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People who don’t have smartphones, use emulators to use their favorite apps on the computer.
According to Instagram policies, you can’t use their API to upload images from the computer. Now, since gramblr is not an official Instagram app, you will have to manually apply the filters and also crop it square before uploading (no longer needed). ARC Welder is chrome extension, that lets you run Android apps on the computer. Google made this for developers, to test their apps.
It’s easy to install, works on all operating system and gives your pure Android-like experience without breaking any Instagram rules. Since it does not come with built-in Play Store like bluestacks, you will have to import an Instagram .apk to it.
Many advanced photographers edit their images on Adobe lightroom (an image processor similar to Photoshop).

This is my Los Angeles Class Submarine based off of a cross section.more pictures and download coming soon.
But, since it’s carter to smartphone users, you can upload pictures only from its mobile app. First, you have to install the android emulator on your computer and then you run an Android app on it. And later move those pictures to their smartphone, so that they can publish them on Instagram. The only problem I have with uploading the schematics is the risk of people stealing it and claiming it as their own work. I don't like how some people download something on here and then repost it on their own account or post it on youtube and take all the credit for the build. But I do know is, many people are using gramblr for a long time now. And Instagram has banned no one yet.

The good part is, the plugin is free ($10 optional donation) and works for both PC and Mac version of Lightroom.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
One way to deal with this problem is to troubleshoot bluestacks or try bluestacks alternatives.
However, if you don’t already have Lightroom, then it does not make sense to buy such an expensive software just for this simple feature.

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