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U S Embassy Vehicle Attack In Mexico Dispatch YouTubeStrafor's Vice President of Intelligence Fred Burton breaks down the recent shooting of an U.S. The 16 Worst Beauty Mistakes Everyone Made in the '70sGiant hair, muttonchops, and tanning oil. Update: Be sure to check out our latest terrarium article featuring classes, kits, exquisite vessels, materials galore and, of course, plenty of pre-made selections. Whether you want to craft your own or buy one already made, there are plenty of options in town. Step into Artemisia on Southeast 28th and you’ll completely forget about the hustle and bustle outside. Amy sources most of their plant materials locally, including succulents, air plants, lichens and mosses. The shop’s name is inspired by the Greek goddess, Artemis, keeper of the wild things and symbol for the instinctual part of us that connects to nature. Alissa Pulcrano and Leela Brightenburg are the masterminds behind the whimsical, sometimes silly terrariums tickling many a fancy about town. Leela uses a collection of tiny tools to arrange each terrarium just so: brushes, teaspoons and tweezers. The terrariums have become the duo’s business cards, helping them expand other areas of their business, which include interior design, floral design, graphics and architectural photography. Find bright designlab’s terrariums at Tilde in Sellwood-Moreland, Porch Light in Boise and Pigeon Toe Ceramics in Buckman.
I happened to pop into Goose Hollow Gardens one day and found tables full of perky, little terrariums awaiting a neighborhood event. Clark has all the fixings you need to fashion your own green world under glass—little or large. Having worked in the hotel industry for fourteen years, Clark was often challenged to find small floral arrangements that didn’t cost a lot.

Inside you’ll find more planted vessels tucked in between the chicken keeping supplies and garden tools.
You may have seen Martie Kilmer’s gorgeous terrariums around town, adding modern style to the Ace Hotel, Laurelhurst Market and Stumptown Coffee.
Kilmer surmises that terrariums may be gaining in popularity here because we’re running out of space.
Freelance writer and fourth-gen Portlander, Erin Codazzi has roots that weave through every corner of Puddletown.
Not only did it turn you orange, it could also seriously damage your skin if you went sans SPF. It sat beside my red Magic 8-Ball radio, providing shelter for a few ferns and my favorite plastic frogs. Some might say a terrarium must be closed off to the outside air, left to maintain its own microclimate. Owners Amy and Michael Aiello have transformed their garden shop into a veritable terrarium workshop, complete with workstations and all the elements you need to collage with nature.
That’s when we realized there was an element here that had a lot to do with people wanting to share something beautiful but accessible with the people they have a special connection to. Each carefully crafted piece sets the stage for a story, often suggested by a tiny plastic figure nestled into the scene.
She’ll tuck succulents, found objects, mosses and other finds into an upcycled vintage or modern glass vessel, sometimes incorporating features like sunken ponds, deserts, beaches and highways. Owner Michelle Clark has been crafting terrariums of all sizes for three years, giving her customers a green alternative to cut flowers. She encourages people to bring in their own special vessels and she'll help them fill them. Today, terrariums fill that gap nicely for many of her corporate customers like the Embassy Suites.

She explains, “You can buy a really cheap cookie jar where you can see the mold lines. Known for her interior and floral design talent, she made her first terrarium for the Ace Hotel three and a half years ago. Occasionally, I’d remove the top to pinch a frond or introduce a new frog to my sweaty, stinky little world under glass. They purchase the terrariums from her and call her when they want to have new plants swapped in.
Terrariums are sustainable, DIY, easy-care and just plain cool: all the elements needed to thrive here. Ward, a London physician and botany hobbyist, noticed grass and tiny ferns growing in a glass jar he was using to study a sphinx moth hatching from a cocoon. Succulents, a popular choice these days, require little moisture, which makes them better candidates for an open, dry terrarium.
She went on to study installation art and photography at PNCA, where she met Michael, a painter.
He surmised that the plants were thriving because they were sealed off from London’s polluted air. The couple has succeeded in combining their talents and passions to create a space where their customers can cultivate their own creativity. Start mixing your moisture-loving plants with the dry fauna and that’s where your green thumb may fail.

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