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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you just sold all of your belongings and did something radical like live off the grid? When my children were younger, my husband and I used to dream about living like this up in the mountains.
We’ve toyed with the idea of actually living off the grid, and it looks vastly different than the cheerful image you have posted.
The big reason keeping us from going that way is our current jobs and the fact that we want to be reasonably close to good healthcare while our children are young.
Also we are ten minutes from a health clinic and a normal (for Canada) distance from a hospital, it doesn’t have to be waaaay remote. Living off the grid is really challenging…I fear to live in this way…how do you guys manage yourself to live such a fearful place? Jul 16, 2016 by Off Grid World The ultimate comprehensive list of off grid resources and information, DIY, how-to’s and off grid information on the web.
Filed Under: Activism, Cabins, Camping Tagged With: canning and preserving, grow food not lawns, how to build a cabin, how to build a log cabin, how to build an off grid cabin, how to can and preserve food, how to grow your own food, how to install solar panels, Off Grid, off grid cabins, off grid living, tiny housesCan You Use Technology and Still Be Off Grid? Apr 11, 2015 by Off Grid World 101 Reasons to Live Off The Grid – People go off grid for all kinds of reasons, the biggest one I think is that people seem to think life will be easier, less stressful and perhaps even make them happier. Jan 8, 2015 by Justin If you’ve been caught up in the pallet furniture craze, and have even collected a few pallets to build that rustic entertainment center, raised bed garden, or chicken coop, then you know how it goes.
Filed Under: Off Grid News, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Living Tagged With: Off Grid, off grid living, renewable energy, solar power, SUSTAINABLE LIVING, wind powerOFF GRID LIVING NOVEMBER ISSUE COMING SOON! Filed Under: Blog Tagged With: off grid living, Off Grid Living MagazineIs Real Estate Still a Good Investment?
Filed Under: Homesteading, Off Grid News, Sustainable Living Tagged With: off grid living, real estate investmentOff Grid Living Magazine! Ted and Kathy Carns live in the picturesque Laurel Highlands region of western Pennsylvania. I saw a patron check this out so on a whim I decided to read it when they returned the book. Going off-grid and using natural resources like the sun or wind to power your home is one of the modern ways to rebel against the system, and designers are proving that you don't need to sacrifice comfort or style in order to do so.
Standing 12,582 feet above sea level, the Refuge du Gouter is a magnificent Alpine refuge by Group-H. Designed to blend in with its environment, the futuristic Alpine Capsule is one of Ross Lovegrove‘s most striking creations. Created to operate off-grid in any location, the tiny, stylish Chamfer House was designed by S-Archetype. Located on the edge of the water in Australia’s Queensland, the weird-looking Stamp House was designed by Charles Wright Architects.
Tiny, cute and solar-powered, the MercuryHouseOne is sleek pod-like lounge by Italian Architecture and Vision. Envisioned for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, this luxurious floating hotel is Sigge Architects‘ creation. I’m currently on the second bathroom renovation this summer so that might explain why my mind is at this place.

I’m not sure if I want to go out and hunt all my food, build fires everyday or dig holes in the ground to poop in.
I work in town about 30 miles away and my husband stays home with the kids and they run around all day and do farm stuff.
I’m in Oregon in a small trailer with solar power, a composting toilet, an outdoor kitchen that rocks. I love it life seems to slow down when I am their, just wish my wife loved as much as I do maybe one day. This massive list of off grid information is designed to give you the best off grid information on the web and save you time and money on your off grid projects. Digital monthly magazine about off grid homesteading, sustainable living and renewable energy.
I was intrigued from the beginning, lately I've been interested in the tiny house movement and living off grid and this book makes that "far out idea" seem even more desirous. Entertaining look at how he and his wife Kathy created a home where they live completely off grid. Towards the end of it, I found myself writing lists of things that I want to work on either learning or creating to make our lives more sustainable. You don't have to spend your life in a tent or live in a hobbit house to be completely self-sufficient—in fact, approximately 1.7 billion people are living off-grid worldwide at this very moment. Powered by solar panels and a vertical axis wind turbine, it features a reflecting glass skin that allows inhabitants a magnificent 360-degree view of the landscape.
Shaped like a cube and made from eco-friendly materials, it features a bright, open interior that’s perfect for a modern, nomadic lifestyle. Shaped like a six-pointed star and made from precast concrete, this unique off-grid home can defy even the fastest cyclones. Featuring the latest lighting, video, and sound technologies inside, this portable living capsule can be placed at any locale. Off-grid, stylish and curvaceous, it was designed as an alternative accommodation for soccer enthusiasts visiting the Arab state during the huge football event.
Two weeks after we renovated the first of our two bathrooms, the plumbing backed up for almost a week and my refrigerator died.
We made do using the small spare fridge out in the garage until I could afford to buy a new one (the old one wasn’t worth the money required to fix it).
Ted and Kathy Carns have lived off grid at The Stone Camp for years and created their own little utopia. Ted Carns appears to be slightly brilliant, although (like many folks who live off the grid) - slightly odd. Whether your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, to save money, to prepare for the collapse of the oil economy, or just to be independent, check out this collection of off-grid retreats - including a sun-powered Alpine capsule and France's highest building! But how about eschewing all of my material possessions–my vintage pottery stash, shabby chic furniture, my flat screen, my collection of wrought iron crosses…and all of my energy and money-sucking appliances that always seem to break down?
We use very little electricity but we still occasionally use electric appliances, the vacuum cleaner, or the tv for movies if we turn on the generator. We will be 22 miles north of a small town, and there is a family 10 miles from our property who have lived off grid for 30 + years.

Ted breaks down how he did it, and how it wasn't an overnight process, it took years of hard work, salvaging, tinkering, and flea marketing to piece together their wonderful independent home. It was nice to see some of his motivation, and it helped to reassure me that even though some of the ideas we have for building on The Shire (our new piece of land where we will move our orphan-care project) are strange, they can work.This is not a how to book, but well worth reading for anyone interested in homesteading, living off grid, and following your heart. Carns tells the story of the homestead that he and his wife have in the wilds and mountains of Southeastern Pennsylvania. This makes him endearing to me, and possibly just cooky to others who are less inclined to enjoy crazy people.I say slightly brilliant, because of all the various systems he's concocted in his compound over the years.
My mother likes to remind me of this: no one is sick, no one is dying, your children are all safe and under your roof. It’s wonderful with lots of hard work, but I have learned to embrace life, whatever it may throw at me.
They have zero waste, recycle everything (coming up with ingenious ways to re-purpose everything!), and are completely self-reliant.
One of the reasons this book caught my eye is because it is not a book about handwork and self-denial. To start out, he has around 15 or so buildings on his property - all with very specific purposes.
But if you are seeking freedom, self sufficiently and you enjoy peace and quite, then maybe this life is for you. It sounds hard but they've come up with inventive ways to hook up tvs, blenders, laptops, and more so they don't feel behind in any regard. Carns tells how he came to have 15 buildings on his property, grow most of his own food, be disconnected from water, natural gas, electricity, sewer services, AND still have electric lights, a TV, Internet, computers, cell phone, running hot and cold water. He goes into LOTS of details with his possibly scientifically based systems (like a human waste system that reuses methane for energy). We are both 59 years young, and you are never to old to start a life style you dreamed about for years.
This wonderful book isn't soo much a guide (although it does contain recipes, a few DIY projects, pictures, and basic outlines), as it is a memoir. I only say "possibly scientific" because I HAVE NO IDEA if it actually is, I'm not that smart. Ted Carns admits freely throughout the book that there are many other handy DIY guides and manuals and pushed the reader to see where he got inspiration and how he improved on it. But, it is not a book extolling the glories of being forever inconvenienced or deprived of modern luxuries. Orrrrr perhaps he read a book or two 20 years ago about how convert methane to usable energy, and then will just troubleshoot until he gets an answer.
And by hazardous I totally mean you might take someone out because you are living in such close quarters. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas about how to become more self-sufficient, you will enjoy reading Off On Our Own.

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