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Australian print media outlets produce a substantial amount of journalism that is sceptical about evidence of human-induced climate change, despite very high levels of scientific certainty, according to a new report published by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) at UTS. The report, Sceptical Climate: Climate Science in Australian Newspapers, is the largest and most detailed report to date on how Australian journalists report climate science, and follows the ACIJ’s first report on climate change reporting published in 2011. The report’s author, investigative journalist and researcher Professor Wendy Bacon, said along with previous research the findings of this study suggest that Australia may have the highest concentration of scepticism in its media in the world. Nearly all of the scepticism is produced by News Corporation, which owns more than two-thirds of Australia’s print media.
Content analysis finds decline of 20% in coverage of climate science in three month period between February to April 2011 and the same period in 2012. 32% of coverage (of 602 articles) did not accept the scientific consensus that human beings are major contributors to global warming; this figure was greater in 2012 (36% did not accept).
Nearly all of the scepticism is produced by News Corp, which owns 70% of Australia’s print media.
The most sceptical publications were The Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun, and The Australian.
The Australian published the most articles (24% of 602 articles) followed by the Sydney Morning Herald (15%) and The Age (12%). Of all news articles (41% or 244) that made significant mention of climate science, 25% (or 61) were less than 150 words long. Only 11% of all words in articles about climate science were dedicated to articles that explicitly referenced peer-reviewed climate science. The Herald Sun had the highest proportion of commentary (65% of articles and 81% of word count) and the lowest levels of news (27% of articles and 11% of words).
97% of comment pieces in the Herald Sun either questioned or rejected the consensus position about anthropogenic climate change. Sorry to disturb your vacation, but I felt your response to Mr Sat Maharaj’s statement about Mr Patrick Manning being a “racist”—that the comment bordered on sedition—required a little rejoinder. It’s ironic that this exchange happens at a time when there’s a lot of hand-wringing about Gate, and the denial of access to tertiary education to many people. The thing is, Prime Minister, this “close to sedition” expostulation (considered with previous statements you’ve made) seem to signal that you misunderstand what “racism” in T&T means.

A major source of this is African-American demagoguery produced by the man you met with when you were Opposition Leader: Louis Farrakhan.
Louis Farrakhan and others like him take the basic facts of the Black Atlantic (Paul Gilroy’s term), and twist them into a warped version of past and present. You were accused of “racism” for saying this, but you were right about the issues faced by young black men, as confirmed by Ramesh Deosaran’s book, Inequality, Crime and Education in Trinidad and Tobago.
What I want to leave you with, Prime Minister, if you’ve read this far, is that the race issue in T&T must be dealt with by sober, unemotional confrontation of facts. The Chinese business community in Santa Rosa is not being targeted by criminals, police say.
T&T Olympic athlete Keshorn Walcott will defend his Olympic gold in the Men's Javellin competiton on Saturday after throwing the furthest of all athletes on Wednesday night. A longstanding feud between two sides of a family may have led to the murder of Point Fortin father Selvin Sammy, police said yesterday. A $23 million indoor sporting complex was opened for business yesterday in Sangre Grande and the expectations were high from politicians for those who use the facility. Mergers and acquisitions activity in oil and gas remains listless with 2016 first half deals reflecting lowest levels in five years, Deloitte LLP finds.
Michelle-Lee Ahye qualified for the women’s 200 metres final when she finished second in her semifinal heat at the Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro last night. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Advertising is a mainstay for online news startups, and successful sites rely on direct sales of ads at premium rates.
More disturbing was the finding that the overall coverage became decidedly more sceptical in 2012,” Professor Bacon said. Fairfax Media’s Sydney Morning Herald and The Age accept the consensus position on anthropogenic climate change yet published only 9 and 6 articles respectively in the same period, which might suggest to readers that the consensus position was in doubt. It’s ironic, first, because I don’t think you’ve really considered the weight of the terms “racist” or “sedition,” despite your considerable education. This populist poison infuses the air we breathe, because of the atmosphere of African American culture, politics, and social issues that surrounds us via all media platforms.

They gobble Tyler Perry’s Madea, news reports of tragic police killings of African Americans, and the emotive responses of the victims, and transpose those feelings onto Trinidadian reality. I recall your faithful henchman The Hon Fitzgerald Hinds, saying some years ago that it was felt by some you could never lead the PNM because of your dark skin. It’s far too easy to label anyone who disagrees with the populist consensus “racist” or “seditious.” Unfortunately Mr Maharaj and his best friend have emerged as default spokesmen on the issue because of the tacit endorsement of political and social figures, like yourself and the Opposition Leader. This free webinar looks at key takeaways from the presenter's recent report on best practices for ad sales for startups for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. It’s also ironic that last decade has seen an explosion of people wielding degrees in journalism, communications and various other things, so you should have been supplied with at least the appropriate terms and definitions before jumping in. Neither is it about whether former Prime Minister Manning was a “racist.” Neither is this intended pejoratively. That’s when words are deployed without care for precision in meaning, but emotional impact, which causes considerable confusion and worse, as meanings become ambiguous and misleading. I don’t know if the picture will be published, but if it is, would make the point more eloquently that I could in 950 words. This isn’t to say African American culture is objectionable—far from it: it’s to say the Farrakhan interpretation is. I also recall (circa 2003) your comments on the educational situation of young black men in T&T, which was dire, and that they required special attention. Learn how local and national online news startups are professionalizing their ad sales and growing revenue. It scrambles the connections between words, images and ideas, nation and ethnicity and what have you.

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