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If your child is beginning kindergarten or new to Gladstone Schools, please be sure you register for the 2016-17 school year if you have not done so already. Given issues in the news, families concerned with water and radon testing in Gladstone schools will find information here. This summer, the district has specialists testing 600 water samples from our schools, and plans to launch radon testing in all buildings. Gather your supplies:  I made mine with a color blocked canvas base and double thicknesses of home decor weight fabric for the sides. Keep in mind when you box the corners of the base, you’ll lose a couple of inches in width and height. With right sides facing inward, pin and sew two of the side pieces to the base piece along the long side. Box the corners of the bottom by pulling the sides out and making sure you have a nice right angle and the seam centered and bisecting the two sides. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). Germination of chilli seeds is believed to be not that easy but if you follow the following steps, be sure of recording a very high success rate.
It’s worthwhile noting that chilli plants are perennial and will show more productivity in their second year than their first. The above discussion informs you on how to grow chilli in Kenya in the most cost effective way. Get The Latest Kenyan Farming Tips, News and UpdatesSignup now and receive an email when new posts are published on our site.
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Monster Cropping is unique amongst training techniques in that it does not affect the plants you are currently growing. Topping – An easy and minimally stressful pruning technique, Topping will encourage multiple kolas at each flowering site. Fimming – By taking Topping a step further, Fimming quickly multiplies your flowering heads from 1 to 4 at each site.
Lollipopping – Trimming the base of your plants helps to focus their energy into the upper branches and future flower sites. Low Stress Training (LST) – Coupling Topping with a non-pruning stress technique can boost yields even higher.

Super Cropping – Encourage lateral growth and bud production by stressing the branches of each plant. For information to help you choose the best techniques for your grow, check out our Marijuana Growing Techniques page.
Monster Cropping, also known as Flowering Clones, is a relatively new technique that has proven to be extremely productive, especially when used in conjunction with SCROG and Lollipopping techniques.
When you take a clone from a flowering marijuana plant and revert it to veg, you end up with an extremely bushy plant with profuse branching and tons of nodes.
Another great advantage of Monster Cropping is that it avoids the need to keep mother plants.
The basic technique involved in Monster Cropping is the same that you would use for all clones and is covered in detail on the cloning page.
Banners are printed with the latest printing technology on high quality material using eco-solvent inks.
We use a high quality polyester material, which is a canvas-like fabric, for it's high photo reproduction value. Read Superintendent Bob Stewart’s blog post on the police action in our community on August 10. Ensure that the temperature does not drop too much at night because chilli is very vulnerable to extreme cold at this stage. We hope you will enjoy watching your chilli growing healthy and as a result succeeding in this venture. We would also like to know more about you and hopefully share in your chilli farming success tips. Rather, this technique involves taking clones from a mature plant during its flowering stage, producing offspring with numerous heads. It works on the phenomenon that comes from taking clones from a plant that is already in flower.
It is possible to use this phenomenon to your advantage to create plants with lots of heads, giving you great yields.
Pinning to our linkup board and hope you join this week’s linkup that just went live! The packets of chilli that are to be soaked in a thermos flask containing the hot water should be tied around with a piece of wool or cotton.

The spacing between the seeds should be good enough to prevent harming the roots when you come to remove weeds. Immediately your plant develops few leafs, start feeding them after every one week using fertilizer such as seaweed extract or chilli focus. Once it responds this way, turn the pot around to ensure that the new side stems face downwards. Low light levels may cause chilli plants to become dormant but burst back into life again once winter comes. No part of this site and its content may be reproduced without prior permission from Kenyan Farmer. You can put all your plants into flower, then take the next generation of clones from them. Ensure that the water in the flask has reached a temperature of around 45-48 degrees centigrade. As a result do not be so much concerned if the seeds fail to germinate immediately or if only a few of them germinate. After a period of four to six weeks after germination, chilli can be potted very carefully to avoid disturbing the roots together with any awakening germinating seed in the pot. The plant responds again by throwing out another series of side stems to reach out the light.
If you are a farm supplies company that works with chilli farmers, please let us know what tips and products you would like to share with the Kenyan Farmers too.
Increase the number of side stems your chillies have to increase the number of fruits it produces. The interest in growing chilli has risen rapidly because just as you have done, many people out there have also witnessed the rapid growth in demand for these fruits in the readily awaiting market.

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