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The West Virginia USDA plant hardiness map, as featured above, is based on new data collected by the USDA over a thirty-year period.
The new 2012 map made some zone adjustments for the winter warming trend and took into consideration an area’s proximity to a large body of water, elevation and the urban heat factor. New and experienced gardeners benefit greatly from the zone information provided by the map.
Although the map is not a 100% guarantee that a plant will survive, it is a good place to start.
If you live in North Carolina, you enjoy a relatively temperate climate, which makes it possible to grow a wide variety of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. Although many plants survive the North Carolina winter, there are some tropical species that will not and gardeners living in the mountain regions have to be careful of their plant selection, as well.

Weather stations throughout the country gathered essential data for the map, which was released at the start of 2012. To find your zone, you can enlarge the map above by clicking on it or visit the USDA site and input your zip code to find your zone. Be sure to follow planting and care directions carefully, and remember, you can always bring plants indoors for the winter if they are not suited for your area. The 2012 North Carolina USDA planting map, as seen above, indicates which growing zones cover certain areas of the state. You can also visit the USDA site and put in your zip code if you are uncertain of where you fall within the zones. Overall, using the North Carolina USDA zone hardiness map provides good foundational knowledge for any gardener.

When you use the plant hardiness information as a guide for selecting plants, you will find that the majority, if not all, plant distributors provide this information on their plant tags.
While the northwestern part of the state has the coolest average extreme winter lows down to a possible -15-degrees F., the southeastern part of the state rarely experiences winter lows to 15-degrees F. The new 2012 map is more detailed than previous versions and offers a more sophisticated zone finder capability.
The new map, released at the beginning of 2012, takes into account 30 years of weather data collected from thousands of weather stations throughout the Untied States.

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