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I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces. I use this tool to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise. Versatile: Container gardens allow you to grow on a balcony, patio, courtyard, indoors on windowsills or rooms with adequate light, the deck of a boat, rooftop or caravan annexe.
More variety: You can grow plants that may not be suitable to grow in your garden soil and grow plants next to each other even though they may have different soil needs. Accessibility: Growing plants in containers makes gardening accessible to almost anyone including children, those with limited mobility and the elderly. No weeding: Due to the small surface area, it’s unlikely weed seeds will find their way into pots. Mobility: Plants in pots can easily be moved to suit your needs or to a more suitable sunny or shady location during the day. Control space invaders: Vigorous growers like mints and bamboo that are too invasive if let loose in the garden do well in containers, but will take over an in-ground garden.
Portable Meals on Wheels: Suitable for renters, edible gardens in pots can move house with you. Less disease problems: Most of the time plants that are grown in containers have fewer problems with diseases than plants grown in the soil.
Time and labour saving: Less time is spent weeding, walking and watering when plants are grouped all in one place. No pesky neighbours: Less competition with wildlife and thieving from hungry animals and birds. Close to the kitchen: Convenience of only reaching out or taking a few steps to fresh home grown herbs and veggies. Indoor gardens:Improve indoor air quality, health and well-being with colour, fragrance, food and ornamental plants.
House or indoor plants do more than make us feel good – they clean our indoor air dramatically! Design Accents: Decorative pots and urns can act as focal points or statements in the home or garden. Highly productive incredible edibles: A wide variety of seasonal food crops can be grown successfully in containers including long lasting fruit trees.

Extended harvest time: Soil in pots often warms up faster than soil in the ground so an earlier harvest of some vegetable crops is possible.
Reduce food miles: Growing even a few fresh herbs or salad vegetables in pots means less trips in the car or public transport to the shops or markets and saves money too. Greater control: With less to look after, it’s easier to control the impact of weather, the micro climate, sun and shade. High rise green space:Enables gardens to be grown on all floors of apartment blocks and high-rise buildings.
For inspiration on creative containers, visit the Container Ideas category, or learn more about Container Gardening and Repurposed Containers you can use for little or no cost. If you don’t want to miss future posts, subscribe to my newsletter at the top of the page (and grab your free eBook) or click on the RSS feed below or to the right. So glad to make the connection and I’ve just visited your FB page and joined your group. Claim your copy of my eBook "A Sow Simple™ Guide to Using Herbs for Health" with quick easy ways to enjoy the daily health benefits of herbs + receive tips, inspiring ideas & new posts monthly by email.
Powered by WordPress and Designer ReliefThe Micro Gardener Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved. Sandpoint is located on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, which allows for wonderful lake side dwelling and on-the-water fun.
Sandpoint has extremely talented local artists creating everything from beautiful paintings and photography, to handmade clothing and furniture. The Town of Sandpoint is a wonderful place to go shopping with clothing shops, shoe stores, gift shops and specialty stores. Sandpoint has many local events that we put on annually, like the Festival at Sandpoint (a huge outdoor concert put on at the Memorial Park) with professional musicians and some local talent.
Sandpoint is a great place to retire and play, so we see many celebrities, major business types and even some inventors and hall of fame doctors who were looking for the perfect place to settle down.
The Town of Sandpoint is very close to the City of Spokane, Washington, for major industry and shopping. Geranium sanguinium Album has deeply cut leaves that form a mat of foliage, which is peppered with pure white flowers. It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the companion planting chart makes it a practical guide & gift.

I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Due to our modern-day busy, stressed lifestyles and the sick food system that most people eat from, more and more people are getting sick. Also, Sandpoint is just 15 minutes from the Schweitzer Ski Resort, so let's just say great powder and a wonderful locally made glass of wine are all at your fingertips! While you are out shopping you can enjoy many great places to eat, which cover a wide variety of tastes - Arlos Italian Restaurant, JalapeA±os Mexican Restaurant, Spud's Soups and Sandwiches and The Trinity at City Beach for a little fine dining! I’ve been on a long health and discovery journey, and learned so much – good and bad! If you like a great glass of wine or a flavorful beer, you can stop by Mick Duff's (a local brewery) or the Coldwater Creek wine bar, which has live music most weekends.
Used in mint sauces and summer drinks, great to add fresh flavour to salads and cooked vegetables. I started the group to gather together like minded people who wanted to provide healthy good for themselves – regardless of their location. I continue to research and learn more all the time about ways we can grow our health in our own backyards. I had just come out of a health issue that responded well to the improved choices we were making nutritionally and knew that there were many who were in the same situation as I had found myself. Corporate greed is at the heart of so much of the dangerous, nutrient-deficient and harmful foods marketed in regular supermarkets and grown with chemical agriculture methods. I practice biological urban farming and try to share ways to become more empowered growing your own nutrient-dense produce at home. I believe so many people can experience much greater health and wellbeing by making some simple changes.

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