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Community of Hope (COH) is a nonprofit organization that supports low-income and homeless individuals, children and families in the District of Columbia by providing housing, healthcare, and supportive services.
East of the River residents love our icons, the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, the Big Chair to name a few.
I just sent out an email to some of my colleagues looking for help staffing a large retreat.
The church is often in on it too… at some churches the announcement times feel more like help wanted ads, with volunteer leaders asking for volunteers to help with everything from programming to hanging wallpaper. What people do seem to be looking for is something worthwhile, something bigger than themselves, something that’s going to make a lasting difference in another person’s life or community. The truth is, if you try and do everything with volunteers or donations, you may eventually burn out your well-meaning donors and volunteers.
The problem, I think, with the internet, facebook and email, is that it makes it very easy and very cheap to ask a lot of people for a lot of things. At SpringHill, we have certain donors that love to fund ordinary things like bath houses and sewer projects.
Often, when we have needs, we share them this way: We really need help with doing this thing that we really want to do but we don’t have the time or resources to do what God is calling us to do which is why we need help. Next time, try this instead: Here is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of a child in need. I am a 15-year ministry veteran, currently serving as the Pastor to residents and staff at Eagle Village, and helping to grow the retreats program there. Only 45% of NYC high school students graduate in four years with a Regents diploma, which will soon be the only diploma available. In many schools in East Brooklyn, Harlem, and the South Bronx, less than 25% of students are reading, writing and doing math at state standards.
A Utah ape that has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner for six straight years predicted Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks will be the next NFL champion.
Eli the ape ran into an enclosure Thursday morning and swiftly knocked down a papier-mache helmet bearing the Seahawks logo, signaling his pick, said Erica Hansen of Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. Just to be clear, working with me does not mean we will actually physically WORK together all that much. The events I will need help setting up for are on June 17 and June 30, so you’d need to be available one or both of those days. And while you’re here, I figured I might as well share some pictures from our Mother’s Day Celebration!

I made like a greek chicken salad for dinner, I love the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for that, and I add lemon caper chicken to it.
I’m trying to be better about taking pictures with my REAL camera of the everyday, and not just pictures of projects.
With 3 Federally Qualified Health Centers, employment and education support, temporary housing, permanent housing and rapid re-housing programs; we are a leader in improving the health and quality of life of our clients.
I really do need their help to connect the people they have on their teams with the need I have on mine. There’s no shortage of need out there, and people don’t seem shy about asking for help.
They aren’t looking for more things to do with their time or more places to send their money. He was the one who got all the neighborhood kids to whitewash the fence for him—and even pay him for the privilege—just by making it seem like the best thing to do. But, what if, instead of always asking people for help, you gave them the opportunity to be a part of the solution? What used to take an envelope and a stamp or a long distance phone call now takes just seconds with email.
Thank God for these faithful donors who know that their giving can meet needs that don’t appeal to the masses.
The opportunities you have to serve and give must be framed in a way that tells a compelling story about how their investment will result in lasting change, even if it is funding a bathroom. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Previously, I was the Retreats Director at SpringHill Camps and a campus minister with His House Christian Fellowship, a large, non-denominational campus ministry serving the Central Michigan University community. You must be civic-minded and passionate about having a say about decisions impacting on your schools and communities. All of these have the potential to turn paid after we’ve figured out if things will work out! If you’re STILL interested please send a resume, of any kind, with links to any social media anything, or just pictures, or a SHORT explanation of what you’re interested in learning and why! Yes I cooked and slaved all day making dinner for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, haha but don’t worry, I spent the Saturday before at the mall and I mean like, spent A LOT of money. My husband and I are doing summer sales in Maryland right now or I would be on this in two freaking seconds.

Our caring, respectful and family-oriented approach helps strengthen the family unit by giving each family member the tools they need to live healthy, stable lives. My facebook wall is bombarded with kickstarter campaigns looking for money to launch ministries, projects and albums.
The constant asking for volunteers just isn’t getting through the massive filter that years of similar asks have built. Find other ways to accomplish the rest of your tasks with resources and people you already have. If you throw all your needs out all the time, people may begin to think you aren’t managing your internal resources well, and will be less likely to participate when you have a genuine need that they might otherwise have jumped on. But when we have need for new cabins, activities, and projects with measurable ministry outcomes, we take these to a broader audience.
If you were asked to indicate your Super Bowl pick by knocking down a papier-mache helmet, wouldn’t you knock down the one corresponding to the loser?
I’m looking for people who get stuff done, fast, efficient and are looking to learn more about the business of all this. Also please include what you are available for: one-day event set-up, weekly help, one-time project help, or if you are interested in being a blogging intern. If you, or anyone you know, is artistic and looking to make a few dollars please let me know in the comments below. Most of your tasks will be assigned and executed on your time, how you see fit, with minimal meetings, and mostly communication by email.
This is a recipe for Bruschetta with Peppers from from a Ina Garten and I love love LOVE it! I tried my hand at it, and well, let’s just say my artistic abilities leave a lot to be desired!
It’s not too complicated, I just slice all the bell peppers in advance to save some time day of. I also don’t have people over for dinner too often now that Eric and I work so much, so it was fun to play hostess.
And we’d all put our friends and family’s blogs in the column to the right linking to them?!

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