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Now folks, it’s your turn.  What books should I add to my Goodreads Fifty Books List? This entry was posted in Inspiration, Simple Pleasures and tagged Amazon Kindle, Book, book clubs, boomer women, building community, Cheryl Strayed, favorite books, Goodreads, Reading, William Zinsser, women's inspiration by justabackpackandarollie. I’ve recently read Swimming by Hershon, Food Rules by Michael Palin, About Food by Mark Bittman, When Women were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams. With book designs being more and more visually inclined, Dwiputri Pertiwi confesses that a good book cover can determine the choices of book she reads.
When Dwiputri Pertiwi is not writing or taking pictures for Whiteboard Journal, she spends most of her time in bookstores.
After spending the weekend rearranging my small library – categorizing books and dusting their spines – I realized that a lot of them have pretty covers. Up until the moment I decided to write about my apparent enthusiasm in the aesthetic aspect of books, I had been in denial – attempting, in every way possible, to make sense of it as a meaningful fascination that went beyond sheer visual attraction.
If the book I would like to read is available in several versions, why should I refrain from purchasing the one I like best? Visually sensitive and artistically inclined readers might believe that such a connection exists (because I sure do). This edgy love story told in alternating POVs features two complex character and an unusual love story that begins with a friendship and might change into something more.
Another good book in the series, the plot was not my favourite (Owen's ex appeared and that created some major issues), but still I enjoyed the fast-paced scenes and the new developments. This is the story of Holly, she's a runaway and trying to come to terms with her past and life.
I would call this a light dystopian novel in which our heroine is part of the selection of the future bride of the prince. Not everything in this book worked for me, some of the developments and the science behind what happened did not work for me. Last week I saw the following tweet on twitter and I would love to know what you think about it.
In the last weeks I bought some new books and also discovered some new, special versions of classics that I like. I'm still using the Kindle every day for casual reading, but just now I noticed that my pile of technical books on my desk is taller than my son.
Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. In the last month I continued with my thirst for reading, I continued to focus on the books I already own, but of course I also bought and read some new books. Her interests include photography, literature, the Japanese and Korean languages, as well as different kinds of Asian calligraphy. It seems that I’ve surrendered to the beauty of cover designs far too often to claim that my love for words is completely independent of other factors.
I would go the cashier, take out the necessary amount of money from my wallet, walk out of the store with one or two volumes in my bag, and convince myself later – at home, with the books sitting right in front of me – that the reason why I picked them had nothing to do with the cover. While judging a book by its cover might be shunned upon, choosing an edition with the best cover of a book you want to read for “better” reasons can’t be a sin. Unfortunately, really nice covers, ones that can be seen as a separate work of art, aren’t always easy to find. The story concentrates on the characters and not so much on the world, this worked for me perfectly.
The first three quarters of the book were nearly perfect, the end could have been a bit more thrilling. Supporting local, independent bookstores helps the local economy and makes sure that small bookstores have a future. Though currently based in Jakarta, she still wants to move around a few more times before settling down. But thinking back on the trips I took to many different bookshops over the years, and the numerous purchases I had made at each, I am forced to question one of my most firm beliefs, the belief that I am a “true” reader. Just because I appreciate books with artistic covers, it doesn’t mean that I ignore their content.
Well, perhaps a few dollars or yens, but definitely not my appreciation for the written work itself, right?
Sometimes, we have no choice but to be content with a dull copy of Orwell’s 1984 or Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. Before I realized how much the appearance of a book could increase my motivation to read, eventually enriching my overall reading experience, I cringed at the thought myself.
I've read 10 in september (and at an average about 8) - so it has been a good month for me.
After all, the cover only affects my most final decision – after I’ve gone through a quite lengthy selection process.

Ben Pieratt of General Projects and Whisky Van Gogh Go’s Eric Jacobsen try to solve that problem.
This book shows that chick lit has so much to offer, it's not all about shopping and spending money. Wendelin van Drannen is an YA author everybody should give a try (Try "Runaway" or  "The Running Dream"). And it suddenly became clear to me: even though authors, genres or particular topics have always been the initial motivation for me to go hunting, the final decision usually depended on the cover. Why would I, a reader, be concerned with something so distant from the core of any work of literature? Their website, The Book Cover Archive, as the name reveals, is an archive of stunning book covers. I also liked that the pacing of the book was rather slow and that the author took time to show exactly how little changes can be deadly, and how powerless we really are. Nice-looking editions are generally a bit more expensive than the regular ones, so there were times when I couldn’t afford them.
All the entries are equipped with an Amazon link to give direct access to readers who want to buy beautiful editions of their favourite titles. And with Flying Moon I've read a cute lovestory with takes place in the film business (allthough there have been some contradictions I loved K.
In addition to basic information of each book, such as the author’s name and publication date, the site doesn’t forget to mention the designer’s name and typeface he or she used. Cause these are too many books to read plus I assume you have another stack for non technical books?AbduSunday, 27 July 2008 11:45:10 UTCHi Scott, Huge reading list - how do you find time to do any work?! Sometimes it occurs to me that I treat Amazon like a restaurant rather than a pharmacy: I order what I feel like rather than what's good for me. Thefind recommendations for , msvideoistablepercy jackson trilogy, the percy jacksonmy personal.

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