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Juno and Paulie grabbed the heart of America in the realistic movie 'Juno.' This works as a great costume for couples who are expecting. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's dance antics took the nation by surprise and Halloween serves as the perfect time to reminisce this now classic celebrity moment.
Although it's one of the darker Halloween couples costumes, dressing up as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. For those that are self-proclaimed winos, dressing up as wine and grapes serves as the perfect costume fit. Nothing goes together better than peanut butter and jelly, which makes it the perfect couples costume. Dress up as America's favorite power couple, with the female wearing the tightest, shortest club dress around.
While one person dresses up as a white tooth, the other takes on the persona of the tooth fairy. Rent light blue and orange suits and you have the legendary costumes from 'Dumb and Dumber.' To complete the look, consider riding in to your party on a scooter or in a shaggy dog van.

Have one partner in the relationship dress up as a pinata with bright colored clothing, even adding paper fringe. With any of these couples costumes, you and your significant other are bound to be the center of attention and the life of the party.
When dressing as a couple, there are a number of ways that you can standout from the crowd with a funny and clever getup.
Have one person dress up as the ball, while the other carries the chain connected to the ball. As an added bonus, this costume is extremely easy to do-it-yourself for the night before Halloween.
The other half of the couple takes a bad hair day to the extreme and pairs it with a shirt featuring burnt holes to showcase the one that was struck by lightning. One person dons grapes, which can easily be made from balloons, while the other dresses as a bottle or box of wine.
The couples costume features a piece of bread lathered with peanut butter, while the other boasts a bright-colored jelly.

The male can sport a more casual look, such as jeans, athletic shoes and a button down shirt. Bring a small chalkboard, so that if someone does need to talk to you, you can at least provide a response. The other dresses up as a birthday kid celebrating his or her 10th birthday, complete with a bat.
Extra points for sporting an iconic Beyonce outfit, like the one from her "Crazy in Love" music video with Jay-Z!

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