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White clover grows in a creeping manner and will develop roots where ever a stem node touches the ground. If white clover is already established in your yard, controlling white clover can either be done through hand pulling or by using an herbicide. Killing white clover with herbicide is also a common way to deal with this weed, especially over larger areas. Herbicides also may not kill the root system of mature clover, which means that they can grow back.
Knowing how to get rid of white clover from lawns and flower beds can be a bit tricky, but it can be done. Although there area a great variety of brand names for weed killers, the actual number of active chemicals used to produce these products is about 5.
The first chemical is 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacedtic Acid which is found in a variety of products, including Scotts Green Sweep, Ortho Weed B Gon and Triplex among others.
2-Methoxy-3,6-dichlorobenzoic acid (Dicamba) is found UltraStop Lawn Weed Killer, Scott’s Pro-Turf and Tracker among others. 2-Methyl-4-chlorphenoxy-propionic acid (Mecoprop or MCPP) is found in Menards Premium Weed & Feed, Mecomin-D and Kilprop products.
2-Methyl-4-chlorphenoxyacetic acid (MCPA) is a component of Agritox, Envoy and Vacate chemical lawn formulas.
READTypes of MosquitoesN-phosphonomethyl glycine glyphosate is a major ingredient in Ortho Ground Clear, Ranger and Pondmaster weed control applications. All of these substances kill weeds effectively, but should only be applied as per the instructions to ensure proper results are obtained and no side or collateral damage is done to your garden. Ants are one of the most prevalent insects in and around your home, so it isn’t surprising that they find their way into your potted plants. Infestations of honeydew-producing insects, such as aphids, soft scales, mealybugs and whiteflies may explain why you’re finding ants in potting soil. Get rid of the insects that produce honeydew before killing ants in containers to keep the ants from returning.

If you find ants in your indoor plants, take them outside immediately so the ants don’t become established inside your home.
For many gardeners who did not intentionally plant white clover, knowing how to control white clover in lawns and garden beds is helpful. Clover will grow in areas of low nitrogen and where competition from other plants is small, so making sure that your lawn (and flower beds) are well fertilized will not only help desirable grass and plants to grow and keep out white clover, but will also make the soil less friendly to white clover. In either case, while killing the white clover already in your lawn is easy, you need to understand that killing white clover seeds is not.
The problem with using herbicides is that the only herbicide that has found to be effective at controlling white clover is Round-up and other glyphosate non-selective weed killers.
If you decide to use herbicides for getting rid of white clover, the best time to do this is on a warm, cloudless and windless day. Most of these can be classified as a broad leaf herbicide, meaning that is will kill off plants that have a larger than average foliage component.
These are of the weed and feed category, designed to kill off the unwanted lawn pests, while boosting the growth of grass. It is classified as a broadleaf herbicide as well, with warnings from the EPA as a potential toxin. They come seeking food, water and shelter, and, if the conditions are right, they may decide to stay. Honeydew is a sweet, sticky substance that the insects secrete as they feed, and ants think it’s a banquet.
If you catch infestations of these insects early, you can treat them with insecticidal soap. You may see ants in flower pots when you’ve been using home remedies that include sugar or honey.
To get rid of the ants nesting in container plants, you’ll need a bucket or tub larger and deeper than your flower pot and concentrated insecticidal soap, available at any garden supply store. Getting rid of white clover once it is established can be tricky, but it can be done if you have the right tools and patience.

The seeds can survive high heat, low temperatures and can stay dormant for years before germinating. When hand pulling white clover, make sure that you pull out as much of the root system as possible to prevent regrowth. These herbicides will kill the white clover, but will also kill any other plants it comes in contact with. Normally this would exclude grass, but on some occasions, manufacturers will add another component to the mixture, making it lethal to this substance as well. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has identified this substance as a possible carcinogen for humans.
It is listed as a possible cancer causing agent along with being a surface and groundwater contaminant. This chemical will leach from soil to contaminate ground water and is toxic to aquatic animals. In fact, they will go to great lengths to protect honeydew-producing insects from predators to keep a supply of this tasty food handy. Spray the plant thoroughly, and pay particular attention to the undersides of the leaves where they like to hide and lay eggs. Whichever method you choose for getting rid of white clover, you can expect to be doing it once a year to control the white clover plants that emerge from the seeds. The first one or two on the label are the only ones that need to be examined, since many of the other ingredients are usually inert or used as fillers.

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