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While packed with vitamins and minerals, Fenugreek is primarily known for its amazing ability to relieve digestive problems such as loss of appetite, constipation, bloating, upset stomach and gastritis. Our fenugreek seeds are Certified Organic making them perfect for sprouting, and they are 100% Australian grown, produced and packaged. Fenugreek seeds have a slightly bitter taste and are often roasted, ground and used as a flavouring in curries. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
What better feeling is there than sinking into your favorite armchair with a glass of your favorite wine, relaxing at the end of a long hard day?
Many people make their own wine from fruits and berries found in their own garden or in the local hedgerows. Don't worry that you'll have to spend a fortune on equipment - I'll tell you the minimum amount of equipment to buy to get you started, using cooking utensils you already have where possible.

Once you've chosen your wine you'll need to learn how to serve it - for example what temperature should it be served at? If you're thinking about wine as an investment then I will explain the fundamentals and pitfalls that you need to consider before you start.
It is a fantastic natural cleanser which stimulates and helps remove waste products from the body, as well as lowering cholesterol levels.
They can also be eaten sprouted in salads and best of all, they can be crushed to make tea for the treatment of digestive discomfort. Or popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate that special occasion, or simply enjoying a glass of refreshing chilled white wine on a hot summer's day? It explains what the different names mean, the differences between red, white, rosé, champagne and desert wines. It is often surrounded by snobbery and pretence but forget all that - this site cuts through all the nonsense and tells you all you need to know about wine in a simple and clear way.

In these days of the credit crunch I will show you, in a simple step by step guide, how to make your own wine for as little as 50p a bottle! The shape of the glass can influence how you appreciate the arroma and flavour of the wine. There are so many choices - red wine, white wine, dry, sweet, French, Italian, Californian, Merlot, Cabernet, Champagne, Bordeaux - where do you start?

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