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If you are concerned about pasta choices, pick a sauce where vegetables or seafood are the main ingredients. Soups are always a great healthy, hearty way to fill you up, and if you choose correctly by selecting soups full of vegetables, beans, and grains, you will be getting your daily fill of fiber, protein, and vitamins.
You can see that although Italian foods are in essence good for you, with a little thought, you can pick the very best choices. I completely agree that Italian food is very healthy for you…it all does come down to choices but in essence the core ingredients in the Italian diet are natural, low fat and healthy. I must add that, for me, the most difficult thing is to build a well conceived weekly menu, taking into accounts all my needs: it must be healthy, varied, tasty and not too hard to prepare.
We already cut sugar, and we reduced the intake of meat (but I looooove pork…), substituting it with fish. I really love Italian food and I love that I can still get healthy options while still enjoying the food.
Longevity is attributed to different factors and one of them is eating fresh, healthy whole foods. While there’s nothing wrong with eating grilled, broiled or steamed veggies, Italians prefer eating fresh whole foods. Garlic is a potent source of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. When you are ordering the main course, you have to be careful about the cheese content as most Italian dishes have cheese in them. Non-veg lovers can always order chicken and fish, just make sure that is grilled or boiled. Just be a little careful and you can enjoy a good Italian meal without compromising on your diet.
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Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years. Below is a continuation of the healthy eating article series from Christy Maskeroni, who is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer in NYC. Below are a few ways to keep the delicious Italian Cuisine a part of your healthier and lower-calorie lifestyle. Many Italian restaurants list the pasta in the traditional way of a small first dish (Primi).
If the order is a main entree or larger, split the dish with the table OR just order your own side of pasta. This also goes for the creamy soups, filled pastas, and sauces like fettuccini alfredo or carbonera sauces. Remember the basics.And if you have read any of my other Quick Guides to Eating Out, you may know this by now but, here are a few of my basic tips that can help you eat well at almost any restaurant. The calories on the left hand side are absolutely ridiculous – this is more than most individuals calorie needs for an entire day! Anyways, the stores usually stock up different kinds of pasta – those made out of semolina and whole-wheat. I usually buy the ones made out of semolina coz they taste good and presentation-wise, it looks like spaghetti. Avoid meats, cheeses and fried foods, and instead pick the grilled vegetables, vegetable based soups or seafood options. At home if you want to make your favorite pasta dish a little healthier, substitute the new whole-wheat pastas for the traditional refined flours. This will often mean it has either cream added to it, or was developed from a bechamel sauce which has butter as it’s base. Both of these alternative methods caramelize the vegetables, bringing out the natural flavors.

A couple of low fat favorites of mine are ripe peaches soaked in red wine, or grilled pineapple slices served with a scoop of frozen yogurt.
Also, stay away from white flour and sugar and try to incorporate more whole grain breads and pasta into your diet. It’s also home to well-loved recipes, age-old cooking techniques and of course, clean eating. Because the Italians pride themselves for their traditional ways of cooking, they do not use processed foods, synthetic flavorings or preservatives. They do not use unhealthy condiments to flavor their dishes nor do they use processed ingredients. You should begin with an appetizer that is light and that triggers your hunger (well, starters are meant for that purpose only ?? ). Be careful of the salad dressings, it is here where all the calories are added into your salad. Go in for dishes where cheese is added after completion of the dish so that you can tell the waiter to exclude the cheese.
The healthiest choice would be to go in for vegetable toppings like red peppers, broccoli and capsicum. She was called a skeleton way back in school but she managed to gain 17 kgs during her graduation. Pasta, bread, rich and creamy dishes, you say?  True.  But, there is also seafood, chicken, and olive oil.
There are PLENTY of other just-as-delicious options that won’t deter you from your goal.
These are a smart option to choose if you stay mindful of the fats – dressing, cheese, and nuts. Avoid items that are fried, crispy, heavily sauteed, au gratin, coated, basted, or stuffed. Crazy, right?!  The healthier version on the right side may still be a little more than necessary but a HUGE difference to its comparison.  To decrease calories even more, decide between wine and cappuccino OR opt out of the appetizer or have small salad instead. Nothing too fancy- spaghetti, 3-4 meatballs, homemade tomato sauce, garlic, capers and black olives (didn’t mean to get too into the details, but thought that would help you).
It is well known that the Mediterranean diet has many significant health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and many types of cancer.
If you choose a very good extra virgin olive oil, you will only need a very little amount when cooking to add flavor. We avoid red meat and only eat it a couple of times a month and use poultry and seafood as our protein choices.
Since I started eating better, I have had to give up a few food options, but Italian isn’t one of them! The Italians strongly advocate clean, healthy eating and this could be the reason why the country has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world. Extra virgin olive oil is a critical part of the Italian diet and most Italians do not consider a certain dish authentic unless it’s flavored with this oil. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and cooking or improper storage could neutralize the potency of these nutrients. In certain restaurants salads are available without dressing or you are given a choice to customize them.
You can order Fruit sorbet and biscotti which includes frozen fresh fruit (like ice cream) along with cookies.
Could this be one reason why there is practically not a single overweight person in all of Rome, despite the pasta, pizza, and gelato galore? A few tricks: try peeling back the skin on the chicken or asking for the vegetables to be roasted lightly (with less oil). An Italian diet contains many grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruits, all of which we know are good for us. Seafood also plays a very important part in the diet, and portion sizes, of meat in particular, are often smaller.

They may take a little getting used to, so start with the reduced fat choices, and then switch to fat free after a few weeks. You know these dishes are going to be ones heavy in both fat and calories, and if you are hoping to lose weight, or even if you just want to make healthier choices this new year, it is best to stay away from these dishes. Add a little additional chicken or vegetable broth when sauteing vegetables, and you won’t even notice the loss of the oil. If you do all this, and try to add a fe healthy vegetables and fruit options into your menu you will indeed be enjoying a healthy, varied diet. Paired with age-old cooking techniques, the Italians have a knack for bringing out the natural flavors in food, adding dimension to classic dishes. Eating whole foods raw is the best way to obtain all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. These are loaded with butter making them high in calories (but they are yummy… I know….just control yourself). Risotto, an Italian rice dish that is cooked in broth (may be meat-, fish-, or vegetable-based broth) may seem to be a healthier option but avoid it if it has too much of cheese in it.
I’m serious, it was like overnight, once I made the decision to limit white bread in particular.
Especially since most of the grains Americans eat are of the white, highly processed, high glucose variety. I make great a great Eggplant Parmesan dish that is low in fat by grilling the eggplant slices instead of frying them, and substituting low fat cheeses. Italian food does not have to be complicated to prepare as you can see from many of my recipes! Real Italian cooking is all about organic, fresh ingredients prepared meticulously to preserve their nutrients. Instead of butter loaded garlic bread sticks go in for plain Italian bread with a low cal dip.
When it comes to garlic bread, just say no all together – it’s too rich in butter and cheese and can really put you over your fat intake for the day. This isn’t going totally overboard, BUT it will add up (especially if you order another bottle!) and is at least half of the calories you need at a meal!
Use this oil to give salads a green, refreshing taste or to add deeper flavors to marinades and stews. Italians love their raw greens so make sure to beef up your meals with fresh basil, cabbage, kale, tomatoes, and artichokes! Sure, munching 2 cloves of garlic might prove too much for some but the amazing health benefits you get from it makes up for it! If you are on a low carb diet then you can forget the pasta and order a meat and vegetable dish as a main course. If you need a little extra help saying no, ask for the basket to be removed OR order a healthy appetizer or salad as soon as you sit down.
If you order a glass with dinner, you will save yourself at least 130 additional calories and most likely more. If you’re not keen on chewing fresh garlic, try adding grated or finely chopped fresh garlic to your favorite dips and salads. Preferably top it with the regular tomatoes, olive oil, basil, salt and pepper instead of variations that include cheese and meat.

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