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Daniel, Grady and Jared reflect on this season's competition, from new life-long friends to long stretches of pain and deprivation.
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Place all ingredients, including the soaking milk, into a high powered-blender in the order listed and secure lid. In each episode, the teams from three shops put it all on the line through each cut of metal, every bolt they turn, and every gallon of paint they spray to perfect the caravans. With custom-themed designs and luxurious interiors, the builders must keep on budget and finish on time. There aren't many anime shows and movies that strictly focus on zombies, which is surprising because people have such a fascination with the genre.

However, the zombie animes that do exist are great, with amazing titles like Highschool of the Dead and 2014's anime Tokyo Ghoul.
We've included the first episode of each show to watch below when available, so you can watch really good zombie anime series right here on this page and find ones that you like.

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