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Get in contact either by giving us a call (freephone) 0800 881 8994 or fill in the short online form to apply online.
YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBTS SECURED ON IT. With the help of two members of the Site Team we have put together a handbook which we hope will be of use to anybody using this forum ? especially newcomers. Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders and all the rest who put their own profits before you. An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim. My case has been on going with the CCCS, but because of long bouts of severe illness its dragged out a bit. I also said that a family friend had offered to give me money for a Full and final settlement, and that was to be shared proportionally to all my creditors, and i could offer ?100. Since then i heard nothing from the court, until 2 days ago, since then i have been in a panic. I had a form to complete, for my defence, The form asked if i desputed the full amount or partial amount. I called the court, explained my circumstance then the lady advised me to tick dispute in full, then put my statement in the supporting evidence box. I was issued a Northampton If you have received a county court claim: You MUST respond to it. I explained my situation, also stating that i had a screen print of my MCOL account (see attached) stating the times when i had both submitted the acknowledgement then 30 minutes later my defence. Therefore i believe the court has failed to acknowledge my defence even though my defence had been received online. Please can you investigate this matter with utmost urgency, and also to take action to set the CCJ aside before any further action is taken place against me or any further inconvenience caused. After not receiving an acknowledgement, but no further contact from Moneyclaim online, i gave them a call.
I am in the process of putting together a N422 form and wondered if anyone could offer any advice as to my best way to proceed. I then wrote to CL Finance stating that any correspondance to the OLD address would no longer be recieved.
My CCA Request was made on the LOAN account NOT the current account, on the 30th September I wrote to them advising them as such, I also sent a SADR direct to HSBC. I returned from holiday yesterday to find the following a JUDGMENT against me dated the 4th October, and a letter from CL Finance dated the 6th October.
I have also come across a file with some letters from HSBC from 2004, (below) stating that I do NOT have an overdraft facility on the current account and that I have missed a payment on my LOAN account! As I have not recieved any County Court papers I do not know which account they are making the claim against although I would assume that it is the current account as CL Finance seem to believe that I had an overdraft for nearly 7k which was NEVER the case! In which case the original paperwork probably had your address on it too, so the most likely explanation is that it went missing in the post. If you complete the set aside application on the basis that the claim wasn't received, you will also need to show that you have a potential defence.

You should be aware that as the person making the application you could be liable for all the costs if the other side turn up for a hearing so you could be prepared by producing all the 'misleading' information CL Finance have given you in response to your reasonable enquiries. It certainly wouldn't hurt to ring the court and tell them you've received nothing so can they send copies, but I can almost guarantee that the address on the judgement will be the same as the address on the original papers, or how else would the court have your new address. So to clarify my thinking, In Q3 I request the set-aside as I have not recieved any papers and also regarding the fact that they have claimed on the wrong account number and expand that in Q10 going into detail regarding my defence as stated in the timeline in my original post. Ring the court and go and pick up the copies of the papers if you can, since it will be much easier to do the application with all the information.
So far as I know, there is no specific time limit, but you should apply as soon as possible. Apart from the 'didn't receive the papers' issue, I would try and keep your potential defence fairly simple for now. Spoken to the court to discover that the claim was infact made to my OLD address on April 26th!! If the claimant told the court of your new address after they made the claim, then I think they may be in a bit of bother for vexatious behaviour.
Having contacted Mortimer Clarke by phone they have stated that they intend to charge me 8% interest.
8) Letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors asking for full payment or they will issue a claim where I will be liable for a court fee and interest may also accrue. Throughout the whole 2 years I have made regular payments and not defaulted on the arrangements made via my debt management company. Having read the link from HH and the post on assignments it seems I could have something to fight here.
Any help and advice would be great as I do feel I've been kneecapped by Marlin with all their threats and If possible I'd love to do something about it and stand up for myself.
So, I'm applying for copy of CCA and deed of assignment to see if I can sort out the interest they believe they are entitled to but who do I send it to???? Not an expert, so big pinch of salt: The CCJ will have stated an account, and that account is the relevant account for all purposes, ie, it cant be that an account opened in 1999 becomes treated as an account opened in 2008 for interest purposes. One way *might* be to get the amount owed down to under ?5K and then antagonise them into going after an interim charging order on the back of the CCJ, which may allow you the opportunity to contest the validity of the agreement and the usual fall-downs in the (cheaper) SCC? You're obviously not going to be able to walk backwards on owing the debt, but if you can make their pants fall down on the documentation, who knows? The small print at the bottom of the CCJ states that if judgement is for ?5000 or more (which unfortunately it is) or is in respect of a debt that attracts contractural or statuary interest for late payment the claimant may be entitled to further interest. There is no mention of interest being awarded on my judgement, it just states the total amount owed and the amount of instalments. If this was a regulated credit card agreement, interest cannot be charged according to S69 County Courts Act 1984 which I think is what MC are trying to do - tell them to get knotted.
Suspect the small print is a 'standard' clause & would apply to agreements where there is provision in the agreement for contractural interest to be charged beyond judgment. Any knowledge I possess or advice I proffer is based solely on my experiences in the University of Life. I may have misled in my original thread about charging order as that is what they were going for but as far as I know and understand they didn't get .

Sort of - but as we know, making you "default" can take many forms, and who knows what lies around the corner? One thing I *think* you need to be aware of (read: this needs confirming) is that where you admitted the debt, the CCJ will have *irreversably* replaced the original agreement.
The above is my take on your sitch, but bear in mind I'm as green as the grass so take better advice before acting! If you have received a County Court Claim Form, similar to the one shown, regarding your debts. By filling in the relevant details you can request that rather than pay the full amount outstanding, you pay a monthly amount of what you can afford. If however you take no action, the court will rule in favour of the creditor and you will be liable to pay the full amount – CCJ County Court Judgement. Even at this stage there is another court document that you can submit and apply for a variation of an order. Whether or not this is the right solution for you, I cannot say, but you should seek advice regarding your situation. The HIGHER AMOUNT on the two accounts they reference being the Managed Loan Account, for which a regular payment of ?120.00 pm was paid from the Current Account. In this case the fact that they are apparently claiming for a current account which you never had should be sufficient for the set aside to be granted.
You will need a copy of the paperwork anyway, and CL further 'misleading' you by replying to correspondence without mentioning the court proceedings is just more ammunition. As i was away on holiday I didn't get the judgement until a week later and the problem I have is that as I have not received any papers I do not no the details of the claim and when it was made. Refer to correspondence certainly, as this is evidence that CL knew there was a dispute, but avoid mentioning 'wrong account number' or anything else that could be seen as a technicality.
The judgement as far as I can see is just to pay them back the amount owed in in the agreed instalments. I am only assuming that it was made on the 'current account' and sent to my old address because of their correspondence. And as far as I can see they can only apply for a charging order on my property if I default on my agreed payments. Now you have, coupled with your admittance, you'll (IMHO) find it VERY uphill getting the CCJ set aside.
If it turns out that they have claimed for a loan, then they're obviously in default of your s77-79 request and therefore are not able to obtain judgement - have a search on the OFT website as they've just issued guidance on that point.
When this happened to me, they eventually admitted (after alot of phonecalls and insistance) that the defence submitted had not been put on the system.

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