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Airflow: It is also important to maintain adequate air flow so as to keep the temperature comfortable. Sprays and smoke: It is very important to avoid smoke, sprays and perfumes that might trigger irritation. Aloe vera juice: Aloe vera is considered to be a magical herb which helps to treat various diseases.
Drinking warm water helps to reduce the irritation and pain associated with unproductive coughs. Raw tulsi leaves with honey is another home remedy that proves to be effective in treating unproductive coughs.
Apart from home remedies and herbal medicines, there are many other cough suppressants made available today. Cough is an infection of the upper respiratory tract can cause swelling and irritation of the upper airways. Generally, they are two types of coughs, first one is wet or productive cough which yields mucus and is caused by cold, allergies and other respiratory problems. Salt water helps to draw the excess fluids from the inflamed areas in the throat to reduce the cough.
Carrots are rich in vitamins and nutrients which help to build immunity to prevent from the cold, cough. Green tea gives you the necessary vitamins which help to build the immune system to get rid of the virus faster. Thyme & Peppermint has antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties to get relief from hacking cough. Slippery elm contains gel like substances which helps to ease the throat from irritation and make your cough to get reduced. Marshmallow leaves yield a gooey mucilage which coats your throat and thins mucus in the lungs, making it easier to cough and also reduces the congestion. But make sure that not to use more than 6 drops for adults and dona€™t use this oil for children.
Both Honey and Cinnamon acts as anti-bacterial and anti-viral which cures the infection causing cough.

Chicken Soup which is hot and tasty will helps to cure cough and its symptoms better than over the counter medicines. Nux Vomica and Belladonna are both regularly prescribed treatments in Homeopathy for cough.
Use humidifier to get rid of the dry cough by moistening the air wherever possible like home, office. Frequently have some candies which increase the saliva and reduce the irritation as well as cough.
Grapes help a lot in relieving you from cough as it acts as an expectorant and releases the mucus from the affected parts of the respiratory system and at last relief from the cough. Trying these natural remedies will definitely cures your cough and its symptoms within 2 weeks.
If family members or friends smoke, encourage them to quit.  Meanwhile, establish a smoking area outside your home and ask that smokers use it when necessary. If there is an irritant in the lungs, we need to cough it up.  If you have a dry cough, make an aromatic steam inhaler by boiling one lemon cut in quarters with a handful of eucalyptus leaves. Taking garlic capsules for their expectorant properties is recommended by many herbalists.  Garlic has many other healthful benefits such as toning the heart and circulatory system that also relieve emphysema symptoms.
It usually occurs due to excessive dust in the air, smoking, climatic changes, pollen and allergens. Most of these remedies prove to be effective but the results may vary from one person to another.
It is important to use a vacuum cleaner to clean away all the dust mites, hair, grim and dirt which can cause irritation.
There are many herbal cough suppressants available in many of the online and offline stores.
Luke warm salt water gargle is another effective treatment to reduce the irritation in the throat. Although, it is a common health problem in everyone but not serious if ends in a week or 10 days. Second one is dry or unproductive cough which is caused by cold, cigarette smoke, dust, fumes and other forms of irritation.

Take it regularly (but not too many), as it have nutritional properties which plays a proactive role to prevent the cough.
So, drink water and other fluids (Fruit juices) but dona€™t take citrus fruits which cause irritation to your throat.
This tiny coughs helps to move the mucus towards the upper part of air passages so you can expel more of it in the last cough.
If you have cough more than 2 weeks, or if you have cough with blood then immediately call to the doctor and take the treatment to it as it may be dangerous. If ita€™s not cured, immediately consult the doctor for medication, as it can lead to any serious problem. Boil for 15 minutes then pour into a bowl, make a tent over your head with a towel and breathe in this healing steam. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Cough is a natural defense mechanism of the human body to clear the throat of any type of blockages so that breathing becomes easy and possible. There are various other treatments to reduce the symptoms and obtain relief from persistent coughs. Mullein and licorice will soothe irritation of membranes and thus reduces the inflammation. Itchy throat, chest pain, sore throat, congestion, feverish is some of the symptoms of cough which will irritate you.
Place your feverfew leaves in a saucepan add a pint of cold water and bring up to the boil. I find the easyest way to apply this liquid to your skin is to put it in a small spray bottle and spray onto your skin.

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