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Sign Up for Our Newsletter!Receive gardening tips, product updates, & special offers in our newsletter! For discounted “Bug Out” Garden Insect Screen, please see “Bug Out” Insect Screen Odds & Ends. Protect your Organic Garden from marauding insects, including cabbage and carrot fly, beetles, wasps, as well as birds, deer and other pests, while allowing excellent air flow. When using hoops or other structural support, simply drape “Bug Out” Garden Insect Screen evenly over the top. Sign Up for our Newsletter!Receive gardening tips, product updates, & special offers in our newsletter! DescriptionGeneral purpose shovel for shifting, loading and spreading heavy to light materials.

DescriptionAn all-purpose shovel suitable for digging, spading, mixing concrete, general garden work and shifting and spreading.
The difference will amaze you a€“ 2.5 mm thick sides with especially good finish at handle and spout. The fine mesh adequately controls bugs while also preventing birds, deer and other pests from having access to your hard work. Edges should be lightly covered with soil or weighted down or secured using Fabric Staples to protect against predators and to prevent wind mishaps. The edges should easily touch the ground on all sides with plenty of extra material to secure properly.
For those gardeners who prefer to have “Bug Out” Garden Insect Screen off of the ground, Poly Line is an inexpensive, effective option.

Flexible, yet strong, “Bug Out” can be draped over hoops, Poly Line, or simply laid loosely over plants immediately after planting.
When securing to the ground, bury the edges or weigh them down to prevent pest access and wind mishaps.
With over 30 years of experience, we confidently provide the best products available in today’s market. See Crop Cover for thermal regulating covers).  For suggestions and more information, please see the product description below.

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