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RIO DE JANEIRO — Canada's Penny Oleksiak has her second medal of the Rio Olympics after taking silver in the women's 100-metre butterfly. The 16-year-old from Toronto finished with a Canadian and world junior record time of 56.46 seconds to earn her second medal in as many nights.
Oleksiak also helped Canada win bronze in the 4x100-metre relay yesterday, swimming the anchor leg. For the Rio Olympics, Nike used 3-D printing technology to develop small silicone protrusions for redirecting air flow around the runner. Innovations in suits and shoes have sped up, thanks to advancements in how clothing is designed and tested — all as manufacturers get creative in working around rules enacted to prevent the apparel equivalent of doping. Clothing needs to be form-fitting to minimize air resistance, especially for speed events in cycling, swimming and track. But the wrong materials or designs could mean discomfort and unnecessary weight — counteracting the gains from drag reduction.
Even when speed isn’t a factor, clothing promises to reduce irritations such as sweat and heat — crucial in a hot climate like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the Summer Olympics open on Friday.
Clothing alone won’t make up for years of training, good coaching and the right body mechanics, but the wrong kind can hurt. A late introduction of Under Armour’s high-tech suit for speedskating got some of the blame for the U.S. Brooks started selling the shoes in June, though Linden and other Olympians will get extra laser perforations in their shoes for ventilation in Rio’s heat. Under Armour uniforms for the Canadian rugby and the Swiss and Dutch beach volleyball teams borrow NASA spacesuit technology to reduce body temperature. Swimming has among the toughest guidelines after Speedo’s suits propelled Michael Phelps and other swimmers to medals and records at the 2008 Olympics. Adidas’ Adizero XVI swimsuits for Britain’s Chris Walker-Hebborn and other swimmers have elastic-like bands meant to keep bodies in streamlined positions.

Now that it had bands, Adidas also took the unusual step of designing a model just for the breaststroke to account for the way a swimmer’s legs move outward in the frog kick, rather than up and down in the more traditional flutter kick.
Omar Visentin, chief operating officer and former research chief at Assos, said clothing manufacturers now have more sophisticated ways to tests fabrics and the way they are cut and measure minute differences in performance. Other companies even use computer modeling to design that perfect suit with fewer prototypes, said Ajoy Sarkar, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Nike also used 3-D printing and wind tunnels to improve its air-resistance protrusions, which worked only for sprints during the 2012 Olympics.
Adidas designed its Adizero MD mid-distance shoes to account for curvatures in the track, rather than just the straightaway portions of races. Adidas’ director of future, Deborah Yeomans, said engineers are already at work on designs for 10 years from now — when expectations will be even higher.
Please respect and abide by the house rules: Keep it clean, keep it civil, keep it truthful, stay on topic, be responsible, share your knowledge, and please suggest removal of comments that violate these standards. The shoe fabric eliminates seams to reduce the risk of blisters, while rubber rings on the bottom boost traction in slippery terrains and serve as barriers to contain and propel energy back up, according to the company.
Nike will also make the protrusions available as a tape for runners to stick on their arms and legs. Their full-body suits — which are no longer permitted — were developed with NASA to boost buoyancy and reduce drag.
Miller said prototypes from 3-D printing allowed Nike to find a shape that works for longer distances, too. It tested various combinations of stiffness and thinness to keep runners like Kenya’s David Rudisha stabilized so they don’t slow down at curves. Such dreams can give you positive and important information, so they should be interpreted taking into account the context of the events which you see in a dream.
Swiss cycling specialist Assos turned to wind tunnels to craft custom, form-fitting suits for the U.S.

UA said it is already testing suits for 2018 and will try to get them to competitors sooner, with more customization for individual body types.
Because the rules allow Adidas to place the bands only over seams where pieces of fabric meet, Adidas moved the seams over to where it wanted the bands to be.
Thus, in order to find out what hay means, you have to remember what you were doing in your dream, or maybe the dream was without your intervention.A dream, in which you see hay, predicts an upcoming date, success and profit. Hay in these dreams symbolizes your current business or short-term plans.If you dream that you are taking part in the collection of hay and folding it into a stack, you can be sure of a successful completion of your affairs in reality. All business will be beneficial for you and will bring profit.Dreaming of hay, which is burning is not a very auspicious sign.
If you are able to prevent burning of hay in a dream, in the reality you will independently cope with the obstacles on the way to your goals.
If other people helped you to fight with fire, and it was extinguished by joint forces, in real life you will be provided with timely assistance and problems will be solved before it can affect you.If you are lying in hay in a dream, you can soon expect some good news.
However, upon receiving the news, do not share it with other people, in order not to frighten away the joy and eliminate envy. It is better to keep the good news to yourself.If you dream that hay has a pleasant smell, then soon you will have an enjoyable event or good news. If you sell ??hay in a dream, it is a sign that in reality you will assist your family and close people.
Also, this dream means that you will receive help from someone, whom you helped in the past.

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