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Berries are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and phytonutrients, which have been shown to protect against heart disease and some cancers. While cold cereal has been vilified in recent years for its sugar content, there are nutritious options out there. Rich in protein, eggs eaten as part of a balanced breakfast will keep you full all morning long and supply more than a dozen essential nutrients.
Green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which have been shown to prevent cell damage to the body. Oatmeal is packed with soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels, and which can keep you satiated for hours.
Natural peanut butter is a good source of monounsaturated fat, which may help lower bad cholesterol in the blood. All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Gaining weight might sound ridiculous but it is quite important for those who are skinny and wish to put some weight on. We would like to share a few natural and simple weight gain tips with you, following which would help you put some meat on naturally and give you a fresh look without any side effects. Drinking more water doesn’t only makes you feel fresh and hydrated but also contributes a lot in gaining healthy weight. Drinking water just before meals can fill up your stomach and you won’t be able to take as many calories as you want. Having weight gainer shakes daily sounds one of the coolest and yummiest ideas to gain weight, and this really works in a healthy way.
If you are a coffee lover, then you certainly need a little addition into your current recipe. Over the years we have come across some pretty impressive foods—ones that make you believe what Hippocrates said about letting your food be your medicine. At Eats of Eden, we believe in enjoying our food, and we appreciate it even more by knowing these interesting facts about what goes into our mouths and shortly afterwards becomes us.
Nuts contain plant sterols, healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants–a lot of nutrition in a small package.
Plant sterols occur naturally in many grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, which happily, are all readily available at Eats of Eden. Fats have suffered undeserved bad press in the past 30 years or so, leading many people to avoid foods naturally rich in fat.  We now know that the fats to avoid are the highly processed ones found in cooking oil, many convenience foods, fast foods and margarine. Walnuts are the richest nuts in healthy fats, but other types also contain beneficial mono-unsaturated and omega-3 fats.  These multitalented fats help to reduce inflammation in arteries (and other places too, but that is another article), help your brain to work and contribute to smooth, soft, velvety skin.
Because of the fibre, healthy fats and protein they contain, nuts help you to feel satisfied longer than fast releasing carbohydrates such as sweets, biscuits and bagels. Nuts are excellent for snacks, but they can also add interest, texture and of course nutrition (including protein) to meals. For more ways to go nuts, check our Feasts of Eden recipes on our Health Essentials page or ask at Eats of Eden for our FREE Feasts of Eden recipe leaflets.
The protein in eggs is so high in quality that they are used as the standard for evaluating the protein in other foods. Your eyes will thank you for eating eggs, because they contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin in a very bio-available form.
Those who are watching their weight will be interested in this: eating boiled, poached or scrambled eggs for breakfast helps you to be less hungry for 24 hours! Eggs contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals that help to promote healthy hair and nails. We can’t recommend conventional eggs, which are produced in inhumane, unhealthy conditions which also result in lower nutrient levels. At Eats of Eden you can choose from locally produced Clounanna Free Range Eggs and Connolly’s Certified Organic eggs produced in Co Monaghan.
A bite of the Cherry Who would have thought that cherries could help you to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery times for athletes? Sports enthusiasts use the concentrated juice, CherryActive to help to reduce recovery times and muscle soreness after training and competition.
More good news for your joints is that cherries and their juice may reduce the tendency to attacks of gout by lowering uric acid levels.
The anthocyanins in cherries and cherry juice are also known to help improve memory.  Lots of us could do with that! When cherries aren’t in season, (which is most of the time) CherryActive concentrated juice provides a convenient and tasty way to include the benefits of cherries in your diet regularly.  For travelling and for the rare person who is not a cherry enthusiast, capsules are also available. Short-term memory problems–a two per cent drop in body water can result in fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic maths, and difficulty focusing on reading material.
Raised blood pressure—when you are chronically dehydrated, your blood vessels reduce in diameter and your blood pressure can go up. Asthma and allergies—dehydration results in the release of excessive histamine, which can trigger allergic reactions and symptoms of asthma. Okay, there are times for these social lubricants, but when it comes to being properly hydrated, they don’t count; they actually take you in the wrong direction. A rule of thumb for drinking water is a fluid ounce for every inch you are tall, every day of your life, sipped it between meals.
Sneak up on it by starting with a cup (half a mug) of water when you wake, another between your breakfast and lunch, and another between your lunch and your evening meal. To keep yourself motivated until it becomes automatic, notice how your thinking is clearer, your energy is better and how much less pain you have. If you are taking blood pressure medication, monitor your blood pressure, in case it goes down.
For the fascinating story of the doctor who discovered and researched all this, you can read Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by D. The Pumpkin Seed: a Powerhouse of Nutrition Can you imagine a handy nutritious snack food that could help you to sleep, to lower cholesterol, keep your waterworks running smoothly, reduce inflammation and lots more? Unlikely as it may sound, pumpkin seeds are a nutritional powerhouse chock full of benefits.
Another way of preparing pumpkin seeds is to soak them in filtered water overnight, which makes them crisp and succulent, and an excellent addition to breakfast cereal or fruit salad. Pumpkin seed oil is delicious in salad dressings or a small amount can be drizzled over vegetables.
Buckwheat is traditionally known as a warming food, probably because of its positive effects on blood vessels.

It is rich in antioxidant flavonoids, including rutin and quercetin, which work with vitamin C. Flavonoids also help to prevent excessive clotting while helping to maintain healthy blood vessels and blood flow. It is also rich in magnesium, which relaxes blood vessels, aiding healthy blood pressure and circulation. Buckwheat contains beneficial fibre called resistant starch, which helps you to feel satisfied with less food, manage blood sugar  levels, as well as having positive effects on your eyes and intestines. Lignans in buckwheat may also help to protect against breast and other hormone-dependent cancers. A powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, buckwheat is rich in iron, copper, zinc, manganese and B vitamins,. Pancakes are a traditional way of using buckwheat, so you can either use our Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix  or start from scratch by using buckwheat flour. Other ways to enjoy the benefits of buckwheat include Pain des Fleurs Buckwheat Toast and Orgran Buckwheat Pasta as well as Natasha’s Bomb in a Bag.
Outlines suggestions for enhancing the availability and absorption of iron in the diet through food selection and preparation techniques. Presents practical suggestions for adding calories and protein to meals with the goals of regaining muscle mass, energy, and preventing weight loss. Categorizes foods into very good, good, and fair sources of calcium; presents opportunities to increase calcium intake with recipe suggestions, snack ideas, and grocery list.
Designed to help improve the nutritional intake of individuals undergoing cancer treatments affecting the patient’s food intake and nutritional status; addresses the issues of nausea, sore mouth, diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation. Provides nutrition guidelines for maintaining stable vitamin K intake in order to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect of Coumadin® and other anti-coagulant medications.  Summarizes Vitamin K content of foods and emphasizes the importance of consistency in Vitamin K intake. Outlines methods to achieve the DASH diet food plan demonstrated to help reduce blood pressure. Provides a one page diabetes self-management summary; opportunity to review medications, carbohydrate budget, sick day advice, exercise, and the “rule of 15” for treating hypoglycemia.
Actual food photography beautifully illustrates techniques to increase dietary fiber with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.
Outlines key post-surgical dietary principles to achieve and maintain optimal nutritional status while losing weight with the assistance of the Lap-band® type device.
Establishes goals for achieving slow, gradual prenatal weight gain and presents a simple approach to managing blood glucose control during pregnancy. This new counseling tool helps patients identify customarily consumed foods which promote inflammatory atherosclerotic processes and guides the patient to find ways to replace harmful foods with heart healthy anti-inflammatory foods. Provides feeding techniques and a timeline for introducing solid foods based upon baby’s age and demonstrated signs of developmental readiness through the first year of life.     Specific foods to prepare and mealtime menu ideas are suggested. Outlines key nutrition concepts to improve well-being and slow the deterioration of kidney function. Outlines key post-surgical dietary principles with illustrations to help patients achieve and maintain optimal nutritional status while losing weight after Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery.
Provides dietary suggestions to prevent or relieve the common pregnancy related discomforts of nausea, constipation, and heartburn; action plans and food suggestions provided. Outlines key post-surgical dietary principles with illustrations to help patients achieve and maintain optimal nutritional status while losing weight after Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.
The ginger in this drink helps kick-start metabolism while the lemon naturally detoxifies and helps to release toxins from the body. This is another great cleansing smoothie that includes veggies, fruits, cinnamon and flax seeds.
This soup does a body all kinds of good since it flushes away fat and toxins and helps restore acid-alkaline and sodium-potassium balance.
Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. Fiber also lowers your risk of obesity, colon cancer, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, and heart disease? When the '300' movie came out, men and women everywhere were eager to learn how King Leonidas and his Spartan warriors got their abs of steel. It should be noted that this routine was not used everyday by the men in the film, and should not be used everyday by recreational exercisers.
Try adding a cup of fresh or unsweetened frozen strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries to your morning cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt. Check the ingredient lists and nutrition-facts labels and look for cereals that have at least 3 grams of fiber and 6 grams or less of sugar per serving. Avoid high-sugar instant packets and opt for the plain ones, or try rolled (old-fashioned), quick, or steel-cut oatmeal prepared with low-fat milk or water. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Being smart and fit is fine, but when you just cross the border of fitness and become skinny, it looks weird and spoils your entire look and personality. So, try drinking weight gainer shakes like banana shake, mango shake, strawberry shake and date shake. Our aim is to maintain a perfect combination of wardrobes, which doesn't only suit you but makes your looks more elegant with respect to latest trends available. Researchers have recommended 2g of plant sterols per day and a single ounce of almonds will provide you with a sixth of that. The fats naturally present in nuts and many other foods are not just beneficial, but essential. One most people recognise is the mineral selenium, found in abundance in brazil nuts.  Another is vitamin E, found in most nuts, but particularly abundant in hazelnuts and almonds. These two nutrients help to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. Eggs are also a good source of choline, an important nutrient that helps regulate the brain, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.
By comparison to people who ate a bagel having the same number of calories, people who ate an egg found it easier to bypass junk-food, reduce cravings and eat less for at least 24 hours.
Chickens kept in these conditions become stressed, unhealthy and prone to infections, so antibiotics may be added to their feed routinely. One study also concluded that people who ate a lot of cherries had lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including less inflammation, lower body fat and healthier cholesterol levels.
This has been a folk remedy for a long time, but it was first studied scientifically over sixty years ago. A luscious, comforting and relaxing milky drink (dairy, almond, coconut, oat, rice or soya) with cherry juice may be just the ticket to that elusive night’s sleep.

At Eats of Eden we always recommend eating lots  of fresh vegetables and fruit daily,  preferably organic. For example, preliminary research indicates that eight to ten glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to eighty per cent of those affected.
To begin with, they contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, K and carotene not to mention many minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc. Pumpkin seeds are one of the richest food sources of magnesium and tryptophan, two relaxing nutrients which may also aid in lifting mood.
In a study that compared their effects to those of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, the effects of the pumpkin seeds compared favourably to the drug without the adverse effects.
In Asia, where buckwheat originated over 6000 years ago, it was thought to drive evil away from homes. To give an extra boost to your porridge, why not try substituting buckwheat flakes for some of your oat flakes? Presents the vegetarian “healthy plate” with menu suggestions for vegans and lacto-ovo vegetarians; encourages patients to try new foods from international vegetarian cuisines. Because each person's health needs are different, a physician should be consulted before acting on any information provided in these materials.
Readers who have tried this fruit and veggie smoothie have been pleasantly surprised by the taste, and they love that it’s packed with all kinds of nutrients. Combine 4 cups baby spinach, 1 cup fresh blueberries, 2 carrots (sliced), 12 raw almonds sliced, 2 dates (diced).
Men and women everywhere, from all walks of life, were eager to learn how King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his Spartan warriors got their abs of steel, boulder shoulders, barn door backs, etc. Because of his workout training plans, many of the men went from being around 40 pounds overweight to being lean, mean, fighting machines in a matter of months. That is to say, you go from one exercise, to the next, to the next, with little to no rest in between.
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.
So nuts are good to include regularly whether or not you are trying to reduce your waistline. As a bonus, they contain the amino acid tyrosine, which helps make your brain’s “wake up” neurotransmitters that help you to think more quickly and to be more energetic and motivated. If you want to try something a little more adventurous than the usual boiled, poached or scrambled call in to Eats of Eden and ask for our free recipe leaflets for Tasty Steamed Eggs and Deluxe Scrambled Eggs.
Interspecies variation in yolk selenium concentrations among eggs of free-living birds: The effect of phylogeny. However it may ease your mind to know that just two tablespoons (30 ml) of CherryActive concentrate provides more than four times the antioxidants contained in a typical five eighty grams servings of fruit and veg! Both of these problems can be solved by using a good quality water filter, such as the EVA Water Clinic. Edible pumpkin seeds come from the Styrian pumpkin, a special variety whose seeds have no shell. You can eat them just as they are or you can toast them lightly on a dry frying pan to bring out their nutty flavour.
Although every effort is made to ensure that this material is accurate and up-to-date, it is provided for the convenience of the user and should not be considered definitive. Drizzle with 2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice. If your body has a fast metabolic rate, then you really need to take more calories than you actually burn.
You may follow a hundred ways to gain weight, like you may eat more junk food and drink more soda beverages etc. Soft drinks do not solve the problem of dehydration, not to mention that they are associated with at least 10 serious health problems. Much less expensive and much more environmentally sensitive than drinking bottled water, this is a great piece of kit for your home. They are a tasty and interesting addition to salads and cooked vegetables, yogurt, cereal and baked goods.
MEDI-DIETS ™ and Diet Consult Pro do not make any representations about the suitability of these materials for any other purpose.
It’s the best way to give your body a nutritious boost while it flushes away fat and toxins.
Only lost 1 lb after that, but am very clear that I will do your cleanse and detox again in the future from time to time. So here in this post we have brought a few smart weight gain tips to help you people put some meat on in a healthy way.
If so, aside from being mistaken, you are missing out on some delicious heart-healthy foods.  Research suggests that just about any type of nut will help lower LDL cholesterol and improve the balance HDL to LDL (provided the nuts aren’t roasted at high temperatures in oil). We now know that eggs are completely above suspicion, and some scientists believe that eating eggs may help prevent blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks! Or…?  Cherries and juice made from them, particularly of the Montmorency type, are as beneficial as they are delicious. You might expect that when your body needs water, you would just feel more and more thirsty until you drink something.
Raw or toasted they can be ground to a powder in a coffee grinder and added to just about anything.
Any individual or entity using these materials assumes all responsibility and risk for such use.
Yes, I got a vicious headache on day 2 that lasted till the day after the cleanse, but I felt a lot better from doing it. Neither MEDI-DIETS™ nor Diet Consult Pro shall have any liability whatsoever for any use of these materials. I gave myself a lot of time (my goal is to lose 1 lb a week, which I am now 2 lbs behind on, but I'm not giving up on that yet. My main motto and objective in writing is to help you understand the fundamentals of health concepts to live a healthier and holistic life.

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