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US Brand Name Vasotec Generic Name Enalapril, Nuril Other Brand Name Dilvas, ENVAS Manufacturer CADILA, USV-Corvette (A Div.
This very well known drug Vasotec is a high blood pressure medication and also termed as ACE inhibitor. Generic Vasotec is composed of Enalapril maleate, which acts as an active angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor. As like other medications, overdose of Generic Vasotec may lead to the serious complication in a patient.
A new study just published in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension has found there’s a substance that lowers high blood pressure significantly. Researchers found that people with hypertension, the medical term for high blood pressure, who drank about eight ounces of beet juice daily had a decrease in blood pressure of about 10 mm Hg. Blood pressure is measured with two numbers — the systolic blood pressure (the top number and the highest) measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats, while the diastolic blood pressure (the bottom and lower number) measures blood pressure in the arteries when the heart is between beats.
The study involved eight women and seven men who had a systolic blood pressure between 140 to 159 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), a measurement indicating they had high blood pressure.
Compared with the group drinking water with just a bit of nitrate, the research subjects who drank beet juice were found to have reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure. December 12, 2013 by Michelle Koski Do you have a heart condition but want to start a family? Regardless of your condition, schedule an appointment with your doctor before getting pregnant. During pregnancy, expectant moms sometimes find themselves with higher blood pressure levels than before their pregnancy.
Monitoring and testing your blood sugar is an important task, specifically if your are a diabetic or are caring for a diabetic. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Ulcers occur when the skin breaks down allowing air and bacteria to get into the underlying tissue. Associated symptoms of a venous leg ulcer are caused by blood not flowing properly through your veins. Years of research have shown that the usual causes of leg ulcers are not a problem with the skin itself, but rather with the underlying blood supply to the skin.
Because blood supply to the skin is crucial, ulcers can occur as a result of poor circulation and so it is also mostly associated with disorders that affect circulation, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension. Diagnosis is usually made based on symptoms, location and the way the surrounding skin of the ulcer looks.
Leg ulcers usually occur in the elderly more so than any other age group, due to poor circulation in aging limbs.
Two conditions that add to the complications of leg ulcers in the elderly are obesity and diabetes. Venous (Varicose) Ulcers mostly occur due to improper functioning of the valves connecting the superficial and deep veins.
Arterial (Ischemic) Ulcers are caused by poor blood circulation as a result of narrowed arteries or by damage to the small blood vessels from diabetes.
Treatment for leg ulcers should include weight loss if you are overweight and regular exercise to promote good circulation. Once the causes of leg ulcers are under control, (for example the blood sugar level in diabetes) the ulcer should heal by itself.
If an underlying disease is one of the causes of leg ulcers, it's important that it is treated - for example hardening of the arteries.
Sit with your legs raised whenever you have the opportunity - above heart level if possible. If your work requires a lot of standing or sitting, try to vary your stance as much as possible.
Atherosclerosis is a form of arteriosclerosis, which is produced by an amass of plaque located within the inner lining of an artery.
In some instances, heart attacks occur when there is a reduction in the hearta€™s oxygenated blood supply. Since atherosclerosis is a slowly developing disease, it can remain asymptomatic for a long while. The common procedures used for atherosclerosis diagnosis include a physical examination and a study of the patienta€™s medical history. Cardiac Catheterization: This procedure works by injecting a contrasting agent into arteries thus locating any occlusions, narrowing or other abnormalities.
Doppler Sonography: This procedure directs sound waves into blood vessels via a special transducer. Comparison of blood pressure measurements: Physicians compare measurements of blood pressure taken at the arms and the ankles.

Radionuclide Angiography (MUGA): This procedure is a nuclear scan designed to reveal the amount of blood pumped out each time the heart beats and how the heart wall moves.
Myocardial (Thallium) Perfusion Scan: This nuclear scan is performed on patients while at rest or following an exercise session. Patienta€™s are encouraged to reduce certain risk factors such as elevated blood glucose levels, smoking, elevated cholesterol levels, poor dietary habits, elevated blood pressure or lack of exercise by changing their life-styles. Antiplatelet medications: This medication reduces the tendency of platelets to stick together and result in clots.
Antihyperlipidemic medications: These medicines lower the lipids, or fats, within the blood.
Coronary Artery Stent: This procedure involves the insertion of tiny coils into blocked arteries, which opens blocked areas. Laser Angioplasty: The procedures makes use of a laser to vaporize the blockage within the artery.
Coronary Angioplasty: This procedure uses a balloon to create a larger opening within the blood vessel thus increasing blood flow. Balloon Angioplasty: This procedure is very similar to a PCI as it inflates a small balloon inside the patienta€™s blocked arteries to unblock the artery. Atherectomy: An atherectomy is performed by the insertion of a catheter into the blocked artery. If you are seeking medical help for a atherosclerosis condition in Colorado Springs, contact Colorado Health Medical Group Cardiology at Memorial Hospital by calling 719-635-7172.
I once heard "all medicines are just controlled poisons." Can anyone show me a medication that doesn't have a side effect, adverse effect, or potential toxicity? What Your Hands Can Tell You About Your FoodIf you’ve read any of my stuff or hear me talk at all then you know I recommend eliminating (or dramatically reducing) gluten from your diet.
These side-effects vary from person to person and may be mild or severe in different cases.
Enalapril maleate is available as 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg tablets for oral administration. The dosage to the patients are however varies from one to other and should be recommended by an expert medical practitioner. If you suspect few symptoms of a Vasotec overdose, ask for the medical consultation immediately.
It turns out that after it’s consumed, nitrate is converted in the body to a chemical called nitrite and then to the gas nitric oxide.
Other than hypertension, none had other medical complications and they weren’t taking blood pressure medication. We’re sharing a few health tips you should follow before and during your pregnancy to combat heart disease. If you have a heart condition, keeping your doctor up-to-date about your pregnancy plans means getting the best health information for you and your future baby. Keeping your medical professionals in the loop about your medications and past issues will ensure that you’re receiving the right treatment. Making the right diet and exercise choices can sometimes be difficult, but if you focus on making good habits out of eating and working out, chances are you’ll find pregnancy easier and less stressful. Therefore successful prevention for leg ulcers and successful treatment for leg ulcers must be directed at correcting the underlying cause, not the ulcer itself. A diagnosis is determined by the patient’s medical history, a thorough physical examination by a wound specialist or physician, and laboratory tests, which may include X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and noninvasive vascular studies to help develop a treatment plan. Ulcers in the elderly affect their quality of life, especially if they are affected by them chronically. Since many elderly individuals spend a majority of their time sitting, one of the best remedies is to keep their legs elevated, preferably above the heart. The failure of these valves causes blood to improper flow of the veins, causing varicose veins. Decreased circulation from diabetes is the main reason for the development of diadetic leg ulcers.
Treatment may involve wound cleansing, anti-inflammatory treatment and application of dressings.
Leg and foot ulcers have a tendency to recur in elderly people, and sometimes may require years of therapy.
Arteriosclerosis is an oft used term referring to the hardening or thickening of the arteries. The gradual accumulation of plaque slowly decreases the blood flow to the extremities and vital organs. However, if a key artery becomes blocked, symptoms become severe due to the blockage’s propensity to cause a blood clot, stroke, heart attack or aneurysm. Physicians use an audio receiver, which amplifies any sound the blood makes as it moves through vessels. If a significant difference is noted between blood pressure numbers on the arms and ankles, it could reveal a narrowing of the vessels.

Examples of medications considered antiplateles include Ticlopidine (Ticlid), Aspirin, Dipyridamole (Persantine) and Clopidogrel (Plavix).
It is most often used on patients with angina, or chest pain, caused by Coronary Artery Disease. Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) is an angioplasty preformed within the coronary arteries. When the catheter finds the blockage, it is shaved away using a small device on the end of the catheter. I have a lot of patients who ask me if I’ll test them for Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Occasionally I’ll have someone come in with a vague abdominal pain or some other abdominal symptoms. ACE is an enzyme that’s responsible for causing the formation of angiotensin II that further narrows the body arteries and increases the blood pressure.
The known side effects of the medicine are cough, dry mouth, sleep problems, drowsiness, headache and loss of appetite etc.
Once in the bloodstream, nitric oxide widens blood vessels, aids blood flow and lowers blood pressure. The research subjects drank 250 mL of beet juice or water containing a low amount of nitrate. To lower blood pressure, the American Heart Association recommends working out for a minimum of 30 minutes 5 times a week. If you have diabetes, blood glucose testing is an important tool for managing your treatment.
Many elderly individuals are inactive, making it very hard to treat ulcers in a traditional manner. Treatment for leg ulcers greatly depends on the factors that cause the ulcer or have prevented healing. So long as there is no arterial disease, venous leg and foot ulcers will benefit from elevation and compression dressings. Although the disease is usually slow-moving, in some instances, it can begin to progress in a rapid manner.
In addition, gangrene can occur when the legs or arms experience a decrease in their oxygenated blood supply.
If an absence or faintness of sound is noted, it indicates a narrowing of vessels, which is often brought on by atherosclerosis. Statins such as Simvastatin (Zocor), Pravastatin (Pravachol) and Atorvastatin (Lipitor) are commonly used to reduce cholesterol. The surgery utilizes a grafted piece of a vein located below and above the blocked area within the coronary artery. He was prescribed several medications for his diseases and was complaining about the cost of the medications. However, it is still fairly common that, when I mention and describe the Paleo Diet, patients change their expression.
The Functional Medicine approach to nutrition means that each person has an adequate & functional nutritional status. The medication has proved very effective when used with combination with other medications like thiazide-type diuretics. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world.
As you move into your later weeks, make sure to listen to your body’s cues so you don’t push too hard while working out. Plaque is created by deposits of discharged cellular waste products, cholesterol, fibrin, calcium or fatty substances.
Other medications taken to reduce cholesterol include bile acid sequestrants such as Cholestyramine, Colestipol, Colesevelam and Niacin. However, there are many circumstances when medications are given because people often don't know about alternatives or are unwilling to try them. I can't tell you how many times I've had patients complain about the cost of COPD medicine yet they smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes daily!
I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media.
Veins are often taken from the patienta€™s leg; however, arteries from the arm or chest are occasionally used in a bypass graft. I can now stand on my feet for an extended period of time and not have to sit down to get some relief.

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