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In the beginning, Google matched the words in a searcher’s query to the words on a web page and ranks those pages (roughly) based on how many external links each had. In other words, Google can look at what previous searchers have typed, clicked on, and hovered over to determine what a particular searcher might want and incorporates those signals into what pages are ranked. Back in 2009, I wrote about how this is typically a good thing for both searchers and site owners, but for low-volume, uncommonly spelled queries, the right results may be pushed out. Use keyword research not for that but to figure out intent — what is your audience really looking for?
And if your competitor starts ranking for searches for your brand, you might want to post about it in Google’s discussion forum rather than wait for searcher behavior to adjust things algorithmically. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Apartheid, "a former policy of segregation and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa," was the official name of the government policy introduced by South Africa's National Party in 1948. Partly because of Mandela's efforts, apartheid became synonymous with a certain kind of injustice. Over the years, Google’s algorithms have evolved  in numerous ways, including with how Google figures out what the searcher is really looking for. Google can load dictionaries of how words should be spelled and common misspelled variations of those words and can look at how searchers correct searches and when they click on different variations.
We’ve been working on an algorithmic solution to these types of cases, so we appreciate the feedback. Don’t worry so much about including all of the various ways someone misspell topics on your page. If audiences associate you with particular topics and start to search for you in conjunction with those topics, your pages are more likely to rank for searches for those topics without your brand.
She built Google Webmaster Central and went on to found software and consulting company Nine By Blue and create Blueprint Search Analytics< which she later sold. If Google started showing video, but searchers never clicked on those results, they might stop showing them; if every searcher clicked the video over a web page, they might start showing more video in results.

To accomplish this, revised queries are proivided based on data collected from many individual user sessions.
And it can use this data to not only suggest a query with a different spelling but to treat the misspelling as a synonym behind the scenes and rank the correctly spelled matches. In fact, many of us are apparently typing queries with both hhgregg and best buy in them (although it appears most are looking for comparisons between the two). It hurts your credibility and likely won’t make a difference in how you rank for those misspellings. Use the highest volume variation in your title tag and then otherwise, just make sure your page is the most relevant, useful result for that intent. Offline advertising, social media engagement, and direct engagement resulting in return visitors to your site can all help with this. Her book, Marketing in the Age of Google, (updated edition, May 2012) provides a foundation for incorporating search strategy into organizations of all levels. The -heid part of the word is the equivalent of "-hood" in English, as in parenthood or - appropriately in the context of Mandela's life - brotherhood.
Sadly, many of us type the first word rather than the second when we mean paper rather than standing still. Big hair first gained popularity in the 1960s with the likes of Bridget Bardot and the beehive, and was more recently revived as a modern way of adding volume and height without going for a full updo.
Educational Technology Research Proposal Topics The Requirements for the Musicians Institute Advancements in modern technologies -- such as CD-Roms, videotapes, flash drives, networks, printers, scanners and computers -- as well as ever-evolving Internet technology, including online education, have impacted schools in many ways. Since all of these synonyms and typos are determined by machines, mismatches that would be obvious to the human eye may seem perfectly matched to the algorithm. But lots more people were searching for laptops, TV, and printers in conjunction with Best Buy. The advantage to the poof is that it can be formal or casual, depending on your outfit and makeup for the day. They have increased the overall access to education, reduced the cost of instruction, helped create learner-centered education and improved the quality of education through interactive learning.

As human eyes (searchers) review the matches and skip or refine the ones that are out of place (by either clicking the shown results or not), the machines can learn and adjust.
It's the perfect option for those times when you have to head to class but may want to go to a party later, and can't spend hours in front of the mirror again.
Modern technology has eliminated costly infrastructure, such as a library, classrooms and dormitories. Similar to MOOCs, one teacher can teach an unlimited number of students via online courses; similarly, different libraries can form a consortium and become an ebrary or cybrary, allowing member students access. As a result, schools do not need traditional infrastructure other than the installation of Internet, as well as instructional technologies. Such cost reduction is in stark contrast to brick-and-mortar schools, where tuition has been on the rise, and is often too expensive to afford. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, “The outstanding student loan balance now stands at about $870 billion, surpassing the total credit card balance ($693 billion) and the total auto loan balance ($730 billion).” Learner-Centered Education When a student uses any learning technology, such as a computer, she becomes an active learner, in charge of her learning activities and making choices and decisions. This learning process is a departure from being a passive recipient of information from her teacher, the traditional model.
Traditionally, the teacher has been the focal point in a class; now that role has become more indirect as a coach, mentor or facilitator who observes the process of learning activities around the student. However, technology and its impacts in modern life have become ubiquitous; in fact, some schools use cellphone technology to deliver educational instruction. O'Neil was a frequent contributor to Toronto's "Dialog" newspaper and has worked as an instructional writer, creating lessons in fashion, art and English for students of all ages.
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