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Note, the Florida Climate Center Web site recently went through a major revision and the Heat Zone Map is no longer available. Our collection of 19+ unique varieties of Memorial Tree Urns are a hit with families looking for a way to celebrate life by planting a memorial tree. If you live or would like to plant a memorial in zones 1, 2, 11, or 12, or if you would prefer a different variety of tree than what we offer, we suggest using our Personal Choice urn. Water frequently when growing muhly grass babies, but once the grass is mature, you only need to give supplemental water when periods of drought are severe.
You can feed the plants in spring with a diluted by half balanced plant food and water when the soil is dry in the top couple of inches. The grass is semi-evergreen but you may want to cut it back in early spring to remove any brown blades and make way for new green growth. Bloodgood Japanese Maple has attractive burgundy foliage which emerges deep purple in spring.
This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and should only be pruned in summer after the leaves have fully developed, as it may 'bleed' sap if pruned in late winter or early spring. Bloodgood Japanese Maple will grow to be about 20 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 20 feet. All information is provided by members and has not been validated or approved for use anywhere.
No text or images on this web site may be used without direct written permission from WYW Group, LLC.

Gardenality's founders are proud servants of Jesus and our heart's greatest desire is to live for His everlasting renown. However, the map has been replaced with a much more detailed discussion of Florida's hot season with several very interesting graphics. These small, earth-conscious urns contain tree seeds in the lid, hold 35 cubic inches of cremated remains, and are buried (i.e. But we can help you begin to pinpoint the right memorial tree by organizing these tree seed urns by state and planting zone, which is what we have done below. This unit comes with the same biodegradable and eco-friendly plant matter which will neutralize the effects of the remains, but includes an area within the lid which will allow you to insert the seeds of your choice, creating a completely personalized memorial tree in honor of your loved one.
It tolerates rocky soil where there is little organic matter and merciless sun and dryness. You can divide the plants every three years to keep them in an upright habit and producing plenty of inflorescences. The lobed palm-shaped leaves are ornamentally significant and turn an outstanding red in the fall.
Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 4 feet from the ground, and is suitable for planting under power lines. This map will give you a good idea of whether a particular tree will work well in the intended area, but we do advise checking with local experts to ensure that the tree will grow well and that it will be a healthy addition to the indigenous plants native to the region.

This option enables you to plant a living memorial in just about any state or region imaginable. The grass is known for its pink to purple inflorescences which float above the body of the plant in an airy display worthy of a fairy princess. It is naturally found along highways, in flat forests and along coastal dunes, so it is important to match the natural growing range of the plant. It features subtle corymbs of red flowers rising above the foliage in mid spring before the leaves. It grows at a slow rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 80 years or more. Utilizing a special biodegradable and eco-friendly mixture which neutralizes the ph found in cremated ashes, these urns actually incorporate the remains into the growth process for the memorial tree. Known for its extreme drought tolerance, growing muhly grass is easy and requires little maintenance or upkeep.
Cut apart the root ball into at least two pieces, being careful to include healthy roots and lots of green grass blades on each section. Replant the pieces in the ground or pots, and water frequently for the first couple of weeks as the grasses grow.

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