted soil for 1,000 days absorbed only 1.7 percent moisture by volume, which is substantially lower than the XPS rates noted above. Crews can use mechanical fasteners or polystyrene-compatible adhesive to attach the insulation.
Additional insulation is applied along the edges of the slab, because that is a primary surface for heat loss.
As such, it provides a cost-effective way to insulate building foundations, and under slabs. For over 50 years, Insulfoam has been enabling building professionals to construct high-quality building insulation systems at a minimal cost.

They do it not exactly because they like it, but because it’s another way of bonding with you.
It can also be a plus when you share things like background and religion simply because they go a long way in shaping us as individuals.
But, as the horned lizards might venture onto the yellow shale and white limestone of the Niobrara formation or the somewhat orange colored alluvial gravel they would be easily seen by potential predators. Only a few species are able to do this; and our short horned lizards are not among the species endowed with this capability. A mother short horned lizard gives birth to her babies one after another with only a few minutes between births. Because of this, the other species are limited to hotter climates than the short horned lizard.
Historically used as a stable roof insulation, EPS has gained wide acceptance in wall, below-grade and under-slab applications due to its low-moisture absorption, strength and stable, long-term thermal performance. While manufacturers of both insulation types tout that their products have lower moisture absorption, in-situ tests indicate that EPS performs better in this regard.
In a 2012 study, the lab reported “all samples of XPS insulation gained much more moisture during the 15 years of contact with soil moisture.” The resulting loss of energy savings performance was 10 percent for a full basement (“deep basement”) and 44 percent for a slab-on-grade installation. Applying a bead of polystyrene-compatible caulk or mastic to the top of the insulation board minimizes water infiltration behind it.
To avoid damage to the insulation, it is necessary to ensure removal of any jagged surfaces or irregularities in the substrate before installing the rigid foam panels. Bott Park just across the street, still native in its vegetation (or lack thereof), was a pretty good place to catch them.
EPS insulation blocks can be custom-cut into a variety of shapes and sizes to meet wide ranging job specifications.
The low profile of the pancake shaped horned lizard also helps to make the lizard less visible to predators since it casts very little shadow. A minute or so after birth, they struggle to break through the membrane and take their first breaths. The edges of any shadow which would indicate the shape of the lizard are softened by the effect of a fringe of enlarged scales along the margin of the abdomen of most horned lizards. Short horned lizards are also characterized by a single row of fringe scales along the borders of the abdomen and a deep, wide central notch between the horns on the back of the head. Within half an hour after birth the baby short horned lizards are fully active and on their own. And, the patterns of darker coloration on their backs makes it more difficult for predators to recognize horned lizards by their shape.
All other horned lizards have a more or less continuous collar of horns across the back of the head.

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