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Ornamental grasses claim a spot in almost everyone’s landscape, partly because of the huge variety to choose from and also because they require little care. The taller varieties, such as maiden grass, add wonderful texture and movement to the landscape. Winter-hardy ornamental grasses need to be cut back close to the ground each spring to allow for new growth. Many Oklahoma and Texas gardeners prize ornamental grasses for their drought tolerance, an important attribute during hot and dry summers. Mexican feather grass (Stipa tenuissima) is a soft, billowy grass that starts out green in the spring and matures to golden by summer.
Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is a popular commercial selection, but dwarf pampas grass may fit the home landscape.
Fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) is ideal for mixed perennial borders, rain gardens, or foundation plantings.
Pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) is most noted for its airy, rosy-pink flower spikes in fall that from a distance look like a cloud. Northern sea oats (Chasmanthium latifolium) is a Texas native that has bamboolike foliage, and attractive seed heads that fade from green to copper in fall and are suitable for dried arrangements. There are many more grasses -- including sedges -- that can liven up a landscape with movement and winter interest.
Humans have been digging in the earth since the dawn of the Neolithic Revolution some 12,000 years ago. Drain spades are very narrow with slightly curved sides and a rounded tip, which makes them ideal for precise spot work like adding flowers to established beds, clearing existing trenches and transplanting small shrubs. Broad and wide-flared with a flat tip, scoop shovels are terrible at digging but fantastic at moving loose materials like coal or stone (left), snow (centre) and grain (right). Scrapers are equally adept at clearing ice and debris from roofs and driveways alike, as well as making short work of shingles when replacing the roof itself.
Edgers are a highly specialized offshoot of shovel and bear little resemblance to their predecessors.
You’re not always going to require a full bag of soil per project, nor are you going to need a full-size shovel.
I like that the title is about the types of shovel you should know, but then it shows a spade.
Generally a shovel is designed for moving volumes of (loose) stuff and has volume (curved up sides and shaped scoop - to hold sand, grain, loose mulch etc", while a spade is essentially flat, and can't hold a lot of volume of loose material. Wanting to educate "the public" is admirable, but before you do, please, for crying out loud, get your info correct first!!

I was moving blue metal yesterday and had 2 shovels at my disposal, this exact question crossed my mind.
Wether you want to quickly make something sweet or savory for a simple dinner or a party, puff pastry is so versatile that all it takes is a few ingredients and a very short time.
Trending nowBalsamic, Honey Roasted Cabbage SteaksBring cabbage to a whole new level with this simple, fast and delicious side dish. Please subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter to get updates on the best and latest Do-It-Yourself tips and techniques! Green, arching stems flow from the center, and white, fluffy plumes rise above the foliage. The wiry foliage forms a clump about 2 ft tall, with pink to red spikes adding about 12 more inches.
While the seed heads make a nice statement, allowing them to remain all winter ensures many seedlings to come.
In fact, shovelling stuff was big business through the late 19th century when steam-powered industrial excavators became economically feasible. While his ideas were not immediately recognised by the industrial upper crust, his crusade for better shovelling helped spurn new shovel designs as well as develop the work for which he is most famous, The Principles of Scientific Management. They feature a slightly curved scoop with upturned edges and either a pointed (centre) or flat (left) tip. They feature a sharp, pointed tip and squared sides to produce clean trench walls and minimise disruption of the surrounding soil.
Those with steel scoops tend to be a bit heavier than aluminium versions but are less likely to twist or warp over time. For repotting, spot reseeding, and other minor gardening tasks, a trowel or soil scoop is indispensable. You can easily do this by searching for owl patterns on websites that have craft and origami ideas. Medium-size grasses, such as dwarf fountain grass, look great among a perennial border or planted in a container.
Then, every three or four years dig up the clump and divide the grass into four or more pieces. They exhibit graceful, arching stems that rustle in the breeze, and lots of plumes for fall and winter interest. Mexican feather grass, which grows 1 to 2 ft tall and wide, is hardy in our South-Central region. Sea oats, often called woodland oats, grows 2 to 3 ft tall and is one of the few grasses that tolerate shade.

Though Japanese blood grass is a clumper, it spreads by underground runners, which concerns me a bit. Pointed tips are generally used for digging and planting in soft, tilled soil while the sharp flat tips of square points are utilised more for heavy-duty hard-packed soils that demand more force to penetrate. They’re indespensable for laying irrigation pipes, digging a compost trench and removing deeply rooted plants. As the name implies, use these to clean up borders, driveways and kerbs as well as separate perennials, ground cover and shrubbery. They’re used to penetrate loose, preferably tilled, soil (after using a pick axe, spade, or autotiller to break up the surface) and cleanly excavate columns of dirt for the sinking of fence posts, bulbs or patio supports. These hand tools lack the long handles and brad blades of typical digging shovels, instead opting for a pointed and curled scoop to dig out holes for seedlings and new transplants. As an appetizer or for a light dinner this salmon and mozzarella puff pastry pizza recipe is totally scalable from 2 to 20 servings and you can mix and match with a variety of sauces and toppings. Anyway, I tried checking online to see something that’s adorable, crafty yet easy to make. I made this site to help Do-It -Yourself Moms out there and give them quick tips on Food Recipes! I created this site for all the moms out there who needs simple yet effective daily solutions in their every day living. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. The shorter grasses, for example Mexican feather grass, are well suited for rock gardens or for edging a border.
Square-point shovels can also perform many of the same functions as garden spades (right) — lawn edging, transplanting small bushes and trees, cutting sod and small roots, dividing perennials and trenching.
Look for shovels with steel scoops as they’re more durable than aluminium alternatives.
For this type of paper box owl, you need additional supplies such as cardstocks of different colors, glue pen, and bits of decorative stuff.
Use all these materials to make an image of an owl and glue the appropriate decorations to achieve the result you want!

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