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Lawns, paths and hedges are all a major part of the framework of a garden – they are the backdrop and the foil. Areas for sitting or sunbathing could be hard surfaced or gravelled instead and surrounded or patch-planted with low-growing plants such as chamomile and thyme. Grassed areas can be established in three ways: seeding, turfing and cutting the natural cover regularly. For most grassy areas, hard-wearing recreational rye grass mixtures are a better choice than the less competitive fine grasses intended for bowling greens. When sowing a lawn it is a good idea to include seeds of companions such as dowers, chamomile, creeping thyme, daisies, yarrow and other scented and pretty turf plants.
Turfing is the most expensive way to get an area grassed, but is less work than seeding and gives more rapid results. Cutting the natural groundcover regularly is the slowest method of getting a good sward, but produces the most ecologically balanced mixture of plants with the minimum work and expense. Scarifying with a wire rake in the autumn or spring is hard work but benefits the sward if done once every few years. The regular cutting of grass is best done with a rotary mower that can collect the clippings.
Although the design and shape of lawns and grass paths must be aesthetic and practical, they also need to be kept neat.
Using a nylon line trimmer first greatly increases neatness as it can be used not only to do the edges and to cut around trunks and bits the mower cannot reach, but also on the awkward and difficult spots, further simplifying the work for the mower. Because hedges need to grow densely, the ground must be well prepared and weeds controlled for the first two or three years until the hedge is well established. Young hedges benefit from a temporary screen to reduce wind damage, but do not make this too close or dark or it may kill the foliage. Hydrangea arborescens prefers a sunny or semi shaded position, with shelter from cold, drying winds.
Seeds and garden supplies will normally be delivered within the time period stated against each product as detailed above. Was very disappointed when plants arrived, but thought wait till next summer and see how they grow. You can put succulents in any container you want – tea cups, bowls, glasses, mugs… These monogram mugs are awesome idea for a gift!
Pretty succulents in a white ceramic pitcher and gravy boat – isn’t that an amazing idea? Copyright 2016 - Apartment Geeks All Rights Reserved - if you copy, your Apartment will flood!
Butterfly Bush will fill a corner, create a hedge or become the background of a large planting bed in one season. Butterfly Bush produces panicles of pretty flowers that range from a few inches to over a foot long depending on variety. Water well the first year to develop a good root system, and they are moderately drought resistant after that. Don’t be in a hurry in the spring to see new growth, as Butterfly Bush is a late sleeper. Tried and True, a€?Pink Delighta€? is still the industry standard, with uniform growth and large, deep pink flowers.
A dwarf variety that is suitable for large containers is a€?Blue Chipa€? This is also a sterile variety. There are dozens of varieties from local and online nurseries, even selections with variegated foliage! If you garden on a budget, Butterfly Bush is a proven winner that will quickly establish an attractive, full garden for little money, and basic upkeep. I have the dark blue and also the yellow one, but heard they were evasive so have grown them in pots. I would love this plant to Add to all I have now, but I live in Puerto Rico and have not found the plant or seeds. I have had at least 7 or 8 of these in my garden over the years, ranging in color from white, pale orchid color, and deep purple.
I have discovered that these beautiful plants thrive easily, but after 8 or 9 years they suddenly stop growing, so I’ve had to replaced them a few times. Butterfly bushes bloom off new wood, so anything you cut back will limit the blooms you have… that being said, they also grow back like wildfire! 12 Creative DIY Compost Bin IdeasIf you are a gardener, chances are you have thought about starting a compost bin. 9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard OasisIt's pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat.
Having a greenhouse at home is an increasingly common way to nurture plants and to protect them from harsh weather.
For some gardeners, a home greenhouse can allow them to grow plants and flowers that they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to grow in their climate. The role of the containers that host your plants is just as crucial as that of the  plants to create an overall picture anywhere they are, on the balcony, at the courtyard or inside the house. So,  except for the  containers with the appropriate size for each plant, choose beautiful pots of  material and colors to match the environment. Female bagworms (Lepidoptera) move bag and all to some very odd places and then die leaving behind bags of eggs.These bagworms probably moved to this fire hydrant from the juniper nearby. Bagworms, Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis, produce conspicuous spindle-shaped cocoons on trees and shrubs throughout the United States. When a host plant becomes defoliated, the larvae will crawl off it with their bags and search for a new plant to feed upon. In very small gardens, give serious consideration to dispensing with grass altogether, saving the need to buy and store a grass cutter as well as liberating ground space. In the largest gardens grass is a sensible groundcover because it is relatively easy to keep neat and tidy, though can be time-consuming if poorly planned. Seeding gives you a choice of grasses and the option to include companion plants; it is not expensive but is quite hard work. The former prefer limy conditions and produce a tough sward productive of grass clippings and resisting weeds and disease.
Of course if you are a recidivist and desire pure grass, then you can choose this, but mixtures are more interesting and ecologically sounder as well as staying greener in droughts.

The area still needs to be dug, enriched and levelled, but much less thoroughly, and weeds can often effectively be ignored — many will be killed by the disturbance, by burying and by the grass cutting that follows.
The procedure is the same as that for regularly maintaining or improving an existing sward and basically consists of making the conditions most suitable for grasses and unsuitable for everything else. Acid-loving weeds can be discouraged and the tougher grasses aided by liming heavily twice a year with calcified seaweed or dolomitic lime.
Cylinder mowers are not as good in damp conditions or with longer growths and mowers that do not gather the clippings build up too much thatch. With areas near the house the cutting needs to be weekly; further away and in orchards you can get away with fortnightly and in wild areas once or twice a year, but then these are no longer swards. A nylon line trimmer is also good for trimming grass to different heights depending on the situation.
They are much more ecological than fences as explained earlier as they warm the garden and provide a nesting habitat as well as decoration. Cut back the sides and top hard each and every winter until the hedge is nearly at its required size, then cut back again in late spring and once more in late summer for the neatest effect. This vigorous, hardy hydrangea delivers massive 30cm (12") flower heads that emerge lime green, change to pure snowy white in the summer, and then fade to pale green as they mature. Leave the faded hydrangea flower heads in place until the new buds swell in spring to protect the delicate buds from frost damage.
Two spindly plants later, one with no flowers, the other with one flower, but very small, nothing like the large blooms expected, so even more disappointed. It’s simple to make and it’s just a perfect way to display your succulents so everyone can see their beauty! It’s an easy way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your house and the best thing about succulents – they are really easy to take care of! This terrarium will be a fun addition of color for your home or office and you can even make something like this by yourself.
This cool industrial tiered succulent centerpiece is easy to make and it looks so interesting! It is low maintenance, requiring little in the way of fertilizer, and is resistant to pests and disease.
It grows 5-10 feet high and as wide, so it can make fast impact on your yard for little cash. The most common colors are pink and purple, but there are also blue, white and a yellow variety.
Do not fertilize much as that will produce too much green growth, and make it lanky with few flowers. That may sound severe, but this will create a more dense uniform plant with larger flowers. It will put out new leaves a little later than a lot of other shrubs, so be patient, it catches up fast. They are deciduous in colder areas, but since you cut it back to the ground in early spring anyway, it doesna€™t matter. If you have that problem in your area, look for a€?sterilea€? varieties that do not self seed.
I have not had good luck with them not many flowers and the branches do well and then seem to die off. Starting a few seedlings indoors can make it easier to get a spring garden started when it gets warm enough outdoors, but it can prove difficult to start a whole garden that way. By using a greenhouse, they can keep their flowers safe from the winter weather in order to provide cut flowers for the table even after the first frost has killed off many of the outdoor flowers.
Flowers that need a consistent heat or a high humidity level often flourish under greenhouse conditions.
If you have ever been interested in having an easy to construct and easy to care for hobby greenhouse you will love these. For organic approaches to Strategies 2 and 3, consult the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI™) for appropriate Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) and spinosad products. If they are in poor condition they draw attention to themselves instead of enhancing the rest of the garden.
Grassed areas do compete with the plants in them, but grass clippings can be collected to use as a mulch (they are especially good for roses, shrubs and soft fruit) and to suppress grass around and underneath trees.
The area needs to be dug, de-weeded, levelled and raked to a seedbed, removing all stones and rubbish. The fine grasses can make a showy sward but do not take hard wear and prefer acid conditions, which in turn favour mosses and turf weeds.
Concerned gardeners should be aware that much turf comes from unecological sources such as old meadow land, and that it is frequently pre-treated with inorganic fertilisers and herbicides. If the area is too rough for a mower or contains hidden junk, use a nylon line trimmer or brush cutter for the initial attacks.
Patches of clover which stand out green in times of drought are blended in by sowing clover seed in the remaining areas, as clovers are of immense benefit to the lushness of sward. This frequency of work means that a few minutes saved each time adds up to many hours in a year, so careful planning and possibly redesigning can be well worthwhile. It is really worthwhile reducing the amount of edging that needs clipping by amalgamating small beds and borders into bigger ones.
For example, either side of a close mown path in a wild area or orchard the grass can be trimmed a foot or so high so that it does not fall over the path. Most hedging plants are best spaced at about a foot to two foot apart — closer for small hedges and wider for tall ones.
The long-flowering blooms of Hydrangea arborescens 'Incrediball' are held upright on sturdy, thick stems that prevent flopping, even in inclement weather. Improve the soil prior to planting by adding with plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost, ensuring that it is mixed in thoroughly and deeply.
Prune in spring, reducing the stems to restrict their growth to the available space and to improve the shape of the plant. They were not cheap, will never buy from you again, in fact aught to sue under trades description act!!!! They are just so beautiful and the best thing about them is that they are almost indestructible. Choose your favorite succulents, put them in a big bowl with some rocks, and it will look amazing!

Greenery paired with the industrial metal tubes and end caps – it just fit so good together. The way they spread is by seed not by runners so you wont have any problem there if you plant them. I would really over to grow one, but it’s hard to grow some beautiful plant here, that will last our summers. In just about any climate, there are a number of reasons why having your own, small greenhouse is a practical way to give your gardening projects a boost. A greenhouse can supply seedlings with all the sunlight they need while protecting them from the cold weather.
For herb growers, a home greenhouse can make it possible to grow herbs for most of the year, providing fresh herbs for cooking during months when they would otherwise not have been available. This greatly expands the type of flowers that a gardener can grow, adding interesting specimens to the garden. The most economical method of controlling bagworms is to handpick the bags and destroy them. In spring, as soon as eggs hatch and the young emerge, spray with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).
Because bagworms form protective bags very early, contact insecticides, while useful, are less effective than stomach poisons. Then ground rock dusts, ground seaweed and lime or calcified seaweed must be incorporated to enrich the soil. Oversow with tough grass seed and keep strimming till the growth becomes a rough sward, then mow once a week from early spring to late autumn, returning the clippings. This same feed can be used annually in spring, but I use diluted urine instead and sprinkle this on the turf during light rain. With a nylon line trimmer the height of cut is so adjustable that chosen plants can be left standing alone after others around them have been cut hard back.
Informal hedges can have scented flowers, but clipping them into a formal hedge removes the flowering shoots and thus also any fruits. Like everything in the garden hedges benefit from monthly sprayings with seaweed solution during the growing season. After pruning hydrangeas, apply a mulch of well rotted manure or compost around the base of the plant.
Ad in Daily Mail is misleading and should carry an age warning, ie it will take many years, if the plants survive, before you see any flowers.
This is the secret to attractive shrubs that make your garden look like a prize winning spot!
I just pull them up when I see them and I will probably plant the little starts for to sell!
With some simple shelving or bakers racks, even a very small greenhouse can be used to start hundreds of seedlings to fill a flower garden. They will also feed on fir, maple, juneberry, buckeye, persimmon, ginkgo, honeylocust, larch, sweet gum, spruce, pine, sycamore, poplar, oak, locust, willow, and hemlock. The most notable sign of bagworm infestation is the presence of protective bags attached to a branch. The eggs remain inside the bag throughout the winter until they hatch the following spring. By mid-September, the bagworm has completed its development, and adult males begin emerging from their bags.
Some birds and insect predators feed on larvae, so light infestations on large, healthy plants are usually controlled by natural means. The first flush of weeds can be raked or flame-gunned, then the area sown in spring or autumn with grass seed. Give the young grass a cut and a roll when it is more than toe high; thereafter mow regularly and walk on it as little as possible for a whole growing season. If you like you can reduce the height of the cut gradually, but I prefer to keep it set as high as possible. It is absorbed rapidly and is converted by the sward into lush growth that can soon be removed as clippings for mulching elsewhere.
Do the same with odd little corners where you have to push the mower in and out several times.
Cutting grass and weedy areas with a nylon line trimmer can thus encourage bulbs, primroses, cowslips and violets as the area can be kept neat without becoming overgrown and choking out these treasures. Informal mixed hedges are rarely pruned or cut once established; they are effectively just long, narrow shrub borders which take up a lot of space but produce a beautiful flowering screen. Sloping the plants over at a 45-degree angle gives a lower, thicker base and interweaving can increase this, giving a low, dense hedge from fewer plants.
The gray green leaves are the perfect backdrop for any garden, and they have a fine texture and arching shape that many gardens lack.
But I will not give up because I would love to have them flourish and be able to smell my yellow flowers I did not realize it smelled!
Rosette weeds such as plantains and thistles may survive scarifying, cutting and soil improvement treatments, but they can be hand pulled with a sharp knife severing deep underneath at the same time – they rarely regrow. Long paths should be made just to fit a given number of passes without leaving an odd strip which you have to go back over and finish up at the wrong end.
In heavy shade where ivy often predominates as groundcover, weeds such as nettles growing up through it can be eradicated and returned as shreddings at the same time.
They are approximately 1 to 2 inches long and resemble Christmas tree ornaments hanging from the limbs. Louis, the eggs hatch in late May to mid-June, or about the time the cigar tree, Catalpa speciosa, is in full bloom. Arranging your plantings so that there is a shrub or fruit bush deserving a mulch near to hand each time the grass box gets full can halve your working time. If you have to take the clippings far, a wheelbarrow will consolidate several loads in one trip.

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